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Avila Beach Walking Tour, CA

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Big Sur Coastline CA Redux - August 2015
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Big Sur Coastline - August 2014
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Walking down the main street through Avila Beach, a small town along the coast of California half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, you find palm trees lining a promenade laid out with bricks in creative curvy patterns. Trendy shops and restaurants with colorful facades invite pedestrians strolling by.

But if you talk to a local resident, you'll soon learn downtown Avila beach hasn't always been such a bucolic place. In the 1990s, engineers partnered with a multitude of regulatory agencies to accomplish an environmental cleanup that set a new standard for the petroleum industry. And now, the town is emerging from the cleanup, and the rebuilding that accompanied it, to put on a pretty face and reestablish its identity.

As chief administrative planner and engineer for San Luis Obispo County, David Church remembers the enormous emotional impact the undertaking had on the town. "The Avila cleanup project changed not only the town of Avila Beach in a dramatic way, it changed the course of many lives. I have never felt so overwhelmed by a project, yet supported by so many excellent professionals and friends. The people in Avila endured a great hardship to clean up the town. Looking back, it was the best of times and the worst of times."

It all traces back many decades to Unocal, the petroleum giant founded in the late 1800s and known at one time as Union Oil Company. The company became a major part of the economic fabric of California's Central Coast. Just prior to World War II, its Avila Beach operations made the tiny town the world's largest oil port.

For 100 years, oil pumped from fields in central and coastal California -- in some cases several hundred miles away -- was piped to huge tanks atop a bluff overlooking Avila Beach. Crude oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel flowed downhill from that storage facility, through pipelines under the town, and out the company pier to waiting tanker ships for transport. Over time, the pipelines leaked, and a huge spill of petroleum products on the order of a half million gallons developed under Avila Beach and began moving toward the ocean.

In 1988, a business owner tried to expand his building and found the lot so heavily pooled with gasoline beneath the surface that testing engineers feared if anyone lit a cigarette, they would all be blown away. In 1977, just such an explosion occurred in the same area when two college students painting their basement apartment were blasted out a window after the pilot on a water heater ignited fumes. A resident connected the two events and became certain the gases had to come from the same source -- pipelines under the street.

Home to fewer than 400 people, Avila Beach has traditionally consisted of a broad range of residents with strong connections to the town and region, including fourth-generation settler families. The first indication of the difficulty lying ahead in reaching cleanup was the fact that many residents were long-time Unocal employees, creating an impossible split in loyalty to home and economics.

Once the decision to clean up the underground plumes of crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, and other petroleum products was made in 1998, Unocal made industry history by creating a revolutionary plan for carrying it out. Jacobs Engineering Group worked with Unocal to develop a never-before-used method of digging, testing, and replacing in sequence. A multi-billion dollar company, Jacobs Engineering provides engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance services to industrial, commercial, and government clients. Headquartered in Pasadena, California, it has over 60 offices worldwide.

In preparation for the job, the little town's homes and businesses above the massive leak had to be completely torn down or removed and then replaced later. Once building deconstruction was complete and utilities moved aside to continue functioning, actual digging to the plume began. Sheet pile was used to keep the underground fluids contained and later the soft sand from caving into the dig. Each three-foot-wide section, weighing from 4000 to 6000 pounds and measuring 45 to 65 feet top to bottom, was driven into the ground with one section nested into an adjoining one all around to form a cofferdam.

Work progressed slowly due to the danger of fire from the oil soaked dirt. The action of driving the metal sheets into the ground caused a build-up of heat in the pit and no sparks could be tolerated. Many of the pipes had be hand cut. The pounding of sheet pile caused collateral damage to buildings nearby and houses began to shift. Jacobs's workers had to deal with the consternation of residents as well as a steady parade of sightseers coming from miles around to watch the deconstruction.

During the digging, freed petroleum products mixed with the water table, and the floating oil was suctioned off and then separated for transport out of town. Sand at the bottom of the lagoon that formed in the enormous hole was dredged up and cleansed in machines that shook and blew out the oil products that could be recycled or transported to the state toxics repository for hydrocarbon wastes.

Typically, a dig of this nature involves complete removal of the soil overburden for the entire site, followed by excavation of all the contaminated soil, and then replacement of clean sand. But in this case, Jacobs and Unocal improvised a train sequence for the nine-acre site by dividing the excavation into six cells in sequence. The sheet pile used in Cell 1 was pulled out when that part of the dig was complete, then reinstalled in the adjoining area, following a sequence of digging and filling from one end to the other.

