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Black Canyon City TH to Soap Creek Rd - BCT, AZ

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Difficulty 3 of 5
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Distance One Way 6.1 miles
Trailhead Elevation 2,060 feet
Elevation Gain 200 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,500 feet
Avg Time One Way 2.5 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 11.1
Interest Historic & Perennial Creek
Backpack No
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Location Phoenix, AZ
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K-Mine Section Segment
by MEWhiteman

This section of the Black Canyon Trail (BCT) runs on the west side of Black Canyon City north to Soap Creek Road. On the BCT website,, it is called the K-Mine Segment. History of this trail can also be found on the BCTAZ website. It is an up and down trail with one major decent to cross the Agua Fria river, then a gradual climb to its highest point near the end. There's some beautiful country back there and some great views of the river. Black Canyon City and I-17 are also visible from a distance.

Begin at the south end of the parking area hiking west along a fence to the sign-in station (0.00 miles). After signing in follow the trail which serves as access for the BCT runing both north and south. At .79 miles (N34 02.737 W112 09.463) there is a fork in the trail. Take the right fork to follow the trail north. The trail goes along a ridge giving views to the east, then begins a switchback decent to cross the Agua Fria River. In March 2010 when I took this hike it was obvious from the condition of the river crossing that it had been a rainy winter. There were many trees and other debris along the banks. Many of the living trees were leaning downstream. The water was high making the crossing difficult. There was no dry way across so off with the boots and on with the water shoes. The river crossing is 2.21 miles into the hike and the trail on the north side can be picked up at N34 03.245 W112 10.036. BCT signs can be seen high on the opposite bank. After crossing the river the trail goes up a wash and crosses a couple more before reaching a point where you bear left leaving the single track and joining a jeep road at 2.76 miles (N34 03.477 W112 09.878). You will follow jeep roads for the next 1.75 miles but there are several of them so keep your eyes pealed for signs to keep you on the right track. At about 2.93 miles you'll bear left on a jeep road and at 4.20 miles (N34 04.469 W112 09.910) you'll turn left onto a short single track which shortly rejoins a jeep road. The single track is currently marked by two pair of boots, one of which has been there for at least a year. Continue following the jeep road until a left turn onto a single track at 4.51 miles (N34 04.711 W112 09.916). Follow this single track until it ends at Soap Creek Road at 5.88 miles. Along this last section are views of the Agua Fria River and Black Canyon City to the east including the abandoned dog track. For anyone wanting to continue on the BCT north turn right on Soap Creek Road. The trail leaves the road on the left at 6.10 miles (N34 05.440 W112 09.384).

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2010-03-17 MEWhiteman

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    Black Canyon City TH to Soap Creek Rd - BCT
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    Black Canyon City TH to Gloriana Mine TH - BCT
    My third northbound section of the Black Canyon Trail was another one-day trip from Black Canyon City Trailhead just behind Rock Springs, AZ and finishing at the Gloriana Mine Trailhead on Crown King Road just south of Bumble Bee. My brother-in-law Todd joined me on this next passage, looking to hit his single-day personal record for mileage in one hike. We shuttled my truck to the Gloriana Mine trailhead and drove back down to the Black Canyon City trailhead to get started at just after 8am.

    The first climb out of the Black Canyon City trailhead takes you up to the east for about a mile and tops out at the T-junction in the actual trail itself. That's where you either make a right and head north, or left to go south. Right we go, and the views start paying off now that we're on high ground.

    Within 3 miles of the trialhead, we descend down into the Agua Fria river canyon to make one crossing. A little route finding with the help of some colored ribbons on the brush leads us to an easy log crossing at a shady pool. We cross to the north side and take a break in the shade to enjoy this little oasis, knowing that the rest of the trail ahead is going to be much more exposed.

    After the Agua Fria river, we climb back out of that canyon and start the usual ups-and-downs through the various desert drainages and small canyons. The trail quality itself is still very high quality, as it has been for the first 35 southernmost miles.

    In this middle section, there is an old grave about a dozen yards off trail to the west. It's very visible due to the white quartz that marks it. No signage or names on anything, but there are a few old trail gifts left behind.

    We spot some various mine tailing piles on the hills all around, and investigate one that was just west of the trail. The tailings were chalky grey, and behind them was a small rocky canyon that was overgrown with Palo Verde trees that were hiding a small mineshaft. It was about 2' tall and about 3' wide, just big enough to scoot through on your stomach if you so desired. I decided not to tempt the Hanta Virus gods that day and stayed out of it.

    Moving along, we have intermittent views of Black Canyon City downhill to our east. At one point we drop quite close to the town as we cross the actual Black Canyon drainage, where we stop for lunch in the limited shade. An older couple was day hiking up the canyon, and they were the only other hikers we saw all day with the exception of a couple of trail runners.

    Having studied the elevation profile beforehand, I knew we had our biggest climb at the 10 mile mark. The ascent goes up the west side of a rising valley, up and over a saddle to a second smaller climb before leveling out on its way to the finishing trailhead. The day was warming up pretty good by now, so we started the big climb.

