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GreenBelt Corridor: Alamogordo, NM

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by imike

For some off pavement action mid city when visiting Alamogordo, the most readily available gravel and grass is likely to be found in the series of connecting Green Belt Parks running through and around the city. Beginning on the south end, just off of First Street, is Washington Park. It has covered recreation areas, outdoor picnic tables, one fenced in and covered picnic structure (lock the kids in?), a skateboard park, soccer fields, and lots of general play areas.

Following the beltway north, you eventually reach the City Hall, and just past that, the Public Library (wifi and computer access).

There is not a continual, unbroken pathway. The grass is good for running, walking or mountain bikes, but road bikes would better be directed to the adjacent streets.

Crossing 10th Street north of the Library, you enter Oregon Park. It begins with some attempts at gardens, then houses the local chapter of the Girl Scouts building, then the City Recreation Center, complete with indoor swimming pool (inflatable cover during the Winter season!) Oregon Park has tennis courts, dedicated basketball courts, soccer fields, and lots of green belty play areas.

Way down on the north end of this series of parkway you'll find the Kid's Connection play area. This is a fairly impressive complex of outdoor play stuff that should hold the attention of most youngin's for hours.

At this point you have reached Indian Wells Road. Crossing that street connects you with the eastern end of Indian Wells GreenBelt Park, and it stretches to the west all the way to the main throughway, White Sands Blvd. Along the way you'll pass the very impressive Alamogordo Senior Center. If you are of age (60) stop in and enjoy the weight room, computer room, pool room, reading room (grab a free book from the self help library!) and even score a meal for $2.50. I pick up a good wi-fi signal on the east side of the building.

You can cross the street to the west and connect with Alameda Park, which stretches south from Indian Wells down to 10th Street. Here you'll find the City Zoo, the Chamber of Commerce, the Historical Railway Museum (complete with ridable miniature train!) and the broad open picnic areas where most of the assorted events and street fairs are staged. The Chamber of Commerce has free wifi!

While it is not exactly a connected loop, it is an interesting off road route that is great for a nice outing... early morning run, or a picnic with the dog? When combined with the series of gravel paths adjacent to the flood control ditches, there are limitless possible loops.


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2011-01-06 imike

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    GreenBelt Corridor: Alamogordo
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    easy ride... also stocked up on fluids for the 90 hour fast! 20 hours into that process. Goal for month: 32" pants... already there, but December goal is down into 30" pants... so, getting a head start on that process. Once at 30"... then I'll focus on reducing body weight into the 150's...?
    GreenBelt Corridor: Alamogordo
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    x2 shorter trips... but one was to the Police station to file a report on false charge on my bank card! Also had to swing by the bank, twice, to process the complaint... and cancel the card! Should have grabbed some cash! Oh, well... will not be spending any money for a few days!
    GreenBelt Corridor: Alamogordo
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    Stopped off at the Cemetery to drink a Monster drink... sitting there, a pickup truck drove past with a casket in the back! I watched it pull over to a gravesite... and four workers proceeded to awkwardly unload the coffin. They seemed to lose control, the casket spilled out over on its side! For about 15 minutes the workers focused on repairing some aspect of the exposed bottom... then finally flipped it back right side up... and moved it into position over the grave.

    Likely the occupant was not truly disturbed... but...??? :scared:

    There's odd stuff out there!
    GreenBelt Corridor: Alamogordo
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    Interesting pattern while the project remains the priority: up early on work days for a mountain bike ride so I get a little bit of exercise... then, 10-12 hour work day. Hike Tuesday, Friday and Sunday...usually six hours, ten+ hours and 3-4 hours. The only progressive pattern in place is weight vest augment on the shorter day (currently over 50#). So, not much cardio... some strength hits. Project moving along!
    GreenBelt Corridor: Alamogordo
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    noticed that the neoprene knee brace tends to sweat heavily... so, to promote enhanced circulation in the tissue, coated inside the brace with foot powder augmented with cayenne pepper. By the end of the bike ride, knee was feeling good! Got a bit too warm over the next hour... but, I'll repeat the pattern for the hike tomorrow morning...
    GreenBelt Corridor: Alamogordo
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    Loosening up, getting ready for 3-4 hour walk/run loop for today's hike. I'm ahead on AEG for the month; do not need any. but I do need consistency on the training.