Thousands of truckloads of contaminated sand from the beach were trucked out and clean material trucked in. Some of the contaminated material was taken to Unocal property, where it was spread so the petroleum could evaporate naturally. Contaminated dirt was dumped onto a paved area nearby to drain and then loaded into trucks for transport to an interim exchange area at the Tank Farm on the bluff. A canopy over the transfer operation covered huge piles of soiled sand placed on paved areas, where it was tested and then left to ooze petroleum products into a paved drainage system. The sand was later loaded onto long haul double tandem trucks for transfer to a state-sanctioned environmental dump. Ultimately, it is expected all the sand will be reused for road construction.

With this procedure, Unocal cleaned up the majority of the huge spill, finishing in 2000. Their method cut the time to do the job from an expected five years to less than two. An underground plume remains under the beach in the intertidal zone and will be monitored for movement.

A Town Rebuilds: With the cleanup complete, Avila Beach began slowly rebuilding after Unocal paid for extensive beachfront remodeling in the streets, parking, and access to the water and bought some properties outright and settled privately with other property owners.

The funky little beach businesses and everything that made the old town unique have vanished, but the town's business district is rising from the ashes. Residents were given wide latitude in determining what the reborn town would be, from the type of street trees and restrooms, to the park at the end of the road next to the beach. The new public promenade is pedestrian friendly, and people still come to visit, stroll the beach, talk about the massive cleanup, and revel in this extraordinary hideaway heaven.

Now that they've had time to reflect on the cleanup operation, San Luis Obispo County agencies offer uniform praise of Unocal for their efforts, once the fight was settled. "They did a terrific job," says Hubner. In the mid-1990s, the company closed its operations in the region and sold the majority of its assets. Hubner says he learned two major things from the project: "You can make a difference, and truth will prevail ... eventually." He also found it immensely satisfying to meet the challenge with multifaceted professionals in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. "It's rare to actually see a project come to a decision and result in a benefit to the community and the environment."

Nowhere else has anything like this been done for an environmental disaster. While the case never went to court or set legal precedents, it did establish an industry standard. This improbable band of engineers from an incredible array of specialties and responsibilities joined with residents young and old to win a massive environmental battle that had extraordinary closure.

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    Avila Beach Walking Tour
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    Big Sur Coastline CA Redux - August 2015
    Big Sur Coastline CA Redux - August 2015

    For my 1000th trip log on HAZ, needed something extraordinary (within reason). Saddened by our recent loss of Skippy our Springer Spaniel, maybe trip along Big Sur Coastline with a loop thru Yosemite would set things right...

    Ahwatukee to Avila Beach CA is 575 miles, 9 hrs, 34 min per Google Maps
    Avila Beach to Lucia CA is 91 miles, 2 hrs, 30 min per Google Maps
    Lucia CA to Monterey CA is 54 miles, 1 hrs, 45 min per Google Maps

    Monterey to Yosemite Village is 201 miles, 4 hrs, 2 min per Google Maps
    Yosemite Village to Bishop CA is 139 miles, 2 hrs, 57 min per Google Maps
    Bishop CA to Ahwatukee home is 584 miles, 8 hrs, 42 min via Palm Springs

    Itinerary goes here...
    Big Sur CA – August 2015

    Saturday 8/22 – prep day…

    Sunday 8/23 – Avila Lighthouse Suites, Avila Beach CA – confirmation number 244101678, King Master Suite Deluxe Ocean Front Patio Room. avilalighthousesuit ... .com Drive from home to Avila Beach is 575 miles, 8 hrs 43 min per Google Maps

    Monday 8/24 – Avila Lighthouse Suites, Avila Beach CA – beach day, explore San Luis (Avila) Lighthouse :next: NOTE: hike permit required. Point Buchon Trail an alternative. ... id=4 Reservations Thursday to Monday. Located north of Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, north of Point San Luis lighthouse

    Tuesday 8/25 – Lucia Lodge, Lucia CA - confirmation number (12103) and your reference number (IRS007831008560). Room #10 – Honeymoon Cottage Avila Lighthouse Suites to Lucia Lodge is 90 miles, 2 hrs 1 min per Google Maps. Monastery :next:

    Wednesday 8/26 – Lucia Lodge, Lucia CA - confirmation number (12105) and your reference number (IRS007831086695). Room #2 – Partial Ocean View Room

    Thursday 8/27 – Monterey Marriott, Monterey CA – confirmation number 93332298. Bay view, king bed ... ott/ Lucia Lodge to Monterey Marriott is 54 miles, 1 hr 22 min per Google Maps. Point Sur Lighthouse tours @ 10am on Thursdays :next: (1st come, 1st served, no reservations).

