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Monument Creek Trail, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 2.6 miles
Trailhead Elevation 2,970 feet
Elevation Gain -611 feet
Accumulated Gain 601 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 5.61
Interest Seasonal Creek
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Monument - Hermit Creek
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BA Tonto Monument Hermit
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Grand Canyon River Trip
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Hermit Monument Tonto & BA
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Salt Creek - Grand Canyon
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Hermit/Tonto/BA Loop
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From the Tonto Trail, this trail basically follows Monument Creek, to Granite Rapids on the Colorado River

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WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Monument Creek Trail
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
BA Tonto Monument Hermit
Been sitting on these permits for 2 months now and finally it was time to go back to the Grand Canyon! I took my oldest daughter there last year for her birthday and she had a blast, so we did it again this year and also brought the boy and his friend. Stevie Wonder and my friends Corey and Alix rounded out our group of 7.
Camped in the forest near Tusayan on Thursday and got an early start on Friday morning down Bright Angel. This is my first official time down the BA. So many people it reminded me of the Squaw Peak superhighway but more international. Great views the whole way down to Indian Gardens. Everything was still nice and green. Took a short break here and filled up on water. Then on to the fun stuff. The Tonto has got to be one of the best trails of all time. It keeps a pretty steady elevation as it winds in and out of every side canyon. The views never stop on this trail. Neither does the sun. After stopping at Horn Creek for a short break we continued towards Salt Creek. This is when several in our group started to break down a bit due to the heat. Thankfully, Salt Creek had some nice shaded ledges to lay down on. We rested and fueled up and headed to Monument Creek. On the decent down to Monument Creek through the Tapeats, we saw 4 kingsnakes. Enjoyed the penthouse suite again at Monument.
Saturday we packed up and headed down to the river. This whole day was spent just relaxing on the beach. The Granite Rapids research project is looking good as several of the recently planted trees had grown quite a bit since last year. After some cliff jumping, the guys mostly just relaxed while Madi did gymnastics and the boys played baseball.. what a surprise.. Several groups of rafters passed through the rapids and a few stopped at the beach before hitting the whitewater. A group of 30 senior citizens on an 8 day rafting trip shared the beach with us for the night. The crew of Jay, Margeaux, and Leila were AWESOME!! After 4 days on the water with the seniors they were so happy to see the kids! They fed us real food and gave us beer.. THEY GAVE US BEER! :y: Probably the best part of the whole trip was when Margeaux and the crew threw Madi a birthday party at the river, complete with cake and singing! She loved the attention (and the cake)! What a special moment for her.
Next day we helped them pack up and wished them off down the river. Our group then made the 5 mile hike over to Hermit Creek. All of the camp sites were on the east side of the canyon and exposed to the sun so we spent a majority of the day hanging out at a nice waterfall. We did make it down to Hermit Rapids and the beach there. The rapids were intense but the beach there was not that impressive (compared to Granite). However, the hike through this canyon was really cool. I really liked how it went from narrows with some cool waterfalls to a very expansive but still closed in canyon. Back at camp with our larger group, we were very close to running out of fuel but another group was headed out that night and they were happy to get rid of the extra weight so it worked out perfect. They even gave us some of their extra food! We ate very well that night and got a good nights rest for the hike out the next day.
Beat the sun to Cope Butte and made it up the Cathedral Stairs no problem. Took a nice break at Santa Maria and then up up up.. That last stretch of coconino and kaibab are brutal, but victory was ours to be had. FYI the best ice cream cookie bars are at Hermits Rest, and its not even close..

Overall this was an awesome adventure and we had a really great team to share it with. A lot of times I take these trips to be alone with nature and to be secluded, but ironically what made this trip so great was everyone on our team and all of the awesome people we met on the journey.
Monument Creek Trail
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Grand Canyon River Trip
No, this was not on my bucket list. Well actually I don't really have a bucket list; just an idea of some of the things I'd like to do. The Grand Canyon, other than seeing it was good enough for me. Little did I know that Wendy thot I should hike down into it and Ambika thought I should raft through it. My first time seeing the Canyon was flying over it in 1980 in my brother's airplane from Montana and landing at Grand Canyon Airport. My second time was also with my brother on the train trip we took from Williams in 1996. This time, my brother had just passed so it was with mixed emotions that I took this ride.