    I'm behind on eight trail descriptions. I've got 700 pictures that need to be edited and loaded to appropriate sites. I need to work out the details of the training for the coming months (although I may just keep with the current pattern of progressive alternate Saturdays... initially adding miles and AEG, then redouble that pattern carrying weighted loads) Longer mileage Wednesdays. Run/walks on Mondays. Moderate effort Fridays. Easier alternate Saturdays. That pattern could hold through July. At that point, the 100,000' AEG months may need to be re-evaluated to focus the training for the one day effort in late October? If the year goes well I'll have enjoyed lots of great days out... and set new PR for AEG: Day, Week, Month and Year... and maybe a new one day mileage record, although I will not have focused on that, it could happen accidentally?

    Mileage: 53
    AEG: 19,800 Day
    AEG: 154,000 Month
    AEG: 519,000 Year

    Odd, just noticed my Triplog from January 2010 for my Guadalupe Peak day (x6) seems to be missing? Would have sworn it used to be there...?
    GreenBelt Corridor: Alamogordo
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    I intended to get out for some real elevation today, but I also wanted to catch up on the trail descriptions from the summer camping trip. That computer work ended up eating up the day, especially a directory for the Forest Road 64 area (...that I likely made a mess of? Joe could straighten it out, right!) Now, just need to load the 100's of photos for all of those hikes (assuming I can recall which is what?)

    Posted a list of over 100 area hikes that I need to check out and document... so, will not run out of computer work for the coming year! That will also be 600-800 hours of hiking!!

    Harder weekend coming up, so tomorrow will likely be another light weight hit, but it getting better. Nice to think I might really score five months of training without screwing up...
    GreenBelt Corridor: Alamogordo
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    felt off on Monday... rested and worked on computer for most of the day. Recuperation hike today includes a gentle warmup hike over to the trail then a moderate pace to the peak.

    Calendar is filling up with more and more great hikes. I should be making progress getting back into shape, but I'm really not sure it is happening. I continue to displace training hikes with fun, more adventurous outings. I'm not sure what is necessary to turn the corner towards the higher mileage, greater AEG that is needed for real progress.

    It would be nice to hit it hard and get it over with... though it is not necessary. To complete most any of the day hikes in the USA, all that is really needed is the capacity to log a 10,000' day. Most of the upper end hikes take half that. I could probably hit that mark right now; it would hurt, but I could finish the day. Then again, it is so much more fun to be able to hit a 20,000' day... getting to really enjoy the efforts that fall below that mark. I used to consider being in shape as capable of logging a 12,000' day. Ideally, I'll hit that level in November. If not, I guess the over the top efforts will have come to an end?

    Then, I'll just have to hike for the pure fun of it...
    GreenBelt Corridor: Alamogordo
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    worked over at a Habitat for Humanity project early morning, laying tile. working on a trail section currently the focus of the local Rails to Trails group this afternoon and over the weekend. Odd to have my truck back after 1.5 years... looks as if it will drop my daily bike mileage to a lower level, although maybe I'll start hitting longer miles on the road bike? I can now get up into the cool higher elevations. That makes hiking and biking pure summer time fun.
    GreenBelt Corridor: Alamogordo
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    Ride today included a stop over at the library to email off a set of essays, the beginnings of 150+ that my family wants me to complete to document and illuminate what I was doing all those years ago... interesting to note as I work my way through the kayaking years how there was more high drama to those days than I find in the hiking days, save for the occassional wild animal encounter.

    There is a great deal of internal process going on during the hikes, but for over the top mini-adventure, boating and biking seems to score higher on the scale.

    Then again, relative to the old kayak saying: there are old boaters and bold boaters, but no old, bold boaters. A goodly number of my boating friends died on the river. Could happen hiking but the hours logged suggest lower risk levels.

    perhaps return to whitewater in my 70's to foreshorten any prolonged, downhill run?

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    Form the main drag in Alamogordo (White Sands Blvd) head east on 1st Street to Oregon Ave. Look for the big park on your left... it will be right across the street from the cemetary on your right.
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