    Friday 8/28 – Monterey Marriott, Monterey CA – Monterey Aquarium day, evening whale watch cruise montereybayaquarium ... .com

    Saturday 8/29 – check out Monterey Marriott, Monterey CA – drive home is 709 miles, 10 hrs 50 min per Google Maps

    Sunday 8/30 – recover at home…

    Sunday August 23rd - Ahwatukee to Avila Beach CA
    Fitbit distance = 6.67 miles, AEG = 250 feet (25 floors)
    Early morning getaway on I-10 to CA210 @ Redlands onto CA101 @ I-405 in Sherman Oaks. Continue along CA101 (Pacific Coast Highway) to Avila Beach turnoff before San Luis Obispo...

    Avila Lighthouse Suites base camp (Martin Resorts) :next: avilalighthousesuit ... 48:s and

    HAZ hikes
    1. Avila Beach Walking Tour :next: [ description ]
    2. Pecho Coast Trail :next: [ description ]
    3. Point San Luis Lighthouse Trail :next: [ description ]
    4. Oceano Dunes & Preserve :next: [ description ]
    5. Big Sur Coastline Highway :next: [ description ]

    Monday August 24th - Avila Beach CA and Surrounding Area
    Fitbit distance = 14.97 miles, AEG = 859 feet (85 floors)
    Early morning stroll along Avila Beach. Headed over to Montana de Oro State Park to explore what is called the "southern most stretch of Big Sur Coastline". Back at our Avila Lighthouse Suites base camp to eat dinner and watch the sun set from our room balcony patio...

    HAZ hikes
    1. Avila Beach Walking Tour :next: [ description ]
    2. Point Buchon Trail :next: [ description ]
    3. Sand Spit Beach (Montana de Oro State Park) :next: [ description ]

    Tuesday August 25th - Avila Beach CA to Lucia CA
    Fitbit distance = 9.22 miles, AEG = 660 feet (66 floors)
    Early morning stroll along Avila Beach. Debated about putting Salmon Creek Falls on the itinerary but talked ourselves out of it given the dry/fire conditions. Hung out most of the afternoon at Sand Dollar Beach - one of my fav Big Sur spots! 31st wedding anniversary at honeymoon suite at Lucia Lodge room #10 :next: Lucia Lodge recommendations :next: ... html Watch the sun set from Lucia Lookout after watching 3 humpback whales cruise by between the kelp beds and being swooped by California condors...

    HAZ hikes
    1. Avila Beach Walking Tour :next: [ description ]
    2. Moonstone Beach :next: [ description ]
    3. Elephant Seal Beach Vista :next: [ description ] and ... html
    4. Point Sierra Nevada Beach :next: [ description ]
    5. Ragged Point :next: [ description ]
    6. Willow Creek (jade and gold prospecting) :next: [ description ] and ... html
    7. Jade Cove Beach :next: ... html
    8. Sand Dollar Beach :next: [ description ] and ... html
    9. Pacific Valley Flats :next: [ description ]
    10. Mill Creek Picnic Area :next: [ description ]
    11. Lucia Lookout :next: write a HAZ description for 1000th trip logged

    Wednesday August 26th Lucia CA and Local Surroundings
    Fitbit distance = 6.78 miles, AEG = 440 feet (44 floors)
    Early morning whale watching through the fog at Lucia Lookout while sipping on Starbucks coffee brewed in our room. Need to move our gear from Room#10 to Room#2 - thanks to housekeeper Rindy for making us a priority. Headed to the Hermatige near Lucia and arrived at the Book Store and Visitor Center @ 11:30am just as it is closing for 1 1/2 hr lunch break. Oh well, off to Pfeiffer State Beach for the afternoon (found the hidden entrance for Sycamore Canyon Road -hint; its paved and unsigned just north of the Shell Gas Station/Market) followed by some mega-whale watching at Partington Cove. Gassed up in Big Sur - yikes - $5.59 per gallon! I don't think I've ever paid that much for a gallon of gas, even in Europe! Cobbled up a picnic dinner at Lucia Lodge watching the sunset sans whales...

    HAZ hikes
    1. Lucia Lookout :next: write a HAZ description for 1000th trip logged
    2. Hermitage :next: [ description ] and
    3. McWay Falls Trails :next: [ description ]
    4. Partington Cove Trail :next: [ description ]
    5. Pfeiffer Beach via Sycamore Canyon Road (the only ungated paved road the west side of PCH between Big Sur post office and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park) :next: bigsurcalifornia.or ... html and [ description ]

    Thursday August 27th Lucia CA to Monterey CA
    Fitbit distance = 12.18 miles, AEG = 690 feet (69 floors)
    Early morning whale watching sans fog at Lucia Lookout. Headed to the Hermatige near Lucia and arrived at the Book Store and Visitor Center @ 8am just as it is opening! On the PCH before 9am to head to the first-come-first-served tour of Point Sur Lighthouse :next: Tom was our outstanding volunteer docent for the 3 hour "behind the scenes, step back in history" tour. After the tour, headed to Point Lobos :next: where we saw humpback whales, otters, more humpback whales, deer, and even more humpback whales in full body breach - awesome! After grabbing dinner in Sand City, checked into our Monterey Marriott room#710 base camp :next: ... ott/