It was great to see the canyon from this angle. I have been on the South and North and Rainbow Rims so it was fun to be rafting where I had seen previously through mine and others photos.

A Colleen Miniuk-Sperry Photography Workshop - Women's Retreat: Seven day motorized rafting trip from Lee's Ferry to Whitmore Wash on the Colorado River

what I liked:
being only one boat
being all photographers so you never had to worry if you're holding anybody up
temps were pretty much perfect for our trip
blue waters
green water of the Colorado
great food
wonderful boatman/cooks
six days seemed just right for a first trip
cowboy camping all but two nites

what I didn't like:
all that sand... in everything.
no napkins :o
midnite treks to the privy (one nite I was way off track :oops: and the First Mate fortunately spotted me and directed me)
I packed just a tad too much and my travel bag was a tad too big for the pumpkin
hectic schedule; seemed hardly any time to just soak it in
not enough hikes
would like to have seen more canyons

And by the way, getting your big camera in and out of its dry bag was something we did all day long as well as getting up and down in lieu of what rapids were ahead.

Our theme: "What time is it?" "It's river time :y: "

Day 1 - Lee's Ferry to Sand Pile Camp (about 30 miles) 10:30-5:30 with a stop at Sheer Wall Rapids ledges for lunch
Day 2 - Sand Pile Camp to Below Kwagunt Camp (about 24 miles) 8-5 by Vasey's Paradise with stops at Redwall Cavern, Nautiloid Ledge, lunch at Eminence Camp, Nankoweap Granaries hike (so glad I got here as I was so impressed from fellow HAZers 2013 trip and photos).
Day 3 - Below Kwagunt Camp to Granite Rapid Camp (about 36 miles) 7:15AM - 5 with two hour stop at LCR, lunch at Papago Beach (fun to see another HAZer area I had heard and seen so much about). Hike up a bit of Monument Creek after setting up camp. Fun to be in another area fellow HAZers have been.
Day 4 - Photoshoot at Granite Rapids to 119.8 Mile Camp (about 26 miles) 8-5:30 with lunch at Hotauta Canyon and stops at Shinumo Creek (running fast and high so couldn't get back to the Falls) and Elves Chasm (as pretty as all the pictures I've seen).
Day 5 - Tres Burritos Camp to Below Kanab Creek (about 25 miles) 8:30-5 with hike to Stone Creek Falls, lunch at Owl Eyes (Dolly Parton), little hike to Deer Creek Falls
Day 6 - below Kanab Creek to Whitmore Helipad 7:30-5 (about 42 miles) including stop at Havasu Canyon and Creek for hike (just incredible), lunch at Last Chance camp. Lava Falls was all that, just was over too quick but we got slammed hard and wanted to do it again anyway.
Day 7 - fly out on helicopter to Bar 10 Ranch (about 15 minutes at 7ish o'clock), take deHavilland at 9:11AM for flight to Marble Canyon at 10:20AM (both were awesome). (160 miles if by road)

My videos are done via mileage as well which is noted in the video title. In the descriptions below the videos I'll mention the highlights included in that video: PLAYLIST Grand Canyon Rafting Trip, Lee's Ferry to Whitmore Helipad Playlist Also in the videos I tried to label the rapids and as I got further along in the videos I tried to identify the landmarks.

By the way, I have full details of the trip. The report includes photo references and the rapids and their rating as well as landmarks. So if you would like a more detailed description, let me know via PM and I can send it to you. I thot it would be way too much to put directly on a HAZ trip report.
Monument Creek Trail
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
Hermit Monument Tonto & BA
Work has been really busy these past few months and I can't take time off right now. This limits my backpacking options to weekends. So I was very content to fit this trip to the Canyon in to a weekend window. And perfect weather for an early-winter Canyon hike!

We stayed with friends in Flag on Friday night, then left for the South Rim at 5a.m. We started hiking from Hermit's Rest at 7. After a little less than two miles east, along the Tonto, we headed down Monument creek to the Colorado, and then back up to spend some time in the narrows section. Monument Creek was definitely the highlight of this trip! We left Monument at 3:15pm and continued along the Tonto until we arrived at our campsite in Salt Creek backcountry area. It was about 5p.m. and the sun was setting in the Canyon. This left about 12+ miles for Sunday's hike out: east on the Tonto, and then up Bright Angel.

