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Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 4.2 miles
Trailhead Elevation 2,948 feet
Elevation Gain 925 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,340 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 10.9
Interest Off Trail Hiking & Peak
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8  2018-11-25
Crazy Horse Loop
4  2018-11-18
Usery Area Explorations
8  2017-03-28
Lone Mountain 2809 - E J Peak
6  2017-03-18 paulholland
8  2016-12-31 hikingaz2
4  2016-12-23 hikingaz2
3  2016-11-24 hikingaz2
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Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
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Peak 2972 (A benchmark Pk) is in the Usery Mountains, Tonto National Forest, Granite Reef Dam Quadrangle in Maricopa County, Az.
With a rise 857 Ft and an elevation of 2972 Ft, it ranks #5185, for the state of Arizona.
Summit coordinates: 33.5003 N, 111.6406 W

Note Usery Mountains are not in Usery Mountain Reginal Park

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    Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
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    Let's start with a Safe and Happy New Year to all that enjoy getting out and enjoying the great Outdoors. The Useries started with wanting someplace new to hike, the only route at the time was FLYING_FLIVER, so thank you for posting your route, and all that post. We keep going back to try and catch glimpses of wildlife, from horses, deer and yes the occasional Diamondback. ( And yes close to home ) Enough elevation to get our heart rate in the fat burning zone, and so many use trails that lead us to new adventures. Have to go back and put another register up on 2972, and we noticed the Charger55's Flag is missing ?? Time to head over to the Goldfields and pick up Arches and Peaks that we haven't conquered yet. Didn't make my 1000 mile goal I had for 2016 :( , but I'll make that my goal for 2017 :)
    Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
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    Pies are done, let's get out for a quick hike, we pushed each other, or I should say she pushed me :o Happy Holidays to all our TrailWalker Friends :)
    Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
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    Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
    Nice little trip up to Peak 2972. Not especially well marked and there are a fair share of mountain bike trails going across the official trail.
    No longer any cache up at the top. I even met the guy who said he had removed it :o He was at the top catching wasps which he measured and marked with a little felt pen - No joke!! I asked him if he had seen the cache and he said he had disposed of it since he didn't like people going up there ](*,) He agreed it was a bit selfish, but he felt like it was his spot :? Couldn't tell if he had all his marbles, so I didn't want to press the issue.
    Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
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    Beautiful Day Weather:65 Degrees, Humidity 27%, Wind 7 mph. Had the place to ourselves until the very end. You can catch our YouTube account of this hike at: ... Jsm4
    Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
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    Bruno needed a hike close to home and not a long one, thought that Crazy Horse Ridgeline would give him what he wanted and throw in a little AEG while we were at it. Got up to the saddle and went over to Peak 2792 and a member of the hike :cry: discovered he lost his phone, told him that can happen to the best of hikers at sometime during their journeys, so we signed the book at the peak and headed down. With eight eyes searching I was hoping we would spot it, took our time down retracing our steps. spotted a group of hikers heading up, ( let's hope they spotted it ) Sure enough :y: , it was lying in the middle of the trail, sigh of relief :thanx: , headed down to the TH and decided we'll do the Ridgeline another day. Messed my phone up someway :cry: and couldn't take pics :x
    Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
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    Seems like the Usery area is beginning to get us hooked on checking out all the potential trails that can be put together for a nice hike. What a beautiful day to wander around. Went up the trail and before you make a left to go around the old mine area, we hooked a right up to the ridgeline and worked our way up on the NE side of the peak NW of 2972. Took a break and seen a trio of hikers heading over to Usery 2972, waved at them as they headed back down. we headed down and midway we worked our way over to the south ridgeline to check out the path of least resistance, followed the horses most of the way back, had lunch overlooking the TH, someone had cairned the trail down the ridgeline to the TH. :thanx: will have to head back and do a reverse of what we had done today and fine tune a nice loop. While we had the whole area to ourselves except for the Trio I mentioned, looking down at Bull Dog TH and over at the fence line parking for Pass Mountain it was packed with cars--------- no wonder why we love the Usery area :-$
    Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
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    Lone Mountain & Usury Peak
    recent peak ideas from other haz members
    these two make for a good combo, starting at the same trailhead
    went up lone mountain first
    a surprisingly good trail to a nice summit area
    went across the road and started up a bike trail, then bushwhacked to the correct route
    again, decent trail the entire way to the ridge and then the peak
    good views of the area
    signed the register but chose not to dig for the benchmark
    discussed options from there, bypassed 2959 to make a loop going over 2933 and down the ridgeline
    a bit of a scree slide down from 2972, off trail to 2933, then a steeper slide off the northeast side of 2933
    the rest of the ridgeline was much easier, and it would be better to go up this way
    plenty of cairns on this portion
    enjoyed the loop
    will bring a hiking pole next time for the descent
    three peaks and a good time hiking with john and denny
    imported both routes but for some reason couldn't follow the track on route scout
    will have to figure that out and practice in town
    thanks for hitting these peaks with me, guys - always enjoy your company
    Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
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    Crazy Horse Loop
    Had time for another hike this weekend so I borrowed the Crazy Horse Loop route recently posted by hikingaz2. Really nice loop as it offers a little of everything, AEG, off trail, and a beautiful stroll through the Arizona desert. Hit the ridge line in 30 minutes, and the wash in another 30. Great loop hike in northeast Mesa.
    Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
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    Crazy Horse Loop
    After several trips up to Peak 2972, thought it would make a good hike to make a loop connecting with the various trails within the Hawes Trail System and back to the Bulldog Canyon TH. Off we went and noticed there had been a lot of trail work that had been done since the last hike. Evidently someone is making this a hike up to the saddle as a difficult bike route as seen in one of the pictures. [ photo ] The trip down to the wash connecting us to the Hawes Trail System was just a matter of finding the path of least resistant. After we arrived at the wash it was a pleasant surprise to find that in instead of a plain old wash, there were areas with nice waterfalls and a little scramble down. :y: Visited with a few bikers along the way, but no hikers. All in all was a nice hike, although parts of the Hawes System got a little boring, but a good workout.
    Peak 2972 - Usery Mountains
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    This was some unfinished business from last Thursday, this was going to be peak #3 but I just ran out of daylight. Got this in as a quick side trip in the morning, parked at the TH across the street. I took the wash due west until at the base of the mountain, and then I found a somewhat faint use trail to follow on up to the top. Signed in to the summit register put up there by Bob (hikingaz2) back in April, there were only 5 entries in here so far but I would guess it sees a bit more use than that. Nice views of the surrounding ranges, but the constant noise from the shooting range is kind of a bummer. Followed the use trail back a bit farther before I dropped back into the wash. Fun peak!

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