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Hose Canyon, AZ

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Canyons are inherently risky. Flash floods occur without notice on sunny days. Technical skills & surrounding topography knowledge required yet does not eliminate risk.
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Distance Round Trip 5 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,854 feet
Elevation Gain 480 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,100 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 10.5
Interest Off Trail Hiking, Seasonal Waterfall & Perennial Creek
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Short & sweet technical canyon near Tortilla Flat which is a southern fork of Crucifix Canyon and has two rappels less than 100ft and a few down climbs. Reach the canyon by taking that rough road north from Mesquite Flat and then when done with the narrows, some rock hopping bring you to the southern fork of Crucifix and then shortly joins the main Crucifix canyon. Continuing down the main canyon a quarter mile or so brings you to a doable return route up the south side that tooks you up and over a saddle and continue south to hook back up with the rough road you walked in on...

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot
    WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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    Hose Canyon
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    Nice short canyon I was able to get my not so active buddy out on today. The drive in is rocky and there are a few areas that climb up where you will need 4 wheel drive to make it up without trouble. Towards the end of the road is a nice staircase climb where you will want to have high clearance to make it up without hitting the bottom of your vehicle too much. Once at the end of the road simply drop into the canyon and the fun comes quickly. A nice down climb that puts you right into a pool, today it was only knee high but could easily be higher after our wet season. Right after the pool is the first rappel, 80 feet or so and if you turn to your left while on rappel you will get a pretty awesome view. This rappel also puts you into some water knee high. Not long after that is the next rappel, either 50ft total or you can set up 2 short rappels so you can see where your rope is at all times. The technical section of this canyon is pretty nice, it is short but offers some good views and down climbs in some amazing sculpted rock. The bottom of this canyon gets brushy and annoying. Once you get into crucifix turn left and you will find some nice spots with pretty clear water in it. The first section the canyon opens up on the left could be your exit but gets technical, just go around the next rock outcropping and you will see the canyon open up again, this is your easier exit. You will know this is the one if you look up to the right side of crucifix and see a large cave opening. I don't know if it was this time of year or what, but it was once again brushy and annoying. Head up and then you will be able to see the road again, simply head down the ridge and it take you right back to the road where it ends. If you didn't park there, simply follow the road back to where you were. Nice to see this canyon, but it certainly is one you feel you don't need to do again. I was just glad to have gotten my buddy outside once again. :)
    Hose Canyon
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    There are a couple options for this trip. You can park your vehicle in the campsite area just off Apache Trail Rd and hike the jeep road 1.5 miles to the drop in for Hose Canyon. This will make the trip a 5 mile lasso loop. The road is pretty rough and requires 4WD and high clearance even in dry conditions.

    We elected to drive the road in my Toyota 4Runner and were able to park near the drop in to Hose Canyon about 1.5 miles from Apache Trail Rd. This made it a 2 mile loop hike. The jeep road runs along the west side of Hose Canyon near the drop in.

    Down climbing into Hose Canyon is fairly easy as it is pretty wide at this point. We saw pockets of water below from the rains two weeks earlier. There were a couple down climbs and wades before reaching the first rap, which is 85 ft. from a bush on RDC. At the time there was no water flow other than a trickle. There was water at the bottom though.

    The second rappel is 50 ft from a pretty bomber tree a few feet back from the drop. The anchor is high on the tree which makes for a pretty easy pull. You will need all of 50 ft. for this rap. We dual-lined a 120 ft. rope and there wasn't much on the ground although you could stop short and down climb a few feet. This rappel put you in the water where we had a deep wade.

    We geared down at this point and hiked out towards Crucifix Canyon passing the south fork of Crucifix Canyon on our right first. There were a number of slimy green pools as we made our way down the canyon with lots of downed vegetation from recent water flows. Once in Crucifix Canyon, we headed downstream exactly 0.2 miles to the climb out on our left. The hiking was pretty easy in the creek with lots of green pools. It was easy to spot the break in the cliffs on our left and the climb out to the top. We could see a tricking waterfall which was our exit out of the canyon.

    It was a great day to be in the Supes.
    Hose Canyon
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    I wanted to show some more friends this amAZing gem of a canyon tucked away in the northern Supes and I figured it make a great afterwork hike this Saturday afternoon. :sweat: Without a supped up 4x4, we were hiking the 2 mile road in and when we got to the canyon I was slightly surprised to find it flowing decent with a large swimmer at the beginning of the technical section. :o Hmm, it's really tough to judge pools lie this when it's completely dry. :roll: So we geared up while on of the gals sat it out and waited for us. The cold pool wasn't too bag and we were soon working our way down the sweet 80ft drop. The narrows below was lush & flowing as well and a previous down climb needed to be rappelled due to it being slippery. We found another 100ft of hose to cut up and haul out but we didn't have room for all that dang chicken wire. :-k Another buddy ended up coming thru the canyon a few days later and hauled it a mile closer to the exit. : rambo : After getting our Christmas photos, we did the final 50ft rappel and we already break out the headlamps since the daylight was quickly leaving us. Overcast afternoons can make you loose track of time and time flies when you're having fun. ;) We hit the two confluences with the south fork and then the main fork of Crucifix and by then we all had the headlamps fired up. A quarter mile or so downstream and I declared that that dark saddle on the south would be our exit. They respond 'All the WAY up there?!?' :sweat: We dropped the wetsuits and started bushwhacking our way up the break. It was tedious doing this tricky exit in the dark but thankfully I was able to navigate off of the memory of my previous trip. We eventually made it up the the saddle and then back over to the beginning of the narrows of Hose where we reunited with my buddy's GF. She was a little shaken up being left in the dark for so long. :sorrry: We scrambled up the ridge back to the dirt road and the 2 mile road walk back out was fairly tame compared to that tricky exit hike... We were all glad to be back to the vehicle along the highway and Susan surprised us with some HOT chocolate that REALLY hit the spot. :GB:
    Hose Canyon
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    Short & sweet canyon that my buddy Clint found off of Crucifix Canyon that got it's name from all the trash and garden hose found in there. A few trips later and most of the trash has already been removed. : app : On Turkey Day morning, he took us out in his rock crawler and drove that gnarly road to its end which put us right at the edge of this cool canyon. :y: Most peeps will need to road walk north from Mesquite Flat along AZ88. We dropped into the canyon and soon enough we were gearing for an 80ft from a tree. There's a yucky pool below but thankfully we were able to bypass it and stay dry. :) A few down climbs later and we were at the 2nd and final 50ft rappel. We dropped the technical gear and some bushwhacking and light down climb brought us to the south fork of Crucifix and then a tad further to the main Crucifix. :sweat: About a quarter to a half mile down Crucifix, we spotted a couple good routes to scramble up the southern ridge to a saddle that brought us S-SE above Hose Canyon and in view of our vehicles. Woo, what a fun mile of dodging cactus and sharp rocks! Add an extra 1-2 hours to my time since you'll need to road walk in. :sweat:

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    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To canyon trip
    Along AZ88 past Canyon Lake & Tortilla Flat, park at the turnouts at Mesquite Flat
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