Snow conditions: scattered drifts on the rim. About 0.5 inch or so for the first mile on the Hermit, but no significant ice. BA has snow and scattered ice for the highest 1.5 miles. This was actually quite slippery, but trekking poles were enough. We all had microspikes, but no one wanted to stop and put them on when we were so close to the end of our hike.

Temps: 24 degrees on the rim when we departed down the Hermit, 28 degrees at our campsite on Salt Creek, 60 at Indian Gardens at noon, and 43 back on the rim at 2:15p.m. -- Not too bad, if you're prepared for it!
Monument Creek Trail
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
I got to spend the weekend in the most awesome place on Earth with the most awesome person on Earth! Haven't been to Grand Canyon since Havasupai last year and I got a great opportunity to go with my gymnast daughter, Madisyn for her 12th birthday. Went with my buddy Mark and his son Josh also, as they have been to Monument several times and I'm a relatively newbie to the Grand Canyon (**complainer disclaimer**). This place offers a lot more than spectacular views and excellent workouts, it is an experience that is measured beyond what any words could describe. You take away a lot more than photos and memories.
When we got to the park and the first glimpses of the canyon came into view, Madi's jaw just dropped for about 3 minutes straight. We camped up top on Friday night and started down Hermit at about 7AM. It was nice and cool on the switchbacks down through the Coconino. I really enjoyed the forested area between there and Santa Maria Spring. Most of this hike is in the Supai going in and out of side canyons along the side of the cliff above the redrock layer. Madi made sure that she did many gym poses in front of some pretty scenic views. I think the two of us getting to hang out together and be goofy and laugh our way down the trail might have been my favorite part of the whole trip. Seeing her enjoy herself so much and being at an age now that she can appreciate it was very cool, as a father, to witness. After a while you emerge from the side canyon and out into the main canyon where the views are even more magnificent. Coming down the Cathedral Stairs, we took our time and I did my best to not think about having to hike back up! Coming down to the Tonto level, things took a turn a bit. As we were taking our sweet time enjoying the views it was getting later and hotter and we were running out of water very rapidly. I never knew how grueling a downhill hike could be. We got to a saddle and found about a 6 ft long piece of shade that we all enjoyed and finished up the last of our water. Knowing we had about 2 more miles to go, two in our group decided to go ahead and get water while the other two took a slower pace to camp. We were all exhausted when we finally arrived but despite being Memorial Day weekend, we were able to secure the penthouse spot at Monument Creek. Having the benefit of no iPhones, and no internet nor TV, allows conversation to dominate. It is great to sit around telling stories and getting to know each other better, especially since we all have a common bond now of that brutal hike to get to camp.
The next day we hiked down to the beach on the Colorado River near Granite Rapids, where we spent literally all day just resting in the shade and enjoying watching the rafters go through the rapids. I cannot remember the last time I spent an entire day doing absolutely nothing and it was wonderful! (While the guys rested, Madi was practicing her gymnastics floor routines the whole time.. ahhh to be a kid again..). On the way back to camp, instead of taking the trail back, we opted to go through the narrow section of Monument Creek. This proved to be most excellent as climbing around this area was very fun. Not too often I get to practice the ol' Spiderman moves. Lets just say I am not as graceful as a gymnast.
We decided to get an early start on the hike out to beat the sun on the Tonto section. That was probably the main reason why the hike out was actually not that bad. Even all 23 switchbacks of the Cathedral Stairs were not that terrible. Even though we did take several breaks, we passed 3 groups on the way out. I think it has a lot to do with the psychology of knowing we have to hike out that makes the return always seem quicker. Had a nice long break at Santa Maria and enjoyed some lunch. With extra motivation and a full stomach we finished the final ascent back to the trailhead.
This was one of the best hikes I have ever been on. What can I say? Its the Grand Canyon!! Everything about this place is bigger, stepper, tougher, hotter, and more remote than anywhere else. I love all of hiking. I love the nature and views, and the company, but I also love the struggle and the pain, the frustration and exhaustion. It all comes together for an experience that changes the very fabric of who I am. Again, these words and these photos don't even come close to describing this weekend. I got to spend the weekend in one of the 7 wonders of the world with my awesome daughter and made some good friends at the same time.
Monument Creek Trail
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
Claire and I headed back to the Grand Canyon for a nice overnighter down the Hermit Trail. We spent the night in Monument Creek and had a fun afternoon heading down to Granite Rapid and exploring the narrows by camp. We hiked out Sunday morning to beat the heat.

