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Shake Tree Trail # 44, AZ

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Difficulty 3 of 5
Distance One Way 5.4 miles
Trailhead Elevation 4,238 feet
Elevation Gain 2,350 feet
Avg Time One Way 3 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 13.23
Interest Seasonal Waterfall & Seasonal Creek
Backpack Yes
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Mazatzal Peak Loop
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Mazatzal Peak Loop
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Mazatzal Peak Loop
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Mazatzal Trail Maintenance
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Mazatzal Peak Loop
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Mazatzal Peak Loop
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Mazatzal Divide Trail #23
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Mazatzal Peak Summit
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Author Wild Bill
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Location Deer Creek Az.
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Preferred   Apr, Oct, Mar, Nov → 7 AM
Seasons   Spring to Autumn
Sun  6:10am - 6:30pm
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A short cut around the east side of Mazatzal peak
by Wild Bill

This is the exact same trail as the Y Bar Basin Trail.

This trail is often referred to as the Y bar tank trail by the local Cowboys of the area, I always enjoy the views looking east toward the Sierra Ancha Mountain the Mogollon Rim to the north, this trail was a known trail and often used By early pioneers like David Gowan due to the abundant wild life in the area

The first there 2.75 miles there are switchbacks and some really neat washes as you climb to about 5500 ft and come to Cactus ridge, you cut southwest up the valley to heading towards Y Bar tanks at the 3.6 mile point your at about 6300 ft.where you then drop back down to around 5800 ft. until the 4.25 mile point as you arrive at the Y-Bar tanks.this is a great overnight camping spot if so inclined, there is a fork in the trail so if you want to go around to the back side of Mazatzal peak (a short-cut) you can head west ,or you can head south up to the Mazatzal Divide trail to the south as well. I went west around to the back side of the Mazatzal's. I got to see an awesome sunset over Horseshoe Lake some 13 miles away, at the turn around point I was at around 6550 ft. after walking around 5.4 miles. Another interest thing with this trail is that your really close to the peak if your interested in conquering the Mazatzal Peak at 7903 ft. instead of going around from the Barnhardt trail to the mazatzal Divide way north of the turn around point.

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2010-08-31 Wild Bill

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    Shake Tree Trail # 44
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    Started at 6:10am, so I headlamped it for 20mins or so. 42° at start. Ditched the jacket after a mile. Cruised on up Barnhardt and checked on the falls. Barely a trickle. The clouds stole the show along the divide. It added to the already excellent views. Passed a couple of backpackers also going down Y Bar, that was it for human contact. Overcast had seized the day, and spared me from the the usual sun exposure on this trail. The TH was full upon my return. I noticed dark skies had taken over and the tops of the peaks, including Mt Ord, were hidden under clouds, as I departed. Enjoyed this loop, as always. Great morning in the Mazzies.
    Shake Tree Trail # 44
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    Decided to head a little north for cooler temps this weekend. Great loop hike. The last time we were on the Y-Bar Trail was 5 years ago doing this same loop. Some small patches of snow still remain but its melting quickly. Saw no others on the trails until we were within 2 miles of the trail head.
    Shake Tree Trail # 44
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    Quick overnighter to Bear Spring before my weekend and Dallin's 9 month summer is over. We started early in the afternoon. The 2 hours of sleep in my car the night before felt fantastic on the climb up. Then I realized I forgot my sleeping pad. We got to camp at Bear Spring and immediately checked on the well. It was full. After dinner, we took a walk SoBo along the Divide before it got dark. We enjoyed a nice fire and I slept on some pine needles. Conduction wasn't that bad, despite a wet quilt from an overnight rain that was short lived. Fortunately, it was an unseasonably warm night and I slept well. In the a.m. we made an invigorating pre-dawn trip to the spring before tearing down and leaving. Cruised along the Divide and down Barnhardt. Both are in great shape. The wind along the AZT felt nice. Saw plenty of deer, but no people out until the last mile of Barnhardt. Good little getaway in the Mazzies.
    Shake Tree Trail # 44
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    Spent a beautiful Saturday hiking the Mazzy Peak Loop with Kyle and his buddy Tommy and two dogs.

    We hit the trail around 8:15am and headed up the Y Bar Trail. We made steady time as the trails climbs in elevation. We took a break when the trail levels out and then continued our loop. It was a nice day but chilly when the wind blew. We kept at it and connected onto the Barnhardt Trail. There was a group of 6 backpackers and they wanted a weather update. We told them about the rain in the forecast and one of them decided he didn't want to deal with that so he hiked out Barnhardt while the rest of his group continued north along the AZT.

    From there we continued another mile and then took our lunch break. The last few miles blurred by as we headed out. We talked to the guy hiking out roughly a mile out and he was getting a ride from another day hiker. The hiking community always come through for each other!

