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Belmont Mountains Hi Pt 3137, AZ

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    Belmont Mountains Hi Pt 3137
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    The Belmont Mountain Range is north of Tonopah, and south of Wickenburg.
    The high point of the range is designated as Peak 3137, and that's where surveyors set the Belmont benchmark in 1948.
    This whole range (and high point) should not to be confused with a small stand-alone 'Belmont Mountain', which is just west of the range.

    The Belmont Azimuth Mark is in the flat desert, just N of the meandering Beer Bottle Wash, and northwest of Belmont BM. The Azimuth Mark was an easy find. From there, I continued driving Vulture Mine Rd, to my chosen trailhead to get up Peak 3137.

    My TH was at a defunct mine, which is on a weak road off Vulture Mine Rd. Weak, meaning high clearance and 4WD. In fact, the Vulture Mine Rd in that area also qualifies for at least a high clearance transport. I accessed a southwest ridge from the defunct mine.

    My research showed that many hikers, using this southwest ridge, have a 6 to 8 mile hike distance, due to them not being able to get their vehicle to the actual mine. That extra distance is all 'road hiking'. I was lucky - No road hiking.

    This chosen ridge has about nine or ten rock filled boulder bumps, large and medium size. You can traverse to the side, around some of them, and others you can't. Some bumps you must go up, over the top, and then down the other side.

    Through my expert skill and cunning, (OH, and knowledge from another hiker's info), I was able to eliminate two of the largest bumps altogether, by descending off the ridge to a wash, then up, through a small saddle, then up to the ridgeline again. After that maneuver, I still had one high bump to go, before the final climb up to the high point and benchmark.

    To look at this whole ridge system up close was, at first, intimidating. (jagged, non uniform ridge obstacles, and possible exposure).
    However, when you take each part separately, it's very manageable. This ridge is mostly stable rocks and boulders, with minimal scree.
    I just took my time, and side-stepped rock bumps when I could. Going up, side-stepping to the right, (mostly) will prevent any exposure.

    You can't miss the benchmark disk, as it's right at the high point of Peak 3137. You can't miss the reference mark #1 disk either, as it's only 12 feet away.
    However, you'll have to do a search for RM #2. It's over 63 feet away from the BM disk, through a load of boulders. Take a nice walk and you'll locate it.

    All in all, a very fine hike - Just a bit tedious at times, with all those 'rock pile' bumps to navigate.
    Belmont Mountains Hi Pt 3137
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    Started from the east side of the Belmont Mountains, off of Aguila Road around noon. I had my Civic so I only drove a short distance off road. Walked an old road leading up to a high, open mine. I say open mine because I could see the tailing piles and where they blasted away at a wall but no shafts, adits or pits. There's a bunch of copper ore spread around. From there I headed for the ridgeline and followed it, more or less, all the way to the high point. This range is pretty rugged and was more difficult than expected. Quite a few exposed sections on the ridges made me consider turning around. Glad I didn't.
    Belmont Mountains Hi Pt 3137
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    Having set out to get to the top of this peak a month ago and not getting it done left a bad taste in my mouth so it was time to check it off the list. The drive in on the Wickenburg Hassayampa road is pretty gentle and puts you pretty close to the main ridge heading on up to the top. I was able to pull off at an old campsite which meant one thing was certain, it wouldn't be long before I spot a beer can. Having to break in some new shoes I thought this would be the perfect spot to do so, a nice short scramble in my beloved desert.
    As I got started I knew this was going to happen, I took about ten steps and the first beer can sighting indeed happened, can you guess what brand it was? I skirted the desert floor to the NW ridge so I could make some what of a loop out of the day coming back down the main ridge that leads right back to the road and where I parked for the morning. Again I found all the loose rocks this mountain has to offer, this range is just crumbly for some reason and I really do not like it. But at least I was as consistent today as when I was on the southern side a month ago thinking I was loosing my hiking swagger.
    Once on the ridgeline up top it was drooling time for me as I saw what was ahead, a nice rocky scramble and boulder hop to the top. Some spots offer some good exposure while others offer the loose rock you wish would disappear. The last push to the top was virtually a rocky staircase that lead you right to the summit where on a clear day would offer some fantastic views of the surrounding area. Up top today you could hardly see the White Tanks and the Estrellas were nowhere in sight. But it was nice to be up top and enjoying a brew before 8am for me today, is there something wrong with that? :) It was nice to spend over an hour on top and just soak in the area and summit brew.
    The traverse back down went slightly slower as I wanted to avoid any face plants a loose rock would have provided. Got back to the Jeep, picked up the unwanted beer can and enjoyed the drive out. Such a nice area to get out to, cannot wait to come back.

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