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Shadow Mountain 1779' Prominence, AZ

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Difficulty 1.5 of 5
Distance One Way 1.41 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,500 feet
Elevation Gain 340 feet
Avg Time One Way 0.5 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 2.54
Interest Off Trail Hiking & Peak
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Shadow Mountain Summit from Acoma TH
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Wow, that's a big tank!
by paulshikleejr

Shadow Mountain and its related prominences are a component of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve in the Lookout Mountain area. Although there are quite a number of natural and semi-blazed trails in the Shadow Mountain complex, there are only two, numbered trails. "Shadow Mountain, 1779' Prominence (via Big Loop)" is one of the many established, but unofficial trails. This trail is a short, refreshing hike for beginners.

Visible from and just east of Cave Creek Road between Acoma Drive and Sweetwater Avenue, the activity area is easy to get to and offers a number of nearby post-hike refreshment options north on Cave Creek along the way to AZ101 (particularly on the southern side of AZ101 at the Cave Creek exit). This is part of the preserve seems to be only partially developed (it sports only a few posts here and there and all of those posts lack trail trail identification badges), but it does have one drinking fountain, a watering trough, and a trash receptacle (at the trailhead). There are no restrooms. Based on the presence of spoor, the flat portions of this trail seems to be used from time to time by horseback riders.

This seems to be a partially developed and only lightly maintained trail.

Because the Shadow Mountain trails are only partially developed, the trailhead, located at 33.618676, -112.026561 and identified as the "Acoma Drive Trailhead," is modest. From the trailhead, proceed forward onto the "Big Loop" about 461 feet to the drinking fountain and then make a right turn so that you continue on a course perpendicular to the mountain rather than towards it (the picture shows the path away from the drinking fountain). After about 1,369 feet along the path, you will come upon a "crossroads." Turn left and walk roughly towards the rock outcropping. Follow the path (which actually passes to the left of the rock outcropping). After about 1,140 feet or so, on the left will be the water tank (this is a rough distance and location: of course, you have to be sufficiently around the prominence on your left to see the water tank).

Continue forward about 510 feet across the road and then another 630 feet, about until you see the assisted living facility and the big border rocks on the right. Continue on the path about another 825 feet (with the church to your right, now) until you come to a point where there is an unofficial insertion point onto the trail from the church parking lot on your right and a Phoenix Mountains Preserve sign on your left (with the trail continuing beyond the sign and up a slope). Scramble up the slope about 615 feet until you achieve the top of the ridge. Look forward and down and you'll see what the water tank looks like from above and you'll see the 1779' prominence across and on the other side of the water tank. Push on about 615 feet and then take a quick (roughly 30 foot) detour up a face to arrive at, arguably, the highest point on the trail.

Quit your perch at the highest point and proceed about 720 feet to an intersection of trails. Turn to the left (leaving the "Big Loop") and walk 540 feet to the top of the 1779' prominence. From this point, you have a view of the water tank from a different, closer perspective. All told, this trail is about 1.41 miles in length, one way. To return to the trailhead, either backtrack the above route or return to and complete the "Big Loop."

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2010-04-12 paulshikleejr

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    Shadow Mountain 1779' Prominence
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    Finally had time to get out for a hike, sadly my first of the month...pulled up to the TH about 5 to get in some fun. Certainly warm out this afternoon, but I did get some late cloud cover that cooled it down a few degrees. I put together a loop on the fly to knock out most of the high points in the area, no real big peaks but at the end of the day I had squeezed over 1100' of gain out of only a bit over 3 miles. I love this little mountain, surprisingly rugged for a short in-towner. The hillsides were simply aglow with flowers, brittlebush in full bloom, and good show from the creosotes too. Dang, I need to get back into hiking shape...
    Shadow Mountain 1779' Prominence
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    Stoney Shadow
    Got in a good urban double hike this afternoon, started out by Mountain View about 4:30. Second time up Stoney Mountain, this is a fun quick one with good effort. Be aware, there is a good sized bee gathering about a tenth of a mile up the summit spur trail, it is on the left hand side of the trail in one of the numerous rock holes. They were not aggressive, but if you stumbled into the rock it would make for a pretty lousy day. After this quick one, I rolled over to Acoma to start my way up Shadow Mountain. I climbed the main peak, and then proceeded to hit every high point in the area by way of a convoluted loop. Ran into a few folks up on the summit when I had come around for a second trip up. Otherwise, very few other people out on the trail, surprising for such a great weather day.
    Shadow Mountain 1779' Prominence
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    Phoenix Mountain Preserves sampler
    I had to be back to town early today, so I though I would hit up some local hikes. Despite growing up in the area and hiking around as a lad, I never made it up Stoney Mountain. This was a fun hike, good steep push albeit short. Nice to only see one other person on the trail. I had parked on Mountain View and made my way over to the 100 and then to the faint but steady peak trail. After I finished, I made the short drive up to the Acoma TH to knock out a big loop around the Shadow Mountain area. I took off up tot he summit, headed south along the ridgeline to the unnamed summit, skirted around the east side, hit up a few more of the high points, climbed up 1779, and circled around for one more trip up Shadow. Great weather, got this in before the storm started up, but there was some real nice wind and some sprinkles as I was finishing up a little after 6. Good stuff!
    Shadow Mountain 1779' Prominence
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    Overcast and muggy today, I took a slightly different path than this one but I didn't see an option for it. I started at Acoma, took the circumference east and summited the southernmost of the mountains in this park. Can't really call it a summit or a mountain, it only took about 5 mins to get the full elevation. I came back down sketchily along the South face and hooked up with the Western part of the Circumference trail.

