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Shaw Butte - North Mtn Loop, AZ

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Difficulty 3 of 5
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Distance Loop 5.5 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,345 feet
Elevation Gain 801 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,600 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 2.5 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 13.5
Interest Peak
Backpack No
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North Mountain Phoenix Preserve
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North Mountain Ridgeline Shaw Butte Loop
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by airy

Overview: This is a great tour of North Mountain Preserve while climbing both Shaw Butte and North Mountain. The entire hike is on established trails (or roads) with easy route finding. It's somewhat strenuous with over 2000 accumulated elevation gain, but you'll be rewarded with endless panoramic views of Phoenix.

Hike: The hike starts where 7th Avenue dead ends just north of Peoria. Less than a half mile in, you start cranking up the south side of Shaw Butte. About half way up and at the 1 mile mark you get a reprieve from the climbing as you traverse around the west side of the mountain. At the end of the traverse, turn right onto a paved road and start the last 300 foot elevation gain to the top. Only 50 to 100 feet up the road, watch for the trail leading off to the right, which takes you to the summit of Shaw Butte at 1.5 miles into the hike.

From hear you can see the next objective (North Mountain) by looking to the southeast with Piestewa Peak in the background. Now its 1.5 miles back to the valley floor and a pleasant 1 mile hike over to the North side of North Mountain. Climbing to the top of North Mountain is via a paved road and the most popular portion of the hike. Once you reach the top of North Mountain it's a steep decent down the west ridge, by far less traveled than any other part of the hike.

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2011-05-08 airy
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WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Shaw Butte - North Mtn Loop
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
Perfect fall weather for hiking and running is here. Trying to get prepped for a GC trip and need some additional AEG during the week. Went counterclockwise and hit the backside of North Mountain first. Then down the frontside, over to #101 and up the front of Shaw Butte.

They've done a great deal of trail work since the last time I've been on Shaw Butte. I've never seen the frontside look so good, it's like a super highway now. No more ruts, pot holes and the entire road is somewhat level. Backside is the same story, they've filled in a lot of the trail. Only downside is that they filled in quite a bit of it with gravel, so had to take it easy to keep from sliding around.
Shaw Butte - North Mtn Loop
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Borrowed sisters car and headed out at the buttcrack of dawn to hike N Mtn.

Checked HAZ for directions and saw this North-Shaw loop so said ah heck why not.

Started at 7th Ave the headed for North via maxine and a use trail...Tons of wildlife out at 6am!!

((Sitting in the parking lot eating breakfast as I type this now, lots of human life out around 9am... ))

Took North National down to the 7th st lot then headed for Shaw Butte.

The views from Shaw Butte were agreeable this morning with sunrise blinding me on my way up and back to the car.

Spotted 3 coyotes off to one side as I neared the Parking lot, strange they'd be so close to the Parking lot unless they're trash diggers?
Haven't been out this way in years! Felt great especially after I over did it a few days ago in White Tank.
Considering taking a peak at Squaw before lunch today... We shall see.
Shaw Butte - North Mtn Loop
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I had not done this hike since early last year, and I needed to get home a little early so this was the one. Started off from the 7th ave and Peoria trailhead about 4:30. I always like going up the spur ridge just south of Shaw Butte and then connecting with the road from there. There are now social trails almost the whole way, seems that more people are going this way now too. I tagged the mini peak with the towers and headed up to the tallest Shaw Butte towers, I wanted to make sure and make it all the way to the top so Chumley wouldn't call me out for missing the true peak of another mountain again... :roll: :lol: I had seen only one hiker to this point, but passed a bunch heading down the east side of Shaw Butte, and then up the paved section of North. Came down the backside of the #44 trail which is probably my favorite part of this loop. Temps were hot but not excruciating. Not much life out there right now, even the Creosote are pretty browned up. I really hope that this upcoming week of 110+ can bring a decent monsoon season.
Shaw Butte - North Mtn Loop
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Doubling up on my long runs this weekend to get ready for a race in Flagstaff next month. Did my usual basic loop with a few extra zig zags and doglegs added along the way to keep it interesting. Quite a few people out on the trails this weekend. Still odd to see 20-30 cars parked at the 7th Avenue trailhead, I remember 10 years ago when at most you might see 5-6 cars parked there on a busy day.
Shaw Butte - North Mtn Loop
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Early morning run with the guy that does the Grand Canyon R2R2R Facebook group. He just moved to town and showing him some places to train. Did what is turning into my standard loop on the weekend, starting off on Trail #100 from the 7th Avenue trailhead. Down to the lower dam, skirted the base of North Mountain to loop back to Trail #100. Went up #101 to the bandit trail and caught back up to #100. Then over to Cave Creek Road and back. This week decided to run up the front side of Shaw Butte rather than take #306 back to my car for a little extra AEG.
Shaw Butte - North Mtn Loop
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North Mountain Ridgeline Shaw Butte Loop
a workout hike trying out a new route. From VC to 100 to 101 up N Mtn. I hiked it strong I thot and kept up a pretty decent pace while appreciating the pavement allowing me to do that. Now to figure out how the route comes off this mountain. I never knew there was a little trail around the south side that takes you up a little higher so that was a pleasant surprise.