    HAZ hikes
    1. Lucia Lookout :next: write a HAZ description for 1000th trip logged
    2. Hermitage :next: [ description ]
    3. Point Sur Lighthouse :next: write a HAZ description for 1000th trip logged
    4. Bixby Bridge :next: [ description ]
    5. Point Lobos (China Cove, Whalers Knoll, etc) :next: [ description ]
    [ description ]
    [ description ]
    [ description ]
    [ description ]
    [ description ]
    6. Monterey Walking Tour :next: [ description ]

    Friday August 28th Monterey CA
    Fitbit distance = 7.21 miles, AEG = 290 feet (29 floors)
    Spend the day at Monterey Aquarium :next: montereybayaquarium ... .org chatted with the BBC/PBS film crew shooting clips for "Big Blue Live" that will air this Monday 8/31 :next: ... ome/
    Happy hour at Peter B’s Brew Pub :next: ... pub/ (Stout Resistance with Buffalo Chili and Monterey Jack Cheese highly recommended) where we caught the Jays game (totally smoked the Tigers). Full moon walk along Cannery Row and the waterfront...

    HAZ hikes
    1. Monterey Bay Aquarium :next: write a HAZ description for 1000th trip logged
    2. Monterey Walking Tour :next: [ description ]

    Saturday August 29th Monterey CA to Ahwatukee AZ
    Fitbit distance = 3.81 miles, AEG = 120 feet (12 floors)
    Get away home day aborting route through Yosemite. Plotted route from Monterey to Paso Robles to Bakersfield to Barstow via Tehachapi Pass and onto Needles via I-40, then CA95 to Parker AZ with connecting road onto I-10 at Vicksburg and onto Phoenix - 731 miles per Google Maps, 10 hr 48min drive time...
    Found Tobin James Cellar Winery in Paso Robles (curious combo for our daughter Tobyn and her boyfriend James :next: ... .php ).

    HAZ hikes
    1. Monterey Bay Aquarium :next: write a HAZ description for 1000th trip logged
    2. Tehachapi Mountain Pass Trail :next: [ description ]
    3. Parker Dam :next: [ description ]

    Sunday 8/23 = 6.67 miles, 250 AEG
    Monday 8/24 = 14.07 miles, 850 AEG
    Tuesday 8/25 = 9.22 miles, 660 AEG
    Wednesday 8/26 = 6.78 miles, 440 AEG
    Thursday 8/27 = 12.18 miles, 690 AEG
    Friday 8/28 = 7.21 miles, 290 AEG
    Saturday 8/29 = 3.81 miles, 129 AEG
    TOTAL = 59.93 miles, 3300 AEG

    170 Avila Beach iPhone photos
    148 Lucia iPhone photos
    136 Monterey iPhone photos
    241 Canon 7D photos
    320 Canon 6D photos
    167 Canon Rebel XT photos
    TOTAL = 1182 photos
    Avila Beach Walking Tour
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Big Sur Coastline - August 2014
    Big Sur Coastline - August 2014
    FitBit totals = 49.08 miles, 2040 AEG (204 floors)

    I’ve had a couple of previous opportunities to visit the Big Sur Coastline of California. Pacific Coast Highway return trip home after Hannah's wedding in Oregon :next: required a definite redux in the Big Sur area. I also had a chance to visit during a July business trip to Cupertino :next: profile.php?u=5929&ID=46#T__105602_______1

    With my August participation with a medical team in Leh Ladakh Kashmir India pushed out to October, had an opportunity to take my wife on a 30th wedding anniversary wish to the "Big Sur Coastline"...

    Some things to consider;

    1. Big Sur beaches :next:
    2. Kayaking in Monterey ? :next: ... /kayaking/
    3. Monterey Bay Aquarium :next:
    4. Whale spotting along Big Sur Coast
    5. Giant redwood hike
    6. Big Sur history :next:
    7. Dogs are pretty much NOT welcome anywhere in Big Sur...


