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Cow Pies Trail, AZ

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Hangover Trail
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Hangover Trail
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Sedona Hike: Hungover Elephant
20  2019-05-21
Sedona Hike: Hungover Elephant
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Hangover Trail
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Munds Wagon Trail #78
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Munds Wagon Trail #78
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Start at the Cow Pies TH on Schnebly Hill Road, 3 miles east of the end of the pavement.
Use this trail to connect to the Hangover Trail to the North, and the Munds Wagon Trail, out the South end of the TH Parking. Explore and enjoy the Cow Pies area, a world renowned Vortex Area (If you're into that kind of thing).

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Cow Pies Trail
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Tres Sumideros
Joe had us hunting for holes in the ground in Sedona. He mapped out 3 hikes to hit 3 of the 6 or so Sinkholes up there.

First up was my favorite hike in Sedona. The Munds Wagon Trail/Hangover Trail Loop. I've done this one numerous times, as I like to show off Sedona to out of town guests with this one. A CW direction for the first time yielded different views. The "Sinkhole" on this one we'd passed withing 100' of every time before, not knowing it was there. Without knowing what you were looking for, this one is easily missed. Tight to get to it, but it appears to open into a 4' tall x 10' wide x 30' deep cave. I crawled down to the mouth of it, but did not go in.

Next up was the Broken Arrow Trail to Submarine Rock Trail. This was a first time on this one for me. This sinkhole was much more impressive, easy to find/hard to miss, but also fenced to keep us riff raff safe. This one was about 40' x 40' and not sure how deep. Submarine Rock was actually pretty cool. When we got there we shared the rock with the contents of 4 pink jeeps. After lunch, when we left, we had it to ourselves.

The final destination on the day was another new Sedona destination. The Turkey Creek Trail was never on my radar. Sinkhole #3 put it there. The sinkhole, a hundred or so feet off the trail, was also fenced off. This one's opening was about 25' x 15'. It skinnyed down to a 4' x 8' opening to the darkness below.

The rest of this trail was pleasant, with the highlight being the saddle after the climb. Great views from a different angle of Sedona.

Cow Pies Trail
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Wow, when it comes to hiking in Sedona, the Hangover Trail is in a class all of its own. My high expectations were quickly met after gaining the first red rock bench, just past the split off of Munds Wagon Trail. There are still quite a few pools of water lingering along Munds Wagon.

The Hangover Trail was easy to follow and although we didn't see any other hikers (on a Saturday!) we did have to dodge a few mountain bikers. :) on the western most point of the Hangover, look west toward the nearest high point. There's a cool natural window up there. We enjoyed a long lunch with wine and cheese at this point, just taking in the views.

Overall, the hike was easy, with just enough distance to feel like exercise, and views that captured my attention for the entire loop (although Munds Wagon is much less interesting). The Hangover Trail is great and I look forward to trying the lasso from Damifino Trail, next time!
Cow Pies Trail
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Munds Wagon-Hangover-Cowpies
We ended up in Sedona after our plan A (skiing in Flag) got sunshined out. Not really knowing how much we were up for and getting a late start, I didn't think we were going to have such a great hike. The walk up Munds was great and there was a lot of water in the wash, each stream crossing and waterfall being cooler than the last. The jeep road was busy, and lots of helicopters on this busy Sedona weekend so we never really felt "out there" but hey. Hangover trail is a blast with amazing views all around. We started up it with me thinking I'd scout it out for a future MTB trip, and I'm glad to report I won't be mountain biking on Hangover anytime soon. I can't even imagine attempting this on a bike, shows you how good those guys are. On the way back down Munds we had to hustle as we were losing daylight, but as we crested the final ridge before the parking lot we were treated to a beautiful Arizona sunset in front of us and a gorgeous full moonrise behind us. One I won't forget anytime soon.
Cow Pies Trail
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Never really noticed all the cool trails in this scenic area, and Hangover Trail is a work of art!

From the Schnebly Hill trailhead: warmup out-and-back on Huckaby, up Munds, up west side of Hangover, north on Damifino, up Casner to the rim, road walk down Schnebly, back down Munds, up Cowpies, full length of Hangover, back on Munds.

All the drainages are running strong with snowmelt off the rim and Oak Creek was raging. Casner is a bit overgrown near the top but not too bad.
Cow Pies Trail
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
the moral of the story is...when the eagle talks, listen people.

Bruce recommended a nice lollipop loop to showcase the hangover trail starting at the munds wagon trailhead off schnebly hill road. was looking forward to this one the most of our trip and talk about delivering in spectacular fashion! Good grief...we have a new favorite trail in sedona folks. Hangover is a champion among winners!

well marked intersections, little marks on the rock where the route could be confusing due to segments up, down or along slickrock.
Cow Pies Trail
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Sedona Hiking
Made a trip up to Sedona for some hiking. On Friday morning we hiked the Munds Wagon, Cowpies, and Hangover loop with a side trip to Merry Go Round. After reading several triplogs from others on HAZ this loop moved it's way up the list and it did not disappoint. Hard to believe this is so close to town. Hangover Trail is one fun trail :D I also enjoyed climbing up around on the Merry Go Round. Since we finished early we decided to add in the Arches off the Soldier Pass Trail. On the way back to the truck we crossed paths with a wedding party, who were headed out presumable for pictures. Offered our congrats as we went by.