    There is a beautiful modern church at the SW corner of the park with two rows of nice Palo Verdes, by the way. Worth a visit.

    I went straight up the saddle of Prominence and down to the circumference trail to meet back with Acoma. I was dripping sweat by the end with this mugginess, it makes a huge difference when it doesn't evaporate immediately! I only ever saw 2 other people and that was on the southern mountaintop.
    Shadow Mountain 1779' Prominence
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    trip 4:
    was planning to do the big loop and the small loop, but i wasn't sure i was on the big loop
    what i ended up doing looked a lot like paul's track for the summit
    i came down a different way, heading off the prominence to the northeast and down a faint trail above a drainage
    couldn't have been more than two miles
    nice little climb up to the summit

    had fun today doing these different trails
    i rarely come up this way, and all four areas are very close together
    needed something different
    i may be compensating for missing out on the mazzy peak hike yesterday :lol:
    Shadow Mountain 1779' Prominence
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    Denny and I decided that we had to do a repeat New Years Eve hike sporting our stylish attire.

    We made the last minute decision to stay close to town and try to attack the 7 Peak challenge.

    So it was Squaw Peak at 6am in the dark to begin. I was surprised that there were people finishing at 6am when we were starting. Also surprised that there were people climbing it without a headlamp on a moonless night. This hike seemed easier to me in the dark. Snapped a Self Summit photo.
    #1 Done

    Next it was off to Camelback. This one was our biggest concern for the day. The Web site says it opens at sunrise, and we knew we'd be there just after sunrise. With the parking problems over there, we were concerned we'd get a spot. When we pulled in all the spots on the street and the lot were full. Joe's favorite pair of officers were controlling the crowds. Just as we were getting ready to make the turn out of the lot, someone returned, and we were in the front row! This was actually my first time up Camelback. Now I can say I've done it. I don't care for the crowds. Had our Summit picture taken,
    #2 Done.

    Now off to South Mountain and the Holbert Trail. Another trail I've never fully done. Quite pretty. I enjoyed the petoglyphs at the beginning. We made our way to the Gila Lookout, south of the TV towers, and had our summit picture taken by a decked out road biker. On the way down Holbert saw two mountain bikers crash, one right at my feet. Those guys/gals are nuts.
    #3 Done.

    Now back up north, to hit up North Mountain. A steep climb up some rough rocks to get to the pavement that takes you to the top. Had our Summit picture taken.
    #4 Done

    Shaw Butte was next. Now I'm getting to the point that I just want to get these done.
    Up to the top past a decorated tree and cactus with a Santa hat. Had our summit picture taken
    #5 Done.

    Off to Shadow Mountain. I took Denny on the Scenic route to get to this peak. It was a steep bugger getting up. Running on empty now, but only one more to go. Took our Self portrait Summit Picture at the top.
    #6 done

    Now Lookout Mountain to finish things off. I'm really beat now, this climb is mostly a blur. Made it to the top, had our summit picture taken taken by a nice couple. We told them we just completed the 7 summits and told them what they were. They asked us how many days it took us.
    #7 Done

    It was nice doing our second annual NYE hike. Always fun hiking with the Turtle.

    7:38 Hiking time
    2:16 Driving and Setup time
    9:54 Total time

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    Take AZ101 (Pima Freeway, East Loop) to the Cave Creek Road exit. Drive south on Cave Creek 0.9 mile to Claire Drive. Turn left (heading east) and follow the road (as it veers right) one-quarter mile to 25th Place. Make right (heading south) and then a left to follow the road as it transforms into Acoma Drive. Park next to the trailhead.
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