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Lost Goldmine - Cloudview Rd to Jacobs #58, AZ

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Difficulty 2 of 5
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Distance One Way 3.25 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,981 feet
Elevation Gain 279 feet
Accumulated Gain 279 feet
Avg Time One Way 2 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 4.18
Backpack Yes & Connecting
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Hog Canyon
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Peak 4102 via Monument Canyon Ridge
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Superstition Ridgeline
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Hieroglyphics Trail #101
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Location Gold Canyon, AZ
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Seasons   Early Autumn to Late Spring
Sun  6:10am - 6:30pm
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A View To A Mine
by AZLOT69

This section of the Lost Goldmine Trail is the Black Sheep of trails in this area. It has received little use since the efforts to build it several years ago. The accomplished goal was to connect the Peralta trail system, and Heiroglyphic trail to the Lost Dutchman State Park trail system. This was tricky as it involved private land, State Land and the Tonto National Forest. Lack of signage and a formal trailhead have hurt its success. Change is in the air as the Tonto National Forest has formally recognized, numbered and signed the trail on the federal land.

Listed as one way and documented east to west the hike can accomplished in a variety of ways. It makes a great key exchange, shuttle, out and back or as a connecting trail for a backpack. The trailhead is located on Cloudview one half mile west of Whitetail (Heiroglyphic Trail is on Cloudview one half mile east of Whitetail). The pavement stops at Edgemore. Continue on dirt for about 200 yards to a wide spot on the road. There is parking for 2-3 cars. The sign posts are there but the sign is missing. Look closer and take note of a large etched stone monument at the beginning of the trail (see picture #1) The trail starts out to the north across private property. Shortly after the first wash an old jeep road appears. Bear right and use your route finding skills as you head in a due north direction. If you lose the trail just head north. Some homes will be on the right and as long as you stay west of them you are good. Cairns are scarce but huge. Several years ago a scout project was to make this trail more horse friendly and they removed many stones from the trail making huge cairns along the way. At one third of a mile the houses end and the trail is better defined as you approach a gate that enters State land. The trail continues north and stays within sight of the boundary fence which is on the right for the distance north. The trail crosses an old burn area that has not totally recovered. The view ahead is a profile of the Ridgeline Hike from 5057 to the Flatiron. At about one mile large old growth appears and new overgrowth is eating away at the trail. It meanders but keep the north direction and keep in sight of the fence. At 1.43 miles the trail takes an abrupt left and so does the fence. Keep the fence on your right as the trail heads west. At 1.57 miles you arrive at an old jeep road and a large deep wash. This is the Hog Canyon trailhead. Take the jeep road left toward the south for 50 feet. Watch for two large cairns on the right as the trail dives into the wash at this point, crosses and out the west side of the wash. The growth in this area is mature and impressive. The center part of the hike was my favorite. The trail is easier to follow from here out. It is very rocky and although mountain bikes are allowed, I would not recommend it. At 2.76 miles another gate appears and you enter the Tonto National Forest. Halfway up the mountain in front of you is a cave. This is the Broadway Cave which has a mine in it. You can now see the Valley of the Sun and pick out some prominent features on the horizon. The Lost Goldmine Trail ends at Jacobs Crosscut # 58. Take a left for one half mile to the Broadway trailhead or make a right for continued adventures such as Monument Canyon, Broadway Cave, or the Lost Dutchman State Park.

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Gate Policy: If a gate is closed upon arrival, leave it closed after you go through. If it is open, leave it open. Leaving a closed gate open may put cattle in danger. Closing an open gate may cut them off from water. Please be respectful, leave gates as found.

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2008-10-15 AZLOT69

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    Lost Goldmine - Cloudview Rd to Jacobs #58
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    Peak 4102 via Monument Canyon Ridge
    Ever since Mike and I went up to the Ridgeline via the Monument Canyon Gap, I've been intriqued by peak 4102 which sits on the SE corner of the cliff band. I took a less-direct approach leaving Broadway TH and worked east below the Broadway Cave and around the back. It was rocky and full of cholla, so the going was slow. Once around back I got on a nice scree pile leading a good way up to the ridge. Once on the ridge the going was much quicker and the views were sweet!

    I went around the east side of 4102 and had hoped to climb up to its ridge, but I felt pressed for time and with all the loose rock and nothing to catch a fall, I decided to play it safe. I explored and took some pix, then bailed down a drainage that went to the west fork of Hog Canyon. It was a long hike out and I got back to the car with just over an hour of daylight left.

    It was a tough off-trail adventure but my curiosity is satisfied (at least for now). One day I'll go back and get on that little ridge!

