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Over The Hill Trail, AZ

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Distance One Way 0.5 miles
Trailhead Elevation 5,063 feet
Interest Perennial Creek
Dogs not allowed
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9  2019-08-10
Watson Lake Loop
9  2017-11-25
Flume Trail - Watson Lake
9  2016-05-31
Watson Lake Loop
31  2016-04-16
Constellation Willow Watson Lake Loop
19  2016-04-16
Constellation Willow-Watson Loop
20  2015-10-07
Watson & Willow
15  2015-08-01
Watson Lake Loop
26  2014-12-21
Peavine Trail
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Overview: This trail ascends from the Watson Dam Trail from Boulder Creek and the base of Watson Lake Dam. It connects with the Lakeshore trail to the East. There is also an overlook on this trail.


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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot

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    Over The Hill Trail
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    First time to Watson Lake. I was expecting a simple walk around the shoreline with some rocks to play on, but the dells along the north shore were mysterious and we spent some time exploring. We found a makeshift shelter that had a definite creepy vibe. Lots of blood sucking mosquitoes fed on our group, especially while exploring along the stagnant north shore coves.
    Over The Hill Trail
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    Constellation Willow-Watson Loop
    Joe through a dart at the Constellation Trail system and said, come up with something. I didn't know anything about this "Little Gem" so I started downloading stuff. There are 11 trails in the Constellation Trail system, totaling less than 5 miles. So that wasn't going to make the drive to Prescott worth it. I'd looped Watson lake before and enjoyed the heck out of it. I'd always wanted to loop Willow Lake also, so it was on.

    The Constellation Trail System is a wonderful group of of short trails through a boulder wonderland. Officially it's a self-enclosed system. But as we found on the way back, there is a trail that connects this with the Willow Dells system and Willow Lake. The Ron James Approach Trail does not show to connect on the maps, but it does. There is no signage and it's not obvious though.

    All but the east side of Willow Lake looked like just a means to connect the loop, but then we stumbled on the Cottonwood Spur. Some of the biggest Cottonwood stands I've seen. `

    Willow Lake Video :next: ... YbKg
    Back on the Jan Alfano Trail and then we jumped over to Watson Lake, to do the loop there.

    Watson Lake Video :next: ... CTBU

    The highlight on this loop is the Lakeshore Trail and the Over The Hill Trail, taking you to the Granite Creek Dam.

    Granite Creek Dam, Watson Lake Video :next: ... nVp0
    A little road walk got us back over to the Willow Dells Trails.

    Once again the hiking was great, except for 1/2 hour bug storm we ran through.

    I really enjoyed looping these two Granite infested lakes, and the weather was perfect!

    A great time out with the Squad.

    On the day....A Gopher snake, Squirrels, Cottontail rabbits, Cormorants, all sorts of Ducks, Bluejays, Blue Herons, A hawk diving out of the sky right in front of us snagging a bird.
    Over The Hill Trail
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    Constellation Willow Watson Lake Loop
    The more I hike around Prescott, the more I like it. Joe tossed out a starting point (the Constellation trails) for this hike and Bruce filled out the rest. The result is a gem. A beautiful granite landscape dominates a big chunk of the hike while giant cottonwoods add variety and splendor along the way. The weather, while a bit windy at times, was perfect otherwise. We did have to improvise to connect the dots, but it worked out well. Lots of large swarming gnats chased us around the east side of Willow Lake on the return, but that was a minor inconvenience for a few minutes on an otherwise great hike.

    Bruce and Joe, thanks for inviting me along. As always, I had a tremendous time!
    Over The Hill Trail
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    Culture can only be bookended with adventure, and Watson Lake fit the bill.

    9L wanted to get as many links in the shortest hike possible, so he went to HAZmasterB for research -- and Bruce's hiking history directed us to this gem of link heaven :y:
    (Richard, I expect to see you up here in the next two weeks ;) )

    There was some kind of car show in the Watson Lake Park, so we had to fight traffic to get in, but once there it was quite a peaceful hike. Only saw a couple of people on the circumference until the Peavine Trail. Below the dam is the most "strenuous" part of the hike and nobody goes there. It was stupid humid out and we were all soaked and ready for a swim. Too bad I wouldn't touch this water in a HAZmat suit!

    Clouds made for some nice lighting though. South end of the lake is rather boring, Claire got to ogle some firefighters in action so that was good I guess. :roll:

    We had a quick snack before continuing our adventure trifecta.
    Over The Hill Trail
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    First day of winter trek to Watson Lake with Lynn and Chryssie (Skippy stayed at home). Parked at the Peavine TH near the Humane Society at the corner of Prescott Lakes Parkway and Sundog Ranch Road.

    Perfect hiking weather (and it's winter time!) :D
    Over The Hill Trail
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    Best of Watson Lake - September 2011

    Prescott represents a "black hole" for me - never really hiked in the area. I've been intrigued by some stunning photos from Watson Lake filed away in the memory bank ( , , , ) and had this destination on the "TO DO" list for some time. A check on the Watson Lake weather forecast for this Saturday (Hi 78degF, sunny skies), and Lynn, dogs, and I were off to Prescott.

    First stop; Watson Dam Trail/Flume Trail Loop. Curious what was generating the loud chirping sound - frogs?

    Second stop; Watson Lake Park. Paid the $2 entrance fee and explored parts of the Circle Trail, Lower Granite Creek Trail (aka Discovery Trail) and lots of rock hopping through the granite dells.

    Photos to follow...
    Over The Hill Trail
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    Went out to spend the day around Watson Lake hiking and kayaking. Started out at the TH for the Watson Dam trail and looking for a route around the Lake clockwise. I'm amazed at how few HAZ'ers have been up to this area.

    Climbing in and out of the rocks led to some gorgeous views. There is a real sweet riparian area abutting the base of the Watson Lake dam. It was a very peaceful hike with very few hikers for a Saturday. There are many areas to explore around the rocky outcroppings on the lake.

    The hike was quite enjoyable on all but the road hike to get back to the car.

    Here a collection of short videos taken from around the lake.

    My clockwise route around the Lake took me on:
    Watson Dam Trail,
    Flume Trail,
    Over the Hill Trail,
    Lakeshore Trail,
    Peavine Trail,
    Lower Granite Creek Discovery Trail,
    Watson Lake Trail (Circle Trail),
    Route 89a (.5 mile)
    East Granite Dells Trail (.2 mile)

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    From Prescott, North on 89a, 1/2 mile past the round-about. Right on East Granite Dells road. .2 mile to TH on the right. This trail is accessed either from Watson Dam Trail to the West -or- The Peavine Trail from the East
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