    Mon 8/18 - Ahwatukee AZ to Marriott base camp #1 in Monterey CA :next: ... -marriott/
    709 miles, 10 hours 25 minutes per Google Maps Confirmation 88321895, 80,000 points Monterey Marriott
    350 Calle Principal, Monterey CA, 93940

    Tue 8/19 - explore Monterey CA
    Monterey Aquarium :next:
    Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail :next:
    Shoreline Stroll Trail :next:
    Should consider Point Lobos State Reserve, North Shore Trail :next:

    Wed 8/20 - Monterey to Glen Oaks base camp #2 along Big Sur River in the redwood forest :next:
    30 miles, 0 hours 44minutes per Google Maps Confirmation P433714A6627, $249.62 pre-paid on Visa Glen Oaks Big Sur Highway One, Big Sur, CA 93920 Hiking in Big Sur :next: The "must see trails" :next:
    McWay Waterfall Trail :next:
    Ewoldsen Redwoods Trail :next:
    Partington Cove Trail :next:

    Thu 8/21 - Glen Oaks Big Sur to Avila Beach Lighthouse Suites base camp #3 :next:
    116 miles, 2 hours 45 minutes per Google Maps Confirmation 211148994, $398.60 Avila Beach Lighthouse Suites
    550 Front Street, Avila Beach CA, 93424

    Fri 8/22 - Avila Beach CA to Ahwatukee AZ
    575 miles, 8 hours 37 minutes per Google Maps Avila Beach Walking Tour :next:


    Mon 8/18 - Ahwatukee AZ to Marriott base camp #1 in Monterey CA :next: ... -marriott/
    Arrived at base camp dinner time-ish by the ocean shore to a foggy Monterey Bay where I joined onto Hwy 1, Pacific Coast Highway.
    Ok, so it really took almost 12 hours door-to-door. Stopped in a surprisingly active oil field near I-5 and CA46. Lost Hill Oil Well purchase :next:
    Walked Fisherman's Wharf and Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail out to Lover's Point :next:
    Also saw cleanup from the weekend vintage car auction :next: ... eCode=MO14 Amazing to see six-figure cars all stored outside in the sea-mist waiting for pick-up! Finished up walking the dunes and shoreline trails and over to Laguna Park :next: and

    Fitbit Totals = 9.37 miles and 150 AEG

    Tue 8/19 - explore Monterey CA
    We picked up our Monterey Bay Aquarium passes at the front desk of the Marriott Hotel the night before. Pass is good for 2 consecutive days creating multiple options for us.
    The Aquarium is awesome - hard to improve upon. Loved the modern blend of functional architecture with local history - the entire building is an ode to local cannery row lore. As each hour passed at the Aquarium, the crowd multiplied. We decided to check out for lunch. The Cannery Row Brewing Company was noted on the morning walk from the hotel to the aquarium. Much to my disappointment this is not a brewery. Although some craft brews are on tap, none were local (unless you call San Diego local for Monterey) :next:
    This area could be called "ground zero" for John Steinbeck's "Cannery Row" :next:
    Lynn and I then headed to another "brew pub", Peter B's Brew Pub :next:
    Crap, it doesn't open until 4pm daily. Ok, we had to settle for the faux English Pub (Crown & Anchor Monterey) across the road from the Marriott :next: Whale Watching up next from Fisherman's Wharf. The Princess Monterey took us to the Monterey Canyon off Moss Landing where we saw a couple dozen humpback whale breaches and many more surface grazings! Monterey Canyon is reported to be the undersea equivalent of the Grand Canyon matching depth and length and provides the diverse ecosystem to support the abundant marine life found in Monterey Bay :next: and After dinner walk out to Point Pinos Lighthouse :next: and
    Rooftop night long exposure shots? Did that plus a few around Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row. Wrapped up catching last call at Peter B's Brew Pub - excellent cherrywood barrel aged porter and buffalo chili topped with Monterey Jack cheese (of course).

    Fitbit Totals = 10.90 miles and 260 AEG

    Wed 8/20 - Monterey to Glen Oaks base camp #2 along Big Sur River in the redwood forest.
    Morning redux of Monterey Bay Aquarium (pass is good for 2 consecutive days). After pulling out base camp #1, headed out 17 mile scenic drive from Point Pinos Lighthouse to Spanish Bay to Pebble Beach to Carmel-By-The-Sea. ... alifornia/ and and ... -drive.pdf Search for the "Lone Monterey Cypress :next:
    Also need to find the pullout between Carmel and Rocky Creek Bridge for tide pool exploration :next: and ... 2&Z=15&M=6 (found it! - dubbed this a new HAZ mini-description "Big Sur Coastline - Malpaso Creek to Soberanes Creek"). Poked in the tide pools - almost like an extension of the touch pools at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Stopped at Garrapata State Park Beach :next: ... beach.html Access from the west side of Hwy 1. There is a fairly new set of wooden stairs leading to the beach. The surf is considered hazardous here and we could see why with some spectacular waves hitting the shores today! Did the obligatory stop at Bixby Bridge and headed non-stop to base camp #2. Checked into room 15 at Glen Oaks in Village of Big Sur to establish base camp #2. Settled in and then hiked down to the redwood grove beside Big Sur River.