    Note: Distance and AEG are estimates.
    Lost Goldmine - Cloudview Rd to Jacobs #58
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    Did a little trailblazing this one. Wendi picked it from her stash of descriptions, we chose over the one that starts at Cloudview just because 3 miles didn't seem worth the long drive. In it, at one point it just says follow the contours of the mountain. Nothing screams trailblazing louder than that so I forewarned Wendi about "Her" hike. I ended up enjoying more than she did, this one could probably even have it's own trail description but I feel like this being my first time in this area I might be missing some of the gaps.

    The night prior I went over the topos (and satellite views) and decided on two possible routes. I had a favorite in mind but it looked like it could cliff out. I decided that if I got to the base of the hill that was preferred route and found the trail was ducked/cairned going through a valley between two hills (Secondary route) then I would assume somebody knew better than I and follow that one. Well that is exactly what happened, but first there are few other tips for anyone looking to do this hike so I'll start at the beginning.

    Hike starts at Broadway TH, on Jacob's Crosscut where it cuts north is where the Lost Goldmine trail picks up which continues east. Eventually the Goldmine crosses over a barbed wire fence through an unmarked gate. It continues east following the fence line. It crosses two washes and once passed the second wash comes some sort of dirt road that lollypops at the fence line. This also acts as an alternate TH for Hogs Canyon(I think) There was and ATV parked here when we came through. NOTE! The trail looks like it continues on the south side of the fence but in fact our trail crosses the fence right here at the top of the lollypop. There's a gate of sorts just remember to close it behind you. I am not certain if we are still on Goldmine or not because I have seen some tracks continuing on the south side of the fence and cornering south to the south end of Cloudview Rd. Our Trail continues east following the fence line one the north. It is at this point my trail description I was following says follow contours of the mountain. Eventually the fence line corners but we continue on following a well cairned trail east. I say that, but I lost the trail on the way in but kept to my game plan of heading for the base of the hill at the mouth of the valley. It ended up that was where the trail headed anyway.

    We follow the cairned route past "A" route. The trail looked more like one of the many game trails running through here but just with cairns. We ended up loosing the cairns again on the next hill and just made our own way. Everything worked out but once we got within eyeshot of the Hieroglyphics we could see that our hike was exploding with people. It made having to cross the wide wash and the climb out, and the whole hike for that matter a little less desirable. We were committed though and went on, though we ate lunch before we got to the top. There seemed to be a lot of echoing, and barking, alot of barking.

    We regained our spirits while eating, we could see that more people were coming back than going up. Eventually we would see a serious looking basset hound go by nose to the ground, I am almost sure he was our barker.

    We went finally went up, and it did not disappoint. The rockart was cool and so was the back canyon. I had scanned for the entry point of my original route and though there was no trail I knew it would not be a problem exiting that way. So we went off trail just up trail from the last set of cliffs and headed to the west side of the canyon. We notice some rock art on the way out on the last set of cliffs, you wouldn't normally get to see them without the off trailing. The return route was much faster and more direct. I recommend that over our approach , I will post my route.
    Lost Goldmine - Cloudview Rd to Jacobs #58
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    Superstition Loop
    I parked at the Cross-Cut TH and looped around Superstition Mountain.

    I started off on Jacob's Cross-Cut trail to the Lost Goldmine. The mansions on the Cloudview were a buzz-kill.
    There were two new un-official trails off the Lost Goldmine. I ran into a guy who told me that the mountain bikers put them in and they just loop back to the jeep roads.

    At the Peralta TH, I took Bluff Spring to the Dutchman to the First Waters TH. Then I took FR78 back to the Jeep.

    I saw a big group of backpackers near the Peters / Dutchman intersection. It was some REI outing.

    The weather was perfect the entire day.
    Lost Goldmine - Cloudview Rd to Jacobs #58
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    I stashed my mountain bike at the broadway trailhead and drove around to the trailhead off Cloudview. After the hike I rode the mountain bike back around to the car. For great photo effects doing this hike eary am or early pm is best for shadow effects. A nice hike for newcommers to get acquainted with the rough, rocky trails they will encounter in the Superstitions.

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    From the East Valley follow US 60 East to South Kings Ranch Road. Kings Ranch Road is 14.1 miles east of Power Road for reference. Turn North on Kings Ranch Rd and follow to 2.8 miles to Baseline which is just past the cattle guard. Turn East on Baseline and follow 0.2 miles to Mohican. Turn North onto Mohican and follow 0.4 miles to the stop sign at Valleyview Road. Turn West onto Valleyview and follow (naturally turns North, and turns into Whitetail Road) for 1.4 miles. Turn left and go .5 miles. Go 200 yds past end of pavement for trailhead just past Edgemore.
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