We drove up on Friday night and camped in the national forest west of Tusayan. This let us take our time on Saturday morning. We made a quick stop to Maswik for a light breakfast and then drove to Hermits Rest where we started hiking around 9:45am. The first few miles down Hermit make a steep drop. We made steady progress and hit the Supai where you make a long traverse. The going was moderate as the temps climbed while the sun beamed down. Shade was a commodity. Before long we hit the Cathedral Stairs and dropped to the Tonto. From there we headed for Monument Creek where we set up camp in the penthouse site.

After we had camp set up, Claire & I went for a day hike down canyon towards Granite Rapid. The going is very easy as we wind down canyon in and out of shade. Soon after we hit the Colorado River and headed for Granite Rapids. This rapid is a beast and I really enjoy admiring it from shore! It must be a thrill for river runners! After we had our fill we headed up river along the shore to check for backpackers or rafters. We were shocked to find the area completely vacant! My first two times here had multiple groups including rafters. The solitude here is a real treat. We spent time relaxing in the shade and admiring the views. I took some time to filter Colorado River water which was flowing green and clear... very easy for filtering.

We eventually turned around and headed back for camp. The return flew by and once there we decided to drop down through the narrows. It's short and relatively easy. We both wanted to keep our feet dry so we took our time as we worked our way down. This is a really fun area as we scrambled and stemmed to keep dry. I stepped in water a few times but my feet were dry overall. We had a blast and joked about going down a second time.

We settled in for a clear evening with pleasant temps. Monument Creek was filled with four small groups spread out. We have the penthouse site. This is the group site so make sure there aren't any large groups before taking this site. We enjoyed our dehydrated dinners and admired the stars. A few satellites flew over but no shooting stars. The overnight temps were very comfy as we both slept well. I love these pleasant nights in the Canyon!

Our day two started early as we wanted to beat the heat on the hike out. We broke down camp and had breakfast and hit the trail around 7:45am. The going went well on the hike out. There was a mix of shade and sunlight along the Tonto. We had all shade for the climb up Cathedral Stairs which really helped. We continued on along the Supai Traverse and took a break about a mile before the Santa Maria Spring. From there it was the typical grind up the Hermit Trail. Once up top we stopped at Hermits Rest for a cookie sandwich and soda. Another solid trip complete!

I really enjoy the camps off Hermits Rest. With this hike I have spent at least one night at all the major camps: Boucher, Hermits Camp, Hermits Rapid, Granite Rapids & now Monument Creek. These are perfect options for those wanting to get off the corridor trails and see another part of the Grand Canyon. Go to Boucher last. ;)
Monument Creek Trail
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
What could be more fun than hauling 500' of rope and a packraft down to the river and back. Down BA, west on the Tonto, down Salt Creek, short easy float to Monument Creek, exit up and out on Hermit. Pretty little canyon, with a nice bit of flowing water. The first rappel is off a small tree, sturdy but a future flash flood could take it down. I would put the second rappel at just under 250' off a good bolt. There are also several challenging downclimbs in the canyon where lowering packs might be necessary. The beach at the river would be great for camping.

Got grilled pretty good by a ranger coming down the Cathedral Stairs as I was climbing up in the late afternoon. Friendly, but she clearly thought I wasn't going to make the rim in time for the last shuttle bus and that I was probably planning to camp illegally. Just doing her job I suppose, but with the extra motivation I cranked up the pain dial a bit more and made the next-to-last shuttle bus with time to spare.
Monument Creek Trail
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Hermit/Tonto/BA Loop
I started writing a super in depth report for this trip but it seems to be kind of a big time investment. I'll just do a moderately in-depth report instead:

Dustin, Tanner, Gil, Matt, Devin and myself headed down into the Canyon on a drizzly Saturday, in tow we had 3 first time Canyon hikers. Going down Hermit was a tad wet, but the impact of the descent is what really seemed to make it rough. The newbies were pretty torn up and slow moving for the last few miles. I was trying to keep things moving because the rain was supposed to hit again in the late afternoon. Sure enough, water started falling from the sky about a mile from camp. I made it to Hermit Camp a few minutes in advance of everyone to scope out campsites, and found a nice spot under a rock overhang that provided some nice shelter. Everyone looked pretty exhausted. Dinner was eaten and tents were pitched. Three of the guys were so tired that they were in bed pretty much at sundown. I also managed to forget my quick-release plate on my tripod, essentially I was lugging around an extra four pounds of worthlessness. I was expecting to have to sleep on the ground at Hermit Camp, but I did manage to get my hammock hung on some mesquites, although I did get some sag in the middle of the night and my butt was touching the ground in the morning.

