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Alamo Peak Trail #109, NM

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Distance One Way 2.71 miles
Trailhead Elevation 7,148 feet
Elevation Gain 2,016 feet
Accumulated Gain 2,016 feet
Avg Time One Way 2 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 9.43
Interest Seasonal Creek & Peak
Backpack Yes & Connecting
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Location Cloudcroft, NM
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A Turkey of a Hike...
by imike

Likely In-Season!
As one of the seven trails leading up to the ridge line and the Rim Trail (T105), T109 offers the most diversity for enjoying the climb, including a broad grassy meadow, a nice pine tree shaded wander, and steeply climbing switchbacks carrying you up to Alamo Peak.

Starting off of West Side Road (a bit over 10 miles in from High Rolls) the first half mile of the trail winds around the edge of a grassy meadow, fenced off and maintained as a water collection basin by the Alamogordo City Water District. You will intersect T111 (Atkinson Canyon Trail) towards the end of the fenced off area. It moves off to your right up to Atkinson Meadow. At the upper end of this large field, often frequented by Turkey, Deer and Elk, the trail follows the old water district maintenance track up a bit more steeply through the forest, gaining over 500' over the next mile. At the end of that mile, the trail intersects T110 (Pipeline trail), which also moves off to your right to climb up to Atkinson Meadow, terminating up at the Rim Trail (T105) at the same spot with T111.

From this point on T109 follows the narrowing canyon straight on up, beginning an ever steeper climb that will gain 1300' over the next mile and a half before reaching Alamo Peak. You will leave the canyon cut at one of the fenced off spring feeds, beginning a series of steep switchbacks that will afford you the best views of the lower mountains and the valley far below. The trail terminates at the entrance to the military observatory at the end of Alamo Peak road.

You may walk the road back towards the Rim Trail to create a variety of looping hikes, or if starting your outing from this upper trailhead, it can be reached from Cloudcroft by driving just under 2 miles out of the Village on NM130... turning right on Sunspot Hiway (NM 6563) and following it for a bit over 6 miles, driving a little past the large meadow at the Upper Karr Canyon rest stop, and turning right onto FR 64D, Alamo Peak Road. Follow this very narrow (one lane!) paved road to its end, driving very slowly.

For a brisk, energetic outing...this is one of the nicer trails to enjoy.

Winter time may find the upper regions snowed in, but the roads are usually plowed. West Side Road could be tricky during the thaw/refreeze cycle. Mud and ice can make for a poor combination for driving.

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2010-10-21 imike

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    Alamo Peak Trail #109
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    Great day out on this exceptional loop... odd to find the tops of the ridges along Alamo Peak road denuded... doing more of that very odd mulching... thinning... all in the name of groundwater maintenance? Also, Atchinson Meadows has some major construction project going on that no one at the Ranger Station was aware of??

    Good day out with Ross and Luster...
    Alamo Peak Trail #109
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    At the trailhead a bit after 4 am... took off in the dark. For once, energy felt good. Might have had something to do with not have the extra gallon of fluid (hiking up to cache) and/or the 15#'s of tools I've been hauling around... whatever, it was nice.

    Full sun had me hiking with umbrella... on the way down the hill I stopped and did a bit of trail repair on a heavily eroded section. Returning to my pack I was just in time to watch a 3'+ rattler slink under the umbrella! We talked about it; he agreed to come on out and move on if I'd publish his picture. I'll get around to that later today?

    Heat is back... but the breeze today was an okay offset. The rains had severely eroded the trough below the Gold Mine... time for more bench cuts or perhaps time to move the path out of the cut and on to the bench? Old Jeep tracks just do not make for decent trails.

    Just one day away from the 90 day training schedule; I need it!
    Alamo Peak Trail #109
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    cooler morning air made the day much nicer. I hiked sans knee brace for the first time in over a month, and hit the peak for the first time also. I carried both shovel and rake up for reworking the route across Horse Ridge if the hours open up for those labors.

    Nice and windy today... above 6,000' that meant stirring up some cool air. Below that level t meant a bit of a blast oven. I did not carry enough frozen bottles. I need to prepare lots!

    I picked up the tools from over in Ortega Canyon South; I will not be extending the Traverse further north this month. I do have to go back tomorrow and find the umbrella I dropped!

    91 degrees in my house at 3pm... 108 forecast high temp today and tomorrow! Makes me recall the 115 degree hiking days that were so common back in Big Bend the summer I lived there. Not sure why folks don't get out in the heat and hike... it's the same hike, just hot.
    Alamo Peak Trail #109
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    There may have been more AEG today... hard to track wandering off trail and up and down the ridges. I was tired from Sunday... slightly late start, but still out by 4:30am. Even the breeze was warm at the lower elevations! Record heat in the forecast for this week! Time to start freezing the water bottles! 20# weight augment today, mostly fluids. I get to go lighter tomorrow, but I have to mix in some pushups/setups over the course of the hike...? Gloves and a seat pad?

