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Aspen Trail #411 - Mogollon Rim, AZ

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Distance One Way 5.5 miles
Trailhead Elevation 7,609 feet
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11  2019-06-30
See Canyon - Drew Loop
9  2019-06-30
See Canyon - Drew Loop
8  2018-09-08
Woods Canyon creek - Bear Canyon Lake
15  2018-08-11
Highline - Woods - Crook - Rim - Sinkhole
10  2018-08-11
Highline - Woods - Crook - Rim - Sinkhole
6  2017-08-19
Woods Rim Loop
5  2017-07-15
Chevelon Canyon Exploration
4  2016-07-02
Bear Canyon Lake Trail #112
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The Aspen Trail #411 begins at Carr Lake Trailhead and ends at Carr Lake Trailhead. The Aspen trail forms "loop A", the red loop of the Carr Lake Trail System. After the trail passes the end of trail #412, it travels past an enclosed fence built to keep elk out of an area to protect young aspen trees. The General Crook Trail follows this trail briefly from Carr Lake Trailhead.

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    Aspen Trail #411 - Mogollon Rim
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    Woods Rim Loop
    I was looking to get 12 miles or so in the morning before meeting up with a friend arriving later for some camping. This turned out a little shorter than planned but still worked out ok. We parked at the end of the 195 camping area and took the nice trail down to the lake, before proceeding around on the north side trail. From there we went a couple miles downstream in Woods Canyon, then climbed out and made an off-trail traverse toward the Military Sinkhole. This area has been heavily thinned and is pretty unattractive right now. Hopefully a little grass grows in and greens it up.

    The vista loop spends too much time close to the road, and then it disappears completely after the Mogollon campground. I didn't realize there was no track out here. Not difficult to hike, but with the recent thinning operations still a bit of a mess.

    We did a short stretch on a segment of the Aspen/Crook trail before making an off-trail beeline back toward the truck.
    Aspen Trail #411 - Mogollon Rim
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    Drew Cyn - Bear Cyn Lake - See Cyn Loop
    I wanted to hike around Bear Canyon Lake from below the rim today so I started from a very busy See Canyon TH, took Highline towards Drew and then Drew up the rim. Walked FR9350 until it ends and Aspen Trail #411 begins. Took Aspen Trail to Carr Lake Trail #412 (not listed on HAZ?) briefly until weaving along Gen Crook to FR208 and down to Bear Canyon Lake via the Two-O-Eight TH. Walked along Shoreline Trail to the dam where I enjoyed a nutrition break. The lake was quiet today. Only a few fishermen and a bald eagle soaring around. Took the old jeep road on the east side of the lake to get back to Rim Rd, where I crossed and jumped back onto Gen Crook. After a short hike on Gen Crook I was at See Canyon Trail and on my way back down to the TH. Temps remained nice and cool, most campers I passed were bundled up and sitting by a fire. I was fine in shorts and a t-shirt as long as I was moving. The flat stuff on top of the rim was enjoyable today. Perfect weather, a pine - scented breeze and patches of fall foliage mixed with total solitude made it very pleasant. Almost all of the aspens have lost their leaves and the fall colors in the canyons are still about a week away from prime. Only encountered a couple of hikers on Highline and a couple more on my way down See Canyon. I was greeted by a few deer at the See Spring junction. Ended at a suddenly quiet See Canyon TH. Great hike on a perfect fall day in Rim country.
    Aspen Trail #411 - Mogollon Rim
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    Bear Canyon Lake / 260 Trail-head loop
    This is a figure 8 loop with the 260 TH, Bear Canyon Lake and the Carr Lake trails.

    I started out at the 260 TH and there a group of hikers going up the Military Sinkhole.

    The route I took was:
    Drew Canyon
    Boulder Hop
    Carr Lake
    - jump across to -
    General Crook
    FR208 - to rim
    FR208 - to Bear Canyon Lake
    Bear Canyon Lake trail
    FR300 (bushwhacked away from the road)
    Carr Lake
    General Crook
    - jump across to -
    Rim Vista
    Military Sink hole

    It was a typical hike except for two things.

    When I was going towards the rim (on FR208) I smelled a camp fire [-X . I came across a family hiking the other direction and they showed me a fire that they put out. They ground around a small pine tree was scored! The ground was still smoldering. They told me that a there was a some people camping in that spot the night before. The family was heading out to the Woods Canyon store to report the fire. I continued to the rim and upon my return, There was 3 forest service fire trucks dousing the area. One of the rangers questioned me. I told them what I knew and the ranger though it was a carless cigarette thrown out into the woods.

    Driving through Payson , I pulled into a parking lot to grab a Mountain Dew. Suddenly two huge Elks were walking down the Beeline :o ! A pickup truck (with no doors) chased the Elk down a side street. The pickup had a retro 70's police siren. One Elk came back and stood still about 30 feet from the Jeep. The pickup came back and chased it down the side street. It was too dark for a picture.

    The hike was fun. The temps were on the cool for the entire hike. Once the sun dropped, it got cold. I almost put a jacket on, but I held out until the descent down the rim. Then the temps got better.
    Aspen Trail #411 - Mogollon Rim
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    Mike's never been to Bear Canyon Lake, so we did a hike to it.

    As soon as we got out the truck the mosquitoes started biting! The trail was soggy at best, to swamp land! I've never seen that much water on the rim. There were creeks that I never know existed!
    The cool part was that we saw about 20 frogs through the day. Some were bright green.

    Our lunch at Bear Canyon Lake got cut short due to rain. The mosquitoes were so bad on the way back that we cut-over to the rim view trail to avoid them.
    Aspen Trail #411 - Mogollon Rim
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    Eastern Mogollon Loop - Low-High-Lake
    Met Johnny Rocket in town, loaded up the rocket ship, and he launched us up North in a Tropical way.

    This loop got thrown together the night before the hike. JJ says it's book worthy, I'll have to agree. It has a little bit of everything. Pleasant trails with vast views, interesting rock formations, old growth pine and oak, meadows, a lake, fauna, and snow cones. Even the off trail portion was on long ago decommissioned forest roads.

    A lot of first time trails for me including this portion of the Rim Vista, Military Sink Hole, Drew, Aspen #441. I'll always love the views from the Rim Vista Trail. Sure, it's paved in spots and gets close to FR 300, but the views just keep you coming back.

    We started on the Rim Vista and had about 15 minutes of a steady rain. It was overcast and the temps were quite comfortable. We dropped down the enjoyable Military Sinkhole Trail and caught the far East end of the Highline Trail. This really is a nice section of trail. At the Drew trail we made our only real steep climb for the day, climbing 800' in a mile.

    Once a top the rim, we continued on the Drew for awhile, to the Aspen #441 and even the General Crook for awhile. The next part that I had drawn up, was the off trail portion to Woods Canyon Lake. This was the easiest off trail I'd ever done and it took us right to one of the western fingers of the lake.

    As always the lake is just a darn purdy hike. This was really about the first people we'd seen all day. We stopped in the store, looking for just the right "Accessory" for Dr. Frick. No Luck. JJ grabbed a snow cone and off we went.

    On the Meadow Trail, we got up close and personal with 3 elk.
    See photos and the end of the Video for Dr. Frick's exploits. :next: :next: :next:

    JJ....Thanks for the Joy Ride!
    12.08 at 115 is Movin'

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    FR / Dirt Road / Gravel - Car Okay

    To hike
    From the intersection of Route 260 and Rim Road (FR300), at the Rim Vista Visitors Center, travel FR 300 West aprox 5.5 miles. Turn left to reach the TH.
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