After a rough first day, the second day was the easiest and best. We got a late start as a couple of the guys slept for a good 13 hours, but we only had about 3.5 miles of packing on the Tonto to do. We rolled into Monument about 1:00, after taking a nice break along the way in a side drainage. Gil was moving slow due to a sore knee from the rugged Hermit descent the day before, but powered through. It was truly a breathtaking moment coming around the bend and seeing the Monument towering in the middle of a gurgling Monument Creek. We took lots of photos and proceeded to Monument Camp. After getting settled in, I went with Dustin and Tanner down to Granite Rapids. The other three decided they better take it easy to preserve themselves for the rest of the trip. I'd been to the river before so I knew what to expect but the other two were pretty blown away. We poked around and took photos, and even took off our shoes to dip our feet in the ice cold water. Tanner collected a bottlefull of Colorado River water as a souvenir. When we returned to camp, Devin had just woken up from a two hour nap, while Gil and Matt had done a little exploring upstream. Dustin, Tanner, Devin and I decided to go check out the narrows where Monument cuts strikingly through the Vishnu-Zoroaster complex. I took off my shoes and splashed barefoot while the others kept their shoes and performed athletic moves to navigate the creek without soaking their footware. I always say that the creeks are my favorite part of backpacking the Grand Canyon, and that section of Monument reaffirmed that opinion. Upon returning to camp and proceeded to have hammock problems. I used too big of cordage on part of my suspension (which I threw together on the fly since the one I ordered wasn't delivered in time). To make a long story short, my hammock whipping failed on me four times and I ended up sleeping on the ground.

Woke up with the typical ground sleeping pains, which is exactly the reason I like sleeping in a hammock. We got out of camp a little earlier as we had a 10 mile day ahead of us. I put Gil in the lead for the first couple miles since he was slow going with his knee. Eventually he ended up in the back, but we were cautious to make sure we didn't leave him behind. It was noticeably warmer this day, and it was a typical day on the Tonto, working in and out of drainages all day long. The whole day seems like kind of a blur. I remember good but seemingly distant views of all the temples on the north side of the river. I remember stopping at every major drainage like a checkpoint to refuel, drink water, and wait for Gil. Everyone would get wind in their sails at different times, with a few different people taking the pole position at different times. I remember identifying the Battleship above us and thinking we were close, and then realizing that it was still another long traverse around Horn Creek. We rolled into Indian Gardens with a bit of a culture shock after not seeing many other people the last couple days. We had a bit of a party that night, with lots of laughing, joking, friendly banter and such. When it was time to go to bed, we realized how quiet the campground was on how boisterous we were :D I managed to fix my hammock problems and had another pain-free night sleeping above the ground.

In the morning, Gil and Matt got a good 30-40 minute headstart as they knew Gil was gonna be slow with his knee. The rest of us hit the trail about 9:00 and set a pretty steady pace up to 3 mile rest-house, where we caught up to Matt and Gil. Dustin, Tanner, and I proceeded to keep pushing up pretty good and topped out just before noon. I had a weight on my shoulders still, however. Back in October 2012, I had a bum knee coming out of Havasupai, and Dustin made it out well before me, dropped his pack, and came back down to carry mine out for me. I felt like I had the opportunity to pay it forward so I ran back down Bright Angel. I ran into Devin after about a half mile, and then reached Gil and Matt about three quarters of a mile down. I confiscated Gil's pack and hauled it up for him. We all made it out by 1pm, and proceeded to drive to Flagstaff for a heavenly late lunch of my favorite Mexican food in the world at La Fonda.

The first day was kind of rough, and I had a few gear SNAFUs of my own, but it turned out to be an amazing trip. I laughed so much and so hard like I haven't done in a while. We saw amazing country, banded together to setup gear, eat and share food, collect water and survive together in the big ditch for four days. I was a bit anxious about taking a group of Canyon novices on this itinerary with a rainy forecast, but in the end we persevered and had a great time. I'm proud of our group :)
Monument Creek Trail
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to hike this weekend...being one of the few weekends I actually get that consists of a Saturday and sunday...I had other plans way back in the day, but oh well, this was waaaaay worth it!
I had asked 9L for suggestions and he threw out Granite Rapids and coincidently on break my BCO friends popped by the store and we got to talking, they mentioned some permits free for GR Saturday night, score!

