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Park Loop Trail, OR

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Distance Loop 1.8 miles
Trailhead Elevation 357 feet
Elevation Gain 228 feet
Accumulated Gain 330 feet
Avg Time One Way 1 hour
Kokopelli Seeds 2.9
Interest Perennial Creek
Backpack No
Dogs not allowed
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Author keepmoving
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Location Portland, OR
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Sun  5:52am - 6:16pm
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Lazy Loop
by keepmoving

Overview: Entering from any of the trailheads that surround Mt Talbert Nature Park, the first trail one will encounter is the loop trail. Depending on your destination, you can either follow the trail around the perimeter of the park to do a simple loop, or use it to access one of the trails deeper in the park. The trail is well worn, easy to follow, and suitable for hikers of all experience levels. Even families with young children can enjoy the trail as it winds its way around Mt. Talbert.

Warning: The Loop Trail can become extremely muddy and slippery following a rainstorm, or during the wintertime.

Hike: After entering the park from one of the 6 access points, the first trail you will encounter is the Loop Trail. Every junction along the trail is marked on a sign post with a small maps that makes route finding extremely simple. As you follow the trail around the perimeter of the park, you will catch occasional glimpses through the trees of the developments that have encroached upon the park. However, the trail feels much more detached from the city than it really is. If you have are tempted to get farther away from the city, you can always follow one of the trails that leads towards the summit of Mt. Talbert.

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2013-02-10 keepmoving

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    Park Loop Trail
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    51 degrees. Overcast. Damp trail with muddy spots, but no real traction issues. Ran counter clockwise. Did much better than expected, even thought I felt out of shape. Only 49 seconds behind my PR, so I'm definitely on track to beat it this year and likely drop into a sub 15 minute run.
    Park Loop Trail
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    40 degrees and windy. Mostly dry trail. Very cold. Ran counter clockwise. There were signs in the parking lot warning of possible trail closures as crews chop down some trees, but I didn't encounter any workers on the trail. Happy with my time despite keeping a very casual pace.
    Park Loop Trail
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    80 degrees and sunny. Dry trail, light traffic. Counter Clockwise

    Spent the last 2 days working on my truck and haven't been able to get out to hit the trails like I wanted to. Had just enough time this evening to squeeze in a quick run. Body was tired and sore from the gym, but I still wanted to go for a fast time now that both legs are healed. Happy with my overall time, best of the season- just over a minute off my all time PR.
    Park Loop Trail
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    Beautiful Day. Upper 70s, partly cloudy, dry trail, no traffic. Ran clockwise.

    Its been a rough couple of months- first injuring my left calf, then my right. Trying to ease myself back into trail running carefully again on the Park Loop. Took is slow and steady, but still felt very out of shape.
    Park Loop Trail
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    Cloudy. About 70 degrees out. Dry Trail. Minimal traffic.

    Ran the loop clockwise. Left calf felt a little tight, but didn't present any actual issues. Beat my previous clockwise PR.

    06:30 to the junction on NW corner of loop
    11:10 to start of last hill climb
    15:53 finished
    Park Loop Trail
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    80 Degrees. 33% Humidity. Mostly Sunny. Light/Moderate Traffic. Dry Trail

    Ran counter clockwise and beat my previous PR by 42 seconds :y: !!!! I was able to run at full speed for the first time in a very long time. No leg pain and no cramping- it felt fantastic. Just a couple of months ago I would finish the last uphill section almost completely doubled over and barely moving faster than a walking pace. Now I am able to run up it at a respectable pace and start my final sprint earlier and earlier.
    Park Loop Trail
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    Ran the loop clockwise. Cloudy. 58 degrees. 62% humidity. Dry trail and only 1 other runner on the trail.

    Decent run today. My right calf started feeling a little tight part way through so I slowed my pace a bit to avoid injuring myself. It got progressively worse through the run, but I was able to finish without any major pain. I should probably ease up on it for another week or two before I try another faster paced run.
    Park Loop Trail
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    65 Degrees. 59% Humidity. Partly Cloudy. Evening Run. Light traffic on trail. Ground was damp from recent rain, just a couple of mud puddles left.

    Ran counter clockwise. Seems like this is the first time back out running at full strength for quite some time. I always tell myself I am going to take it slow and ease my way back into the running, but that never happens. Set off counter clockwise and set a new PR by 20 seconds (and 53 seconds faster than my best run this season)!!!! :y: I usually jot down my previous time to beat on my wrist when I set off for a run, but I didn't bother to do it today- so I beat my previous times without even having a benchmark to compete against.

    Hit the First downhill section in 1:56 and hit the western side junction at 8:30.
    Park Loop Trail
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    7:30pm run. Cloudy, 77 degrees. Rehab run for my left calf, did the loop counter clockwise. Took it slow to avoid injuring my leg again. Did ok until I reached the west side of the butte and my calf started bugging me again. I slowed down even further and finished ok, I think the leg is finally starting to get better.
    Park Loop Trail
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    Ran the loop clockwise. Evening run right after the sun had dipped below the west hills. Just about 80 degrees out, dry trail, not much traffic.

    Legs were a little sore from squats yesterday and hiking to Fairy Falls earlier this afternoon, but they mostly loosened up during the run. My left calf was really bugging me from the beginning, but I figured I could work through it. Hit the final hill climb at 12:05 and made it to the top in decent time, but as soon as I started the downhill section it felt like I tore something in my left calf. I literally had to hobble the last 1/8th of a mile or so. Not fun. Hopefully some rest and stretching fixes it...

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    Although there are 6 access points to the park, the best parking area is located off of Mather Rd. To reach the Mather Rd Trailhead, take exit 14 on I205 for Sunnybrooke Blvd. Turn east on Sunnybrooke Blvd, then immediately turn south on 97th Avenue. Follow 97th Avenue for almost a mile and continue as it turns into Mather Rd. Follow Mather Rd for .2 miles, the trailhead is marked on the north side of the rd.
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