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Weaver's Needle Crosscut, AZ

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Distance One Way 1 mile
Trailhead Elevation 3,400 feet
Elevation Gain 213 feet
Accumulated Gain 343 feet
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Good luck!
by Fritzski

Note: No trail actually exist, route finding is necessary.

As you descend from Bluff Saddle going north on the Terrapin Trail you will quickly cross a small grassy wash with two or more rock cairns stacked on either side of the trail and both on top of small boulders. There is a fairly noticeable "use" trail here that is easy to follow up and to the left of the "solid rectangular boulder pile" on the ridge ahead. The path marked fairly well with cairns. Basically you are heading due west, on a line just south of the Needle.

You will come to the top of the ridge with an orange metal fence post overlooking the beautiful and serene Needle Canyon running N-S on the east side of the Needle. Look west to the horizon just south of the Needle and you will see the obvious gap or ravine in the ridge that will allow you to continue west bound. This is your target, it will always remain in sight, but getting there is a bit of a maze through the bushy trees on the sandy and flat valley floor. There are several "use" trails to choose from, of which a couple proceed more to the right for climber's access up to the Needle.

Once at the ravine, there is enough of a trail to follow despite the thick vegetation closing in at times (long pants recommended if temp allows - I didn't :(

When you top the ravine, you are now basically heading down into East Boulder Canyon. Now you are looking for the "slab of rock" passageway on the left. Bypass the true hole in the wall you'll see up and on your left as you go down (it doesn't work - I tried it). What you are looking for is a little further down and is actually "V" gap in the wall at the bottom of a smooth rock slope with a "door" size slab of rock laying against the left side of it. On top of the slab you'll notice some small stacked stones.

After you climb through this gap you'll be able to spot Peralta Trail easily. Although the descent through the rocks looks fairly daunting it is actually not bad and goes pretty easy. Once you're out on Peralta, take a look back and you'll see why it is not recommended to go in the other direction. I didn't have a clue as to where I had just emerged from that chaotic mess of boulders!

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2001-01-08 Fritzski

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    Weaver's Needle Crosscut
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    Did a nice little loop from Peralta TH over to Bluff Springs via the crosscut. Huge thanks to all who left cairnes up the chimney to Needle Basin. It was lovely and there were a few icy spots, but no snow and beautiful weather with lots of water in Bark's canyon. Saw nary a soul after Fremont Saddle, so overall a most enjoyable hike.
    Weaver's Needle Crosscut
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    My 4th hike with Kevin from the Boston area. A chance meeting at the Pinon Pine overlook across from Weaver's Needle on his first hike in the Supes has led to some fun hikes together.

    We took the Ely-Anderson route up. Once on top we worked our way over to peak 4041 for some views of the valley. Thunder crackled to the east as we savored the views from 4041. We then headed west to the summit where we took a break, snapped a few pics and signed the register.

    We descended to the west because we wanted to add the Weaver's Needle Crosscut trail. Storms were supposed to hit around 2pm and it was about noon when we reached the Terrapin trail. The smart thing to do would have been to follow Terrapin back to Bluff Springs and return to the trailhead but we both brought rain gear so we stuck to the plan.

    We stopped for lunch at the first rise on the crosscut trail. The weather was still on our side, but it was a short lunch; we needed to get to the Peralta trail before the rain hit. Timing is everything. About five minutes after we linked up with Peralta, a light rain started. We passed a trail maintenance crew, high fiving and thanking them as we walked by. Thunder crackled to the east, but much closer now. The rain picked up. We need to find shelter. Lightning, then a bang about three seconds later. The thunder crackled down through the canyon. Awesome, but way too close! We finally found a decent overhang and ducked in to wait out the storm.

    The storm passed quickly and we continued our way to Fremont Saddle. By the time we arrived, the darkness from the storm had given way to partly cloudy. Sunshine and shadows from the clouds made for quite a show as we headed down Peralta to the trail head.

    A great weather day in the Supes and another fun hike with Kevin.
    Weaver's Needle Crosscut
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Did the loop from Peralta TH with a side trip to Piper Camp/Spring. On the return we crossed paths with fellow HAZ'er Dennis Williams who had just made his way down from the crosscut. A great start to a fantastic day.

    Hoping all had a great Thanksgiving :)
    Weaver's Needle Crosscut
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    The crosscut trail was the intended route but I found myself in a narrow draw just to the north and decided to continue on. The nice part was I had shade until I came out the other side. There was some boulder hopping,bush whacking and a few short climbs but I made it through. While coming down to connect with the crosscut trail I saw another desert tortoise. The red face made me think he had been eating prickly pear fruit. The trip back down terrapin trail and bluff spring trail was uneventful.
    Weaver's Needle Crosscut
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    After 40 some years of hiking in the Supes I figured it was time to try the Weaver's Needle Crosscut trail. Actually I was out to hike the Miner's Needle Loop. Then when I got to the Terrapin trail turnoff I decided it was time for the crosscut. It's actually an interesting hike. Quite a variation in the terrain and hiking type. Nice view from the highpoint. Fritzski was sure right when he said it would be a difficult hike to locate if tried from the Peralta.