    Fitbit Totals = 11.10 miles and 530 AEG

    Thu 8/21 - Glen Oaks Big Sur to Avila Beach Lighthouse Suites base camp #3 Checked out Pfeifer Big Sur State Park (north) and Julia Pfeifer Burns State Park (south) :next: and ... ut2013.pdf
    Note that these are two different parks albeit reasonably close together. 2008 Basin Fire has closed many of the trails in the north park, so we headed south. First stop of the day was in a Hwy 1 pullout because Lynn thought she saw whales - turns out plural was very correct as we saw about a dozen humpbacks in coordinated feeding mode. This would mark just the beginning of our whale sightings for the day. Think every stop today that had an ocean view that featured whale sightings!
    Partington Cove Trail :next:
    McWay Waterfall Trail :next:
    Ewoldsen Redwoods Trail :next:
    Mill Creek picnic lunch (after $20+ purchase at Lucia General store) :next:
    Pacific Valley Beach - IMO this was the best beach along Big Sur Coastline (Orca sighting topped it off! Throw in some dolphins for extra measure...). Although this was our first visit to this beach, there was an “air of familiarity” to this beach. Don’t know why – location for commercials/movie scenes perhaps?
    Pacific Valley Beach (just north of Pacific Valley Flats noted on HAZ) :next: and
    Sand Dollar Beach :next:
    For what we originally thought was Sand Dollar Beach, turned out to be Point Sierra Nevada Beach (part of San Simeon State Park) :next: ... re2009.pdf
    Elephant Seal Vista provided multiple wildlife options with some Blue Whales offshore and the namesake Elephant Seals on the beach :next:
    Drove through San Simeon and stopped at the local beach before heading to Morro Bay.
    Morro Rock Vista :next:
    After establishing base camp #3, did an evening stroll of Avila Beach. Avila Beach walking tour :next:

    Fitbit Totals = 12.49 miles and 1050 AEG

    Fri 8/22 - Avila Beach Lighthouse Suites base camp #3 to Ahwatukee AZ Morning walk on the beach followed by a leisurely breakfast on our oceanfront patio before the 600 mile sprint home. It was very fitting that a giant sea weasel (aka sea otter) made an appearance in the Avila Beach surf just as we were wrapping up our walk before heading home.

    Monday = 9.37 miles, 150 AEG (15 floors)
    Tuesday = 10.91 miles, 260 AEG (26 floors)
    Wednesday = 11.10 miles, 530 AEG (53 floors)
    Thursday = 12.56 miles and 1050 AEG (105 floors)
    Friday = 5.14 miles and 50 AEG (5 floors)
    TOTALS = 49.08 miles and 2040 AEG


    1. HAZ Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail :next:
    2. HAZ Shoreline Stroll Trail :next:
    3. HAZ Laguna Grand Park :next:
    4. Point Pinos Lighthouse :next:
    5. HAZ 17 Mile Scenic Drive :next:
    6. HAZ Spanish Bay to Bird Rock Trail :next:
    7. HAZ Point Joe to Bird Rock Trail :next:
    8. HAZ Big Sur Coastline - Malpaso Creek to Soberanes Creek :next: http://hikearizona.comr/decoder=19517
    9. HAZ Garrapata Beach :next:
    10. HAZ Bixby Bridge - Big Sur Coastline :next:
    11. HAZ Glen Oaks Big Sur Redwood Grove Loop :next:
    12. HAZ Partington Cove Trail :next:
    13. HAZ Ewoldsen Redwoods Trail :next:
    14. HAZ McWay Waterfall Trail :next:
    15. HAZ Mill Creek Picnic Area :next:
    16. HAZ Pacific Valley Beach :next:
    17. HAZ Sand Dollar Beach :next:
    18. HAZ Point Sierra Nevada Beach :next:
    19. HAZ Elephant Seal Vista :next:
    20. HAZ San Simeon Bay Beach :next:
    21. HAZ Morro Rock :next:
    22. HAZ Avila Beach :next:

    I'll post some photos when I get the chance. Enjoy! :)
    121 on iPhone
    297 on 6D
    214 on 7D
    42 on Rebel XT
    TOTALS = 674

    Sent from my iPad
    Avila Beach Walking Tour
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Oregon Tales 2012
    Oregon Tales 2012

    9 days
    2882 miles
    155 gallons of gasoline
    558 digital images
    1 relatively trouble-free drive
    No dogs
    Multiple family gatherings
    Hannah's wedding in Medford Oregon

    The Plan => Drive to Hannah's wedding in Medford OR traveling Phoenix to Los Angeles to Sacramento to Medford with return route via the Pacific Coast Highway.

    I've always been a fastball hitter, but learned early that you will see a diet of change-ups and other off-speed stuff until you prove that you can hit those too. Guess we proved we could hit the off-speed stuff during our "Oregon Trail 2010" adventure (check out => ), so "Oregon Tales 2012" seemed to consist of BP fastballs right down the middle...