Took some pics and then made my way around the towers to the west. After a false start off the west edge I realized this was one of those "make your best way down" occasionally picking up the official route. I said to myself, "well I sure see no need to do this again" and along those lines once I finally reached a little saddle I saw another hilltop to the west so I thot I would head up there. This would not be along the route I was following.

Well lo and behold, tibber found another city ridgeline :) . I thot I would follow it and every time I thot it would run out it continued. It was a lot longer than I imagined as I continue to come to what I thot was the end only to have to go even further. You kind of hike to the left (south) of it instead of right on top where it's quite jagged.

Finally the ridge ran out and then I either had to go back the way I came or find my way down the side. I could see a trail between some hills below me so figured I would eventually hook up with that. First I had to get down from this ridgeline so I headed off the northside and after some zigging and zagging trying to find the least slippery area; I did join up with the route.

I went down to the 7th Ave parking area; hadn't been there in over a decade and then continued per the route I was following. I got up Cloud Nine hill, still hiking strong : rambo : . I really feel good about my hiking pace, even on the hills, other than I haven't done anything too long but I'm trying to make up with it via AEG. I'm gonna possibly be off the trails for a couple weeks due to travel. Breaks my heart a bit as I've made great progress. Oh well, such is life.

I didn't take any breaks other than to take some pics and a movie with Kemosabe.
...a minute video from the summit: ... HK2k
Shaw Butte - North Mtn Loop
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Crunched for time, yet still wanted to get in a decent hike. Started from the 7th Avenue and Peoria traihead and hit the backside of North Mountain first. Not a bad hike for getting some AEG if you don't want to leave the center of town. Only downside was the hordes of people on North Mountain and Shaw Butte, one of the busiest days I've seen for both. Tried really hard not to scold people for not using their headphones while blaring their music on their smartphones, succeeded for the most part.
Shaw Butte - North Mtn Loop
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I had an early dismissal from work and decided to hit North & Shaw mountains. I started from the 7th Ave TH and went southeast to the Maxine Lakin Trail. I followed that and connected onto a use trail that lead to the summit of North Mountain. From the top I dropped down the North Mtn National Trail on the southeast side of the mountain. This drops you down to the parking along 7th st. Once there I headed north and circled around and connected onto the Shaw Butte trail via Trail 100. I made quick time up Shaw following the road portion and then dropped down the south side returning to my jeep at the parking area.
Shaw Butte - North Mtn Loop
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This is climate change I can believe in, a rainy 55 degree day perfect for running. Wanted to add 10 minutes to my weekend runs and get in some easy AEG, so returned to do one of my favorite loops. Did a new variation of the loop this morning. Parked at the 7th Ave. trailhead and worked my way over to Shaw Butte on #100 & #306 to warm up and went up the front side of Shaw Butte, went down the backside with a minor detour to the top of the smaller peak on the west side. Not too many people out this morning, but did run into some firefighters heading up Shaw Butte who were passing a 50 lb bag of climbing gear amongst themselves while they hiked uphill.

From the backside of Shaw Butte ran over to the backside of North Mountain. Looks like the trail was a waterfall last night. The trail was full of new scree and counted four barrel cactus that had been washed into the trail. Got to the top and ran down the front side, hooked up with #101 and made my way back to the car. Got rained on for a few minutes on and off throughout the run.
Shaw Butte - North Mtn Loop
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Wow what a nice evening for a hike. Rowdy and I started up Shaw Butte and then down as we had a nice cloudy windy evening to hike. I decided to add North Mountain as well. The trail leading up was a little hard to find but I found it. The trail looks like its not used to much but Rowdy and I headed up. There were a couple of times I got a little nervous going up as it was getting dark and it was very windy. The trail up has not been used to often and there is a lot of lose rock going up. I guess going up a trail like this would make more sense in the daylight. Of course I knew the way down was paved for the most part.
This is what happens when you get a call a 4am because they need you to work. I just hike when I can.

Permit $$

Map Drive
Paved - Car Okay

To hike
From downtown Phoenix Phoenix, AZ, Head west on W Washington St toward N 1st Ave, Turn right onto N 7th Ave, Destination will be on right in 9.4 mi
11000 N 7th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85029
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