    I met 2 nice ladies from Seattle at the base of Weaver's. Also met a good guy on the front side of the Peralta. Hiked all the way down from Fremont saddle with him.

    There were more wildflowers than I have seen so far this year out there.
    Weaver's Needle Crosscut
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    Today’s hike was really about Weaver’s Needle Crosscut, less than a mile in length but a worthy hike nonetheless. The rest of the hike was about checking out the omnipresent Bluff Springs Mountain from below while eating some miles on fun trails: Bluff Springs - :next: Dutchman - :next: Charlebois Spring - :next: Dutchman - :next: Terrapin - :next: Weaver’s Needle Crosscut - :next: Peralta. Dutchman from Charlebois to Terrapin is mostly new for me, as well as the Crosscut trail.

    The hike started out with a cloud cover, then partly sunny and/or hazy for most of the rest of the hike. Water is still everywhere, especially along the Dutchman portion of this hike. Backpackers were out taking advantage. I saw at least a dozen groups on this grand tour.

    The trails were in great condition. Even Terrapin, usually overgrown, has been trimmed back fairly recently. Thank you to the pruners. Aside from the steep, rocky slope on the way to Terrapin Pass, I enjoyed this portion of the hike. As usual, lots of people enjoying themselves on the Fremont Saddle hike.

    Awesome hike, although things slowed down a bit after finishing the crosscut trail. I was tired.

    Special shout out to Lynn, Kay and Jerry, a trio I met at the end of the Crosscut trail. It was nice meeting and talking with you!
    Weaver's Needle Crosscut
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    With afternoon obligations I needed to stay close to home. I did not want to just rack up empty miles in the valley so I headed to Peralta TH. Weavers has been on my mind latel and with the ridge line not feasible, it seemed like a viable option.

    The steady rain on the drive to the TH coupled with a late Friday night had me thinking miners needle loop when I got there. However, I stuck to my plan. I decided I would still go to the base of the needle and assess the situation from there.

    It was raining even harder once I got to the base and that first tough climb was nothing short of treacherous. Not to be deterred I gave it a shot and was able to methodically make my through that toughest first part. I was very careful and more reserved than usual because I was solo and it was pretty slippery, but I made it to the summit in relative ease after the nasty first section.

    I have done much in the Supes and can't think of too many experiences better than having the summit of Weavers to one's self. It started to rain pretty hard once I reached the top and there were a couple nice crashes of thunder along with some lightning; things were looking pretty ominous in the distance and improvement did not seem near, so I retreated back to the base after a short stay on. Down climbing that tough stretch was extra fun with the slick rock, but I made it through just fine. The rain pretty much kept me company until I reached the TH.

    In the end it proved to be the perfect little hike with some bang for its buck and I was happy to be home by noon.
    Weaver's Needle Crosscut
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    With rain in the forecast for southern Arizona, I decided against my intended Dragoon adventure and drove north to the Superstitions for a quick loop hike past Weavers Needle. The January afternoon was unusually warm as I moved up the Bluff Spring Trail, leaving the crowds of Peralta behind. Barks Canyon was flowing but the earth was dry. Winter greenery, including some freshly awakened Dudleya succulents, covered the desert. Weavers Crosscut was as fun as I had remembered, and I fondly recalled my last voyage on the route with Jake and John. The route was well cairned this time. Exiting the V-crack, I made my way down to the Peralta Trail, thinking back to my grandfather's story of having encountered Maria Jones as I stopped at Pinyon Camp. The crowds returned upon reaching Fremont Saddle. With yeti-stride, I flew past every other downhill hiker at my normal walking pace, thinking of the many hikes of my youth on Peralta with my dad and scouts. After enjoying a Diet Pepsi on the tailgate of my truck, I headed back to Tucson, encountering a horrendous downpour of 50 raindrops along the way. Quite a storm! Great fun!
    Weaver's Needle Crosscut
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Late start this morning, but plenty of snow still to be found even by afternoon. Peralta was a zoo and I'm glad we did the loop counterclockwise. Saw a coati in a tree, but otherwise I think most everything out there was burrowed in the ground keeping out of the snow.

    The lower elevations are totally snow-free, but there was still 3-4" on the north slopes above 3500 feet.

    A perfect New Year's hike! :)
    Weaver's Needle Crosscut
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Just another awesome hike in what is turning out to be a very memorable summer hiking campaign. Took the invite from Bob, invited my friend Jim along. Jim has been an avid hiker in the Supes for nearly 20 years and has always dreamed of reaching the top of Weaver's Needle. Today he got his chance and he took full advantage along with the five of us.

    Just a very cool experience! I thought the rental fee Joe was charging to use his rope was a little high so I chose to free climb up, and as much as I wanted to get some rappel action, I chose to free climb down as well. I am ready for the west side JJ ;)

    Both climbs/scrambles went great, the summit was about what you can imagine and ten time more, the temps were perfect and it was nice to finally add Joe to my very humble hiking partners list. Likewise, I know Jim really appreciated the opportunity and enjoyed the hike, kind of hard to find new things to do in the Supes when you have been hiking them for 18 years, but I think we found something a little bit different for Jim today ;)

    Only thing I would have changed was the amount of rope "I carried" out, carried out 60 meters of rope, probably could have left in car ;)

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