    Up we went, and quickly. I had pictured this climb as a 3 mile gradual ascent, but it was more like 1/2 mile of stairmaster. We pushed through it and took a much-needed rest at the top where there was a small saddle that gave view to the next climb. Hydrated again, we knocked out the next climb and were rewarded with a huge valley view below and the Bradshaws to our left.

    I had read that there was a burn area near the end of this section, and I was actually very interested to see it. I find them fascinatingly beautiful, and not ugly as others might think. Remember that this is the natural cycle of nature, giving way to new life as areas such as this recover in a few years.

    To get the chance to walk through a piece of terrain that was recently scorched by fire is rather unique. I've seen plenty of old burn areas that are recovering, but not one quite as fresh as this. The views in this area were not-of-this-world, that's for sure. Exposed red soil, fresh ashes still on the topsoil, an eerie silence to it all, and dead vegetation that somewhat resembles its original self. I could have spent hours here, but we were tired and ready to finish this section.

    Not long after the burn area, we come around a system of winding drainages to see the parking lot at Gloriana Mine trailhead. It's always a moment of excitement to see your vehicle waiting there for you and knowing what you've just accomplished. We jump in my truck and head back to Rock Springs Cafe for a celebration beer and some gluttonous comfort food.
    Black Canyon City TH to Soap Creek Rd - BCT
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    Leisurely hike along the BCT from the trailhead in Black Canyon City. Went down to the river, crossed over, did a bit of exploring and turned around. One of my favorite little spots to hike close to town. From downtown Phoenix early on a Saturday morning we made it up there in a little less than 40 minutes. Had the entire place to ourselves until the last 5 minutes when we met a few people heading out.

    The wildflowers are starting to die off, but the cactus blooms are in full swing.
    Black Canyon City TH to Soap Creek Rd - BCT
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    James suggested this hike after doing some trail runs in the area. For being so close to the I-17, it was remarkably quiet and spent a fair amount of time with no views of development. Only one section was slow going as we poked around to find the easy river crossing, the rest of it is very smooth trail. Only two cars at the trailhead when we left, and 4 on our return (one was a black VW with a HAZ sticker!).
    Saw a Desert Hare fly by in front of us, yanked a Cholla out of Spideys lateral Achilles with my trusty pliers, and sampled a perfectly ripe Prickly Pear fruit. Good company, good weather, good trail.
    Good times.
    Black Canyon City TH to Soap Creek Rd - BCT
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    A bout of the dreaded plantar fasciitis has left me itching to hit some trails for the past couple of months. I wanted to do something different than the usual training hikes around town, but without having to drive too far. Have always enjoyed running this section of the BCT, so decided to hike it today. Barrett and I hit the trail at six, bumped into a small group of hikers coming back to their car and then had the trail to ourselves for the most part. Hiked down to the water crossing and kept going until we hit 90 minutes. Stopped, ate a snack and headed back to the car.

    Feet felt decent at the end of the hike, so hope to whip myself back into running/hiking shape here soon. Plus it's always great to have Barrett along for company.

    There is water running in the creek and had to do one minor creek crossing. It's a two and a half foot leap once you find the crossing hidden in the trees.
    Black Canyon City TH to Soap Creek Rd - BCT
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    Think I found another hidden gem close to Phoenix. Left Avondale at 5AM and hit the trail a little after 6AM. Headed north on the BCT from Black Canyon City up to the Soap Creek Trailhead and turned around. Did a little side exploring along the way for some extra mileage and AEG.

    Just beautiful country back there, hard to believe that you are only a mile or two away from I-17 the whole time. The trail was pretty easy to follow, couple of spots to watch out for. Biggest challenge was getting across the Agua Fria. We could see the trail sign on the other side of the bank, but had to do a little bushwacking to find a spot to cross. Finally found one and barely got our toes wet.

    The cowboy boot cairn is still there and we stumbled across a cowboy grave. There was a cross, a pair of boots and this guy's favorite hat sitting 10 yards off the trail. Ran into two desert tortoises and one rattlesnake.

    Overall a great trail for running with just enough route finding and bushwacking to make it interesting. Little too humid this morning and it caught up to me the last 20 minutes or so. Was making somewhat decent time, but had to walk it in the last mile or two.
    Black Canyon City TH to Soap Creek Rd - BCT
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Joined The Canine Hiking Club of Arizona for doggy hike. 7 dogs, 6 folks. Have not been in this area before and it worked out perfectly.... about a 2 mile hike to the river where the dogs could romp and play. Nice group of dogs and dog owners. Jamie D. Started this club in 1999 and I try to join them when it's a water hike or one I've not done before.

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    Map Drive
    FR / Dirt Road / Gravel - Car Okay

    To hike
    Black Canyon City trailhead: The Black Canyon City Trailhead has ample parking space for cars and vehicles with trailers, but no amenities and no camping is allowed. From Interstate 17, either direction; take exit 242 (Black Canyon City and Rock Springs), turn west, proceed to stop sign, turn north (right) on the frontage road, drive about 300 ft to the first road on the left, Warner Rd, and turn left. Drive about 1300 ft to the first cross road, turn right and proceed to the parking area on the right near the end of the road, about 400 ft. GPS coordinates, using NAD27 Datum: N34? 3.140' W112? 9.048'
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