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Chevelon Lake #180 - South Access, AZ

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Distance One Way 0.45 miles
Trailhead Elevation 6,725 feet
Elevation Gain -368 feet
Avg Time One Way 15 min
Kokopelli Seeds 1.06
Interest Perennial Creek
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Telephone Ridge Trail #103 - Chevelon
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Chevelon Canyon Lake - South East Access AZ
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This trail provides easy access to the head of Chevelon Canyon Lake (southern end).

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    Chevelon Lake #180 - South Access
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    so it's a rough road. and.... it's an unmaintained old ass road on top of the rim. gets a bunch of seasonal snow and rain. and mostly used by hunters in the fall. i never needed 4wd for any section of the 4 miles in, it was dry.
    the trail leading down is the easiest, imho, of the 4 that reach the bottom of chevelon canyon in this area. a straight, mild grade about 1/2 mile to the bottom. here you can find plenty of hanging trees and a few eyesore campspots with fire rings, most of them not 1 yard off the trail. by the way, the fishing here sucks. don't go. it's a waste of time. go to woods canyon instead.

    we saw no others at the bottom. caught and released several native trout, 13" being the smallest of the lot.

    not yet. saw only a few gamble oak. there may be other leafy foliage. boxelder perhaps, maple. predominately ponderosa.
    Chevelon Lake #180 - South Access
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    After spending an hour driving down the absolute cluster :pk: that is FR180 (I swear they are trying to make it impossible to get there!) I did a quick out n back to the lake. There were two people camped at the bottom and I think they were the guys Jackie and Lee spotted the day before. Just a guess though. :whistle:

    Seriously though FR180 is so bad it's really indescribable. High clearance can make it without 4wd when it's dry, but many of the rutted puddles are deep and steep. It took me nearly an hour to go the 4 miles and I don't drive with a feather pedal. It was mostly dry today, but in wet weather, I wouldn't recommend it for anybody except the biggest trucks. Plenty of plastic bumpers and other car parts and remnants of homemade traction devices remain from where others have obviously gotten stuck before.

    That said, there was a forrester and an escape at the trailhead, so it can be done.
    Chevelon Lake #180 - South Access
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    So I contacted everyone signed up for this trip, and we agreed to postpone it a week.

    As it turns out, the trip went terrible, first of all the backpacking part was way too easy, down the short trail to a creekside camp. Then there was the horrible scenery, the old growth pines, the pristine creek with cool water, expansive meadows filled with wildflowers, who wants to put up with that? Then there is the fact that there is a pretty decent trail up and down the canyon, with access routes at Trail 180 and Larson Ridge. And it didn't even rain on me on Saturday. Glad all you folks avoided signing up.
    Chevelon Lake #180 - South Access
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    Super fun overnight in an amazing location. The drive in was an adventure with as much as 6 inches of snow. All the roads up there are completely destroyed. The rim road will be an absolute mess until it gets graded again. The car wash attendent is gonna hate me tomorrow. :y:

    By the time we got to the trailhead, we had dropped enough elevation that the snow was patchy, and the hike went a bit slow due to the snow and mud. But camp was set up quickly and we tried our luck at fishing, but the midday light wasn't good so we headed downstream to the lake. There are two creek crossings but we managed both without getting wet. A few hours later, 9L and I tried our luck with the fish again, and this time luck was on our side. 9L struck first, and I followed up just a few minutes later! Woot! Dinner! :y:

    In the morning we headed upstream and I investigated the Larson Ridge route that ALMAL had inquired about. Nice to know of alternative access point. Plenty of camp sites down here, and the first couple miles south was reminiscent of the Houston Brothers trail. I should come back here more often :)
    Chevelon Lake #180 - South Access
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    Chevelon Canyon Lake - South East Access AZ
    I've never been to Chevelon Canyon lake so I whipped up a route using the HAZ route manger. I made a route from the intersection of FR99(AKA Wildcat RD) and SR260.
    I went down FR99 to FR170 to FR90. The roads are very well marked up to the FR9517/90 turn. Then the signs are gone. FR90 is a like a peninsula. There are numerous roads that go to campsites, vistas or just nowhere.

    The first stop for me was an awesome vista of Chevelon Canyon Lake / creek. I then went to where the topos showed a trail going down to the lake from the south/east side. I was skeptical if this trail existed or what shape it would be it.

    The route took me right to an old little used trail that was not for the casually hiker. The trail is steep and has a couple of loose dirt sections. There was a couple of cairns the closer you got to the lake. I did a little exploring down at the lake. The lake was a lot longer and deeper than I expected. I thought I could cross over to the other side and check out the south west trail. I found a good lunch and started to eat. A couple of minutes later it started to rain. I was worried about the climb out, so packed up fast and headed out. I took a more rocky way out to avoid the slick trail. Near the top the trail got slick and I started to slide a bit. I’m glad I got out before it got worse.

    Once on top, it stated to rain harder and I explored around looking for another good lunch spot. Second lunch was at a spot overlooking Weimer point.

    The last item view spot on my agenda was almost across a ravine from the first view spot. I tried to cut across the ravine in a couple of spots, but none of them seem safe enough. so I keep on doubling back until I found one that was OK(which was back to back ravines).
    The other side was a smaller peninsula had at least 2 loops and a couple of abandoned jeep roads. The view was of the first view spot of the hike. By now the rain started up again and didn't stop. As I got closer to the jeep, it started to rain harder :( .

    I’m fascinated by the Chevelon Canyon / Lake area. I think I’ll be back to explore the canyon some more, possibly the telephone ridge trail.

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    High Clearance possible when dry

    To hike
    From AZ-260 and the Rim Road (FR300) travel west on FR300 for 8.5 miles. Turn right onto FR169 (Chevelon Ridge Road) and travel for 7.5 miles. Turn right onto FR119 and travel 1.5 miles. Turn left onto FR180 and travel 3.0 miles. Turn right onto FR180B and park a hundred yards down hill at the road's end.
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