I dragged a friend from Tempe along (we call him Tojo), I'll never make that mistake again, you all thought *I* talk a lot... :o Good company other than the lack of silence of the trails in midday heat...

At Santa Maria Spring we checked out the outhouse...smells like poo! Passed a group of 6 there, half an hour later we took a break and a few of their group caught up, one tall guy said "Hey I recognize you" none other than our HAZ pal BoscoAZ, small Canyon! We chatted a bit, took a picture and were off again. We met up with that crew the next morning on our way out from Granite Rapids. Nice meeting you all!! Boscoaz hope your daughter enjoyed the trip!! :D

I enjoyed gallivanting down Hermit, had never been past the Dripping Springs Junction actually! Tons of rock slides all along the trail, is that normal? I knew there were a few reported "land slides" after our most recent monsoon storms, there were 2 or 3 places where "Karens" were (for once) necessary, but not entirely, a brief scan of the few feet down the trail and you'd be right as rain.

I must saw the Cathedral Stairs shocked me, I've seen natural breaks in the Redwall before but ohmygosh I think I'm in love with this one! And when you look east to Cope Butte? You see those hoodoo like figures, the furthest south is like some sort of ivory statue, I must've attempted to take a million photos of our "Idol" as we hiked on past, it was pretty neat to see "Him" from the east side of the Butte as well! "He's following us" my hiking buddy said, not creepy at all...

I enjoyed the Tonto as usual, and to being doing this entire section midday was even better! I was able to go all 9L on Tojo and point out the layers and neat landmarks. I even taught myself a few new landmarks this trip. We didn'tsee any other people until we caught our first view of The Monument, a couple came moseying around a corner and asked us if they were heading the right way to Hermit Trail :doh:

The Monument was stunning, the creek was flowing and was pleasant to drink even after the iodine...note to self, invest in new filtering option!
Cedar Spring was dry, there's a spring there?!
Salt Creek was flowing just enough to be able to filter but we were moving across the Tonto so fast we didn't need to stop there for water. But I loooove being in the Tapeats!!
Horn Creek was flowing a teeny tiny bit upstream and I was quite surprised at what a pleasant camping area that is!! I might like to camp there sometime!!

When we passed the Monument and headed down to the River we ran into a Ranger who I immediately recognized as Ranger Betsy! She knew me right away from Volleyball and we had a quick reunion and I collected another photo with a Ranger :D

Seeing The Battleship from the other side was a fun sight as well! So many caves up there in the redwall on the west side, I might have to look into getting better rappelling gear to check those out someday!

Total moving time 14 hrs 55 minutes :y:
Monument Creek Trail
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Long day hike, with the main goal to explore more of the MC area. Dropping down through the short section of smooth, polished narrows is very fun, Granite rapids is a monster, and the monument itself is very impressive seen up close from the trail passing near its base. But I especially enjoyed hiking up-creek to the base of The Abyss, where there is a small green oasis with water cascading down a mossy cliff face from a spring somewhere above. Kind of like a small version of Vasey's Paradise. Even found a golf ball there, probably launched from the rim (nice distance, but definitely OB).
Monument Creek Trail
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Monument Creek Exploration
had an easy day today, only 1.6 miles from granite rapids to the monument creek campground
took several little side trips from our camp:
1. jess and i went down the creek a ways, and had we been willing to get our only shoes wet, could have gone down far enough to meet up with monument trail that we had just come up
nice slickrock, flowing water, some slides and scrambles - fun
2. it's a little confusing getting back on the tonto, so i wanted to check it out, hiking up to a saddle above the creek and campground
3. went back to the monument and started up a use trail from the tonto intersection, but couldn't tell where it was going, so returned
4. went up monument creek, where there is supposed to be a waterfall
after only five minutes, the drainage splits, and i first went right, then came back and went up the left branch where there were several cairns
kinda wished i had spent my time on this one, going a bit further
it's neat being the only one up these canyons
so much to explore; you could never see everything in a lifetime

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