    DAY 1 - Tuesday 5/15
    Ahwatukee AZ to Glendale AZ
    72 miles return
    0 hrs 45 min 1-way per Google Maps

    Hiking and other outdoor adventuring seems to have taken a backseat due to Coyotes' season tickets (and their unexpected playoff run), some focused business assignments with China and Latin America, and finance managing with Hannah's upcoming wedding. With an impending road trip to Oregon blocking the calendar through Memorial Day, I get lucky with home date scheduling attending the Coyotes/Kings home opening set Sunday and Tuesday. With the Yotes butts thoroughly kicked at both games, I'm left wondering if I've witnessed my last NHL games in the Valley...

    DAY 2 - Wednesday 5/16
    Ahwatukee AZ to Sacramento CA
    774 miles
    12 hrs 39 min per Google Maps
    Marriott Courtyard Sacramento Airport, 2101 River Plaza Drive, Sacramento CA, 95833

    Pack the F-150 (including hiking boots) for an early morning start on the road to Sacramento via Los Angeles. We seem to be off to an auspicious start as I pull onto the I-10 greeted by an electronic sign indicating "CRASH AT SR143, I-10 CLOSED". I can see a sea of red lights ahead, so we veer off at Warner Road and double-back towards Maricopa and Gila Bend to by-pass the traffic jam. Traffic is light all the way to Los Angeles including the I-210 northern "by-pass". In fact, we don't encounter any LA traffic until we're out of town on the I-5 coming to a dead stop at Tejon Pass near the town of Gorman. With traffic only inching along, I pull off at Gorman School Road to partake in the local McDonalds. Once refreshed, I see no improvement in the I-5 traffic jam, but notice a few tractor trailer rigs hopping on the Peace Valley side road to Lebec. Following the rigs, we hop back onto the I-5 at Lebec sans traffic! We arrive at the Marriott Courtyard in Sacramento (check out => ... t-natomas/ ) 9-ish that night, just in time to catch the kitchen before it closed for the evening...

    DAY 3 - Thursday 5/17
    Sacramento CA to Medford OR
    309 miles
    5 hrs 14 min per Google Maps
    Candlewood Suites, 3548 Heathrow Way, Medford OR, 97504

    Fueled with Starbucks coffee, Lynn and I are back on the road travelling the I-5 towards Oregon. As we exit Redding, the Shasta-Trinity Mountains treat us to a steady rain. I slip the F-150 into 4WD on the fly and it becomes "weather, what weather?" as we maintain our steady cruise control speed. As we cross the California/Oregon border and descend into the Rogue Valley, blue skies return at a perfect 80degF temperature. Check into our hotel mid-afternoon (check out => ... cw-_-mfrbr ). We soon meet up with Dominic (Hannah's husband-to-be) and Hannah at the Candlewood Suites. They both flew in from South Bend IN earlier in the week making the final wedding preparations. Hannah and Lynn head out to do some last minute shopping while Dom and I go to sample the purported "Best Wings in Oregon" at Flapper's Wild West Wings (check out => ... gs-Medford ).

    DAY 4 - Friday 5/18
    Medford OR to various local destinations
    75 miles
    n/a per Google Maps
    Candlewood Suites, 3548 Heathrow Way, Medford OR, 97504

    Rehearsal day as multiple family relatives begin to arrive in Medford OR. Pick up my younger daughters, Sarah and Tobyn, at the Medford Airport after a connecting flight snow delay in Salt Lake City UT. My parents arrive having driven their rental car from Portland OR after a long flight from Toronto Canada. My cousin Drew and his family, Janice and Cassie, also arrive after a long drive from Vancouver Canada. Various friends of the bride and groom (including their undergrad NAU crowd) trickle in from various locations throughout the country. Bridal Shower that afternoon (I get to skip that), and rehearsal 5-ish at the Applegate River Lodge (check out => ). Pay some wedding bills, and pick-up some eats at Fred Meyer for the Rehearsal Dinner that evening hosted by Dom's sister Beverly. Everything went smoothly - calm before the wedding storm?

    DAY 5 - Saturday 5/19
    Medford OR to Applegate OR
    75 miles
    23 miles (1-way), 35 min per Google Maps
    Applegate River Lodge, 15100 Highway 238, Applegate OR, 97530

    Wedding day starts with guests arriving 11-ish at the Applegate River Lodge to help with the preparations in advance of the 3:30pm ceremony. With both Hannah and Dominic pursuing their chemistry doctorate degrees at Notre Dame University, there is definitely a "chemistry" theme to the wedding. Preparation, ceremony, reception, food, drink, and weather all pulled off without a bump in the road!