    Oven surround heat when the breeze died in the midafternoon final hours. Time for more dilute mixes in the drinks... and ice... lots of ice!

    I need to average 6700' per day. I had thought the way to do an easy 200,000' month would be to train way up... get up early and go fast on a clear, steep trail... get it over with before midmorning. Instead, I'm plodding out the miles with a crutch, scoring the AEG through applied hours of effort. Maybe I'll get to try that first approach in a month this Fall?

    Looking forward for this month to be over and done!
    Alamo Peak Trail #109
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Interesting day.

    Later start for this endurance hike to Alamo Peak... normally a 20+ mile effort with over 5,000' of AEG, depending on the route taken up and down. Brenda did great up until the final leg of T109... the steepness, altitude and accumulated effort hit her at about the point where lots of much younger hikers have chosen to turn back... she opted to continue on up to the top.

    At the top... totally fried... she opted to call a friend to pick her up... closing out the day without the 11 mile return hike down the mountain. Unfortunately, he did not answer... we began the downward leg... her energy was fine, and since the cardio demand was so low, no problem... until he did call her back. He would pick her up...

    ... but, now there was 1,000' of climb to reclaim, and that double over effort really killed her! But, she did it. We me her friend some miles later out on a major road. She got her downhill shuttle ride. She also got lots of uphill effort she was not fully trained up for. I did not score the AEG I wanted for the day, but I scored okay; I saved a few miles of downhill walking.

    It was an interesting day out.
    Alamo Peak Trail #109
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    This afternoon I did laps on the Alamo Peak Trail. Started on top, went down to the bottom, out to the field to look at the peak, and started back up. First lap was done in 2 1/2 hours. I then spent 5 minutes eating a snack before lap 2. Down to the same spot, tired, but slowly moved back up and went all the way to the peak at almost 6:45. Lights from El Paso, TX are visible to the south, up on Alamo.

    The color is still very nice in the canyon, but aspens up higher are getting bare. There were a surprising number of birds in trees chirping, chickadees, really. A nice hike, and I got the AEG I came for.
    Alamo Peak Trail #109
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    Alamo Peak from Alamogordo.

    My longest hike of the year so far, and my only one over 5,000' of AEG. I didn't even start until 1135, but I did well and summited Alamo at 430. I was going pretty fast until sunset and the rough trail west of Ortega, which is newly torn up from ATVs, and the city lights in my face made it hard to see my head lamp's light. Fantastic weather; sunny, dry, calm, and perfect. Only 1 spot of color in a maple, otherwise nice and green.

    Saw bear tracks, but no bear. Barely any people, but lots of trash. Flowers on the slopes are nice, and the area is just perfect for hiking right now.

    I added together the Alamo Peak trail stats, the A trail stats, and added 5 miles RT with 450 feet of AEG for my hike on FR 90, and arrived at my hike stats. It might be low, but it isn't over! Either way, with no hike as long since last October, I'm tired.

    1 maple, up Alamo Peak trail

    Primarily on the A Trail below 7,000', but also along FR 90.
    Alamo Peak Trail #109
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    This is a nice area to an OK destination with a lousy trail, or should I say ATV trail. Still, it was better than a hike in 102. Perhaps I ought to start hiking up higher in the Sacs or start going to the Organs again. On the plus, I spotted bear tracks, a turkey, and a bull elk growing it's rack. A thermometer in the shade read "80" on the summit. Pretty warm day.
    Alamo Peak Trail #109
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Camped out up high for the week... Yubao logging longer miles with hopes of improving his time on Organ Needle (3 H 20 MIN... striving to hit 3 hour) and prepare for 50 mile events this Fall. Me... finally clearing out my lung problems!? Of course, I'm way out of shape after months of not being able to train hard, but the last few days feel great.
    Alamo Peak Trail #109
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    twelve hour day meant dark to start and dark to finish... end of day would have been lighter but the cold front finally hit; the thick cloud bank blocked out the western horizon. Was sort of shooting for an 8,000' day, but we added in some steep off trail and an additional peak... and, I was not strong on the steeper uphill sections... so, bigger days maybe later? Yubao and Timmy seemed to be enjoying the route except for my too frequent rest breaks. Even in the cooler temps I sweated out way too much fluids... drank over a gallon of OJ and electrolyte fluids on the hike and a full gallon of chocolate milk immediately after the hike... not sure what was going on. At my age I can't complain about logging this day, but I expect a bit more that has yet to translate through for higher performance. Guess I'll keep plugging away.

    It was a fun day out, and descending Alamo Canyon was exceptionally nice this time around.

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    FR / Dirt Road / Gravel - Car Okay

    To hike
    From High Rolls, along NM 82 above Alamogordo, take WestSide Road (FR 90) south, a bit over 10 miles out to the old Homestead site where the remains of the chimney still stand among the over sized Junipers. The trail is on your right at the south end of this large open area. T104 also begins here, leaving from the north end of the area, through the locked gate on the west side.
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