    Anyways, this was a nice hike and didn't take all day. The Mazzies never disappoint. One last note it's very dry out there. There was some water in Big Kahuna & Barnhardt Canyon. That's about it.
    Shake Tree Trail # 44
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    The weather today couldn't have been more perfect-- it was so nice out. The three of us and two dogs made really great time. The folks who maintained this section of the Divide Trail did an amazing job. There was also a trail crew from the Conservation Corps working on cutting back the manzanita on the Barnhardt trail between the top of the canyon and the Divide junction-- they're doing a killer job! I've done this loop many times and this is the first time without a scratch.
    Shake Tree Trail # 44
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    Mazatzal Trail Maintenance
    Good little weekend trip into the Mazatzals for some brush clearing along the AZT section of the Divide Trail. I went up Y Bar mid morning on Friday. The trail gets rough in the middle but I really enjoy the last couple of miles. Caught up with fellow volunteer Alan just after the saddle and finished the trek over to Bear Spring together. We made it to camp and met with Carl, Jerry and Connie. We sat around camp and watched the moon come up and light the entire camp site up. Headlamps weren't necessary this night. On Saturday a.m. we worked north toward the Y Bar junction. Lee joined us in the process, followed by Dallin and Alex. With such a formidable crew, we just about turned that stretch into the nicest section of AZT for miles. After a nutrition break back at camp, we hiked south toward Peeley for some additional trimming but mostly to enjoy some views. Woke up to thick layer of smoke on Sunday. We made an early a.m. departure via Barnhardt and couldn't see the Rim or even Rye down below us. Definitely had a good time with a great crew! The Bear Spring turnout is a great little spot to camp.
    Shake Tree Trail # 44
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    Seemed like a good day to get some action in the Mazzies, so I got up early and went for it.

    Barnhardt: I could tell immediately there would be some flow at the falls. Water in the bottom of the canyon was raging and the trail itself still had run off flowing. There wasn't a patch of dry trail all day. Lots of mushrooms present. Stopped at both falls and climbed up to take a photo. All drainages had water present. There are a few somewhat overgrown spots, not too bad.

    Mazatzal Divide: About 85% of the trail is in good shape. Just a few drainages that were overgrown. One in particular requires that you crawl through tall grass and sage to get under the locust. Fun for me, but I could see how someone wearing a bigger pack might find it annoying. Love the views! Even those drainages full of dead oak had water flowing. Made good time along the Divide before reaching Y-Bar.

    Y-Bar: There was water running below Windsor Spring, couldn't find the source though. This was the slowest going part of the hike. New deadfall, some overgrowth and all the rocks keep one at a modest pace despite going downhill. Encountered a black rattler catching some rays just beyond Y-Bar Spring. There is one patch of trail that has officially been reclaimed by locust. Just going off memory I was able to navigate this mess fairly easily. It was getting warm quickly when I reached the TH. Didn't see anyone else on the trails all day.

    Awesome weather, scenic views and waterfalls. Most fun I've had on a hike in a long time!
    Shake Tree Trail # 44
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
    Met up with John & Joe for some trail work. They came in from Peeley TH, while I started from Barnhardt TH and took Y-Bar up to the Divide and over to camp at Bear Spring. Tons of Wildflowers along the way, as well as scattered showers and some really neat looking cloud cover. I especially enjoyed the last 2 miles of Y-Bar before the Divide. The entire trail is in great shape (except for the rocks) and easy to follow. Saturday we started at 8am and cleared about 12 large trees between Bear Spring and Y-Bar junction. Had lunch here with a thru-hiker working on completing the AZT for a 3rd time. Then we cleared brush as we worked from Y-Bar toward Brody Seep and finished around 5pm. Later that evening we were joined by a couple from Phoenix who would join in the brush clearing on Sunday and Monday. I put in 4 more hours of trail work Sunday morning before heading back to camp, packing up and hiking back down. I had a good time with good company and awesome weather.

    Several different blooms in lower elevations. Some lupines up top.
    Shake Tree Trail # 44
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    Great day for this hike given this weekends cool-down, it even felt good in direct sunshine. This was my first time on this summit and only 2nd time on the adjoining trails, looks a lot different than I remembered. I started up Shake Tree and summited from that side of the peak. Taking a terrible route, I found myself having to down-climb and backtrack a couple of times but not too bad. Started seeing cairns about half way up. Had the summit all to myself and definitely enjoyed the views and breeze while having lunch. I wanted to stay up there all day, but had to get moving. For my descent I took the nearest drainage wash down before connecting with Barnhardt. Just a few small pools left behind. No catclaw to speak of, only locust and manzanita, but none of it was too seriously obstructive. The worst of the locust was my fault for even getting into (and for wearing shorts). Only saw one deer and a bunch of cattle grazing at the TH. Didn't see any hikers until crossing paths with a pair of lady backpackers who were heading up Barnhardt on my way down. Shortly after passing them a military jet of some kind flew right over me and down into Tonto Basin before disappearing. The sound of its engines in the canyon was extemely loud but thrilling. Finished off 170oz of water and a Gatorade once back at the TH. Donated a little blood and a lot of sweat but it was all worth it.
    Shake Tree Trail # 44
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
    Great hike though we probably hit this a little early in the season-- it was a tad bit toasty. I'm glad I left the dog at home.

    Chumley and I both remembered the bushwacking being less sharp which ended up with the four of us in shorts and cut to shreds-- pretty typical day in the Mazzies ;)

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    FR / Jeep Road - Car possible when dry

    To Barnhardt Trailhead
    From the corner of SR87 & SR260 in Payson go south on SR87 for 14.5 miles to the signed turnoff for Barnhardt trailhead (forest road 419). Follow FR419 5 miles to its end. The parking area is fairly large. Barnhardt trailhead is located at the west end of the parking area. From Phoenix take SR87 north out of Mesa to Payson. The turnoff to the trailhead is 4mi north of the 188 intersection. (think rest stop)

    From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 83.4 mi - about 1 hour 45 mins
    From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 182 mi - about 3 hours 4 mins
    From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 126 mi - about 2 hours 31 mins
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