    DAY 6 - Sunday 5/20
    Medford OR to Crater Lake OR
    152 miles
    76 miles (1-way), 1 hr 45 min per Google Maps
    Crater Lake Lodge, 565 Rim Drive, Crater Lake OR, 97625

    Wedding day-after starts with a breakfast buffet before dropping off Sarah and Tobyn at Medford Airport for their flights home (both have to work on Monday). Our main objective today is some sight-seeing at Crater Lake (check out => ) and the Rogue River Gorge (check out => ... ridge.html ) with my parents. Once again that National Parks Pass comes in handy. I knew that Crater Lake usually has snow, but didn't realize it averages 44 feet of snowfall each year! I'll have to log the treks on HikeArizona when I get the chance ( and ).
    After our all-day trek, the family gets together for a late dinner at the nearby Red Lobster.

    DAY 7 - Monday 5/21
    Medford OR to Crescent City CA to Bodega Bay CA
    432 miles
    8 hrs 26 min per Google Maps
    Bodega Harbour Inn, 1345 Bodega Avenue, Bodega Bay CA, 94923

    Early morning "good-byes" to my parents (catching plane to Toronto), the Babbini newlyweds (catching plane to South Bend), my cousins (driving back to Vancouver) as Lynn and I hit the road to explore the giant redwoods and the seashore along the Pacific Coast Highway. As we approach the Oregon/California border a text arrives from Hannah - the counter-offer they made on a house near South Bend was accepted (no honeymoon for the Babbini's - they're buying a house). First stop is Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park (check out => ) where once again that National Parks Pass comes in handy. The redwood groves and rain forest conditions make me feel like I'm on the set of a Jurassic Park sequel (actually having a toy dinosaur could have made for some interesting photo ops - note to self for next time). Best area by far IMO are the loop trails (Ellsworth Loop Trail, Leiffer Loop Trail, etc.) off Walker Road. Stout Grove along the Smith River comes in a close second. I'll have to log the mini-treks on HikeArizona when I get the chance ( ). Lunch in Crescent City CA, where I learned the harbour took one of the bigger blows from the March 2011 Japan tsunami (check out => ... o-sea.html ). We stop at Klamath Cove to check out the beach followed by some rainy mini-treks in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park (check out => ). Surprised by the multiple elk encounters by the coastline - my brain just couldn't reconcile seeing elk and ocean in the same field of view! The highway headed inland following the Eel River Valley before we reconnected with Highway 1. Classic northern California views complete with fog and mist - our approach to the Village of Elk has been permanently etched into my brain. We arrive 9-ish into Bodega Bay greeted by multiple birds perched on the overhead wires. I check for Alfred Hitchcock lurking around the corner at our Bodega Harbour Inn basecamp (check out => and ... bodega-bay )...

    DAY 8 - Tuesday 5/22
    Bodega Bay CA to Golden Gate Bridge to Big Sur to Avila Beach CA
    331 miles
    7 hrs 16 min per Google Maps
    Avila Lighthouse Suites, 550 Front St, Avila Beach CA, 93424

    Lynn and I explore Bodega Harbour (a place where time seems to have stood still since the 1950's) before hitting the road to explore the Pacific Coast Highway - Muir Beach, Golden Gate Bridge, Big Sur coastline to Avila Beach. We encounter an unexpected gem when we stop at the Elephant Seal Rookery near San Simeon (check out => ). After sunset, check into our comfortable "digs" 9-ish at the Avila Lighthouse Suites (check out => ). We head over to Mr. Rick's (check out => ) to grab some eats and catch the end of the Coyotes/Kings game. Strike one (kitchen closed at 9pm), strike two (only IPA's on tap), strike three (OT goal by the Kings finished the Yotes season) - time for an evening stroll on the beach...

    DAY 9 - Wednesday 5/23
    Avila Beach CA to Joshua Tree NP to Ahwatukee AZ
    623 miles
    11 hrs 39 min per Google Maps
    Avila Lighthouse Suites, 550 Front St, Avila Beach CA, 93424

    Lynn and I explore the tidal pools along Avila before hitting the road. A stop at Joshua Tree NP (check out => ) before arriving home late that evening...

    And that's our Oregon Tale 2012!
    Avila Beach Walking Tour
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    573 mile one-way road trip from Ahwatukee to Avila Beach with a stop at Northridge CA to meet with our Diabetes division. I was invited by the Central California Sales Team to present at their Sales Meeting and Lynn came along for the ride. Drive up the coast was amazing and I knew there were a couple of wineries near San Luis Obispo but never realized just how many. For me, most of this trip was uncharted territory never having ventured north of Santa Barbara or south of San Francisco.

    Avila Lighthouse Suites => served as our weekend "base camp". Curious history of Avila Beach, the site of a true ecological disaster. Check out the history at => ... #undefined and ... /Avila.htm :o

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