On Saturday morning we hiked up Bear Mountain. I REALLY enjoyed this hike. It had everything you could want in a hike, and the views, WOW, I was grinning from ear-to-ear the entire hike. I could kick myself for waiting so long to do this hike but it has already been added to the repeat list. Great weekend :y:
Cow Pies Trail
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My buddy was visiting from PA and a trip to Sedona for a hike was in order. Was also joined by my regular hiking buddy Tricia. The drive up Schnebly Hill road on my new AEV suspension and 35" tires was quite comfortable! Started on Cow Pies, did Hangover, and returned on Munds Wagon Trail. We had all of Cow Pies and most of Hangover all to ourselves. Beautiful day in Sedona with gusty winds. Stopped at Randall's in Cottonwood on the way home for lunch!
Cow Pies Trail
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Munds Wagon - Pies Vortex - Hangover
I'm going to dial back the miles Route Scout 10.52 gave me and the AEG 2058 to what Kelly's track said. RS had a hiccup at the beginning after I put it in airplane mode. Fortunately I discovered that early on. This happened on my last hike too. Kelly and I had hoped to have the weekend for our Sedona hike but alas, there was no room at the Inns so we settled for a Sunday hike. We liked the one Bruce and Joe did a little while back so that's what we chose.

Heading up the Munds Wagon Trail we were pleased with our view of Mitten Ridge and the mountain (Munds?)to our south as well. Once we got down in the drainage we marveled at the nice wide drainages along the way. The jeeps started rolling up the hill about this time and though a bit annoying at first; we kind of got used to it after counting the 12th one. We enjoyed our occasional walk on the bedrock not realizing a lot of this hike would be on our favorite surface. I was also glad to have the shaded walkway from time to time as well.

We got to the Jct with the Hangover Trail and discussed for a moment which way to go. We decided to head up the Munds Wagon Trail figuring our view coming west would be the best. THIS was a good choice and I think the best choice. So we continued on up the Munds Wagon Trail eventually criss crossing the road to make our way to the Cow Pies Trail. Once you got out to the lava rock section the views would be non-stop giving :DANCE: . We continued on the Cow Pies Trail and turned to look at the view to our south when Kelly heard something calling and wanted to see if we could get "over there". We saw someone else "over there" and below us you could see an area to link "over there".

So off we went "over there". We walked both bedrock fingers hoping that the southern finger would show us views of the west but you couldn't quite see around the corner of Mitten Ridge. It's a fun area to walk around and now it was silent as we left. I so dubbed "over there", Kelly's Vortex. We then retraced some of our steps on the Cow Pies Trail (follow the white hexagon markings) to the Junction with the Hangover Trail. I believe the sign here said something along the lines of "this ain't easy". And right off the bat you get to see what all the fuss is about as it relates to exposure and you immediately wonder how those bike riders don't slip down the hillside.

A lot of the skinnier parts of the route wouldn't be so bad except for the dirt or sand on it that takes away from any kind of traction. Here you continue on bedrock and some dirt trail here and there with outstanding views and the constant need to look up. I am sad to say that my camera lens had a mark on it all the way to the saddle but I will obviously publish the video despite that annoying spot. I would also learn later the camera was set for ISO 200 and that's why last week's and this week's pics are not the best quality. I'm still using my old camera until my repaired camera arrives back this week. Oh well, just another excuse to do this trail again.

We switchbacked up our way to the saddle where a bike rider and his dog trekked past us. He was pushing the bike at certain parts though so we didn't get to see him ride any of the slightly scary stuff. After oohing and awhing at the saddle :D , we had a small lunch break wondering how the route was going to get us down from here. You head right and then make a u-turn walking across the bedrock again on a bit of shelf. And then you are on a dirt trail for awhile next to an overhang that comes and goes. Eventually I have one of those :doh: moments and I finally get why they call it the Hangover Trail. The trail gets a little precarious from time to time as it seems to be falling a little away from the side.

The views from here of Wilson Mountain and the upper West Fork area are pretty awesome as is the view to the northwest side of Sedona including Capitol Butte and Thunder Mountain and then below you is Midgley Bridge. And then you come to another bedrock section after taking these rather cool steps down a layer. Except this bedrock section has you aiming straight down for the most part. How on earth do those bikers do this :o . Kelly and I slowly navigated our way down with our feet holding on for dear life hoping not to hit any loose dirt. This is not an area to be in a hurry; well at least for me.

Once we start toward the saddle you could breathe normally again. As we walked along here we could see someone up by the Mitten Ridge Arches. I had read about those arches while researching this hike and it is definitely doable and looks like fun so Kelly and I are putting that on our list. After making this u-turn at this part of Mitten Ridge it was time to head down and across and down to the junction with the Munds Wagon Trail. This was a nice part of the hike as well thru some small trees and a rather nice trail.

Back on the Munds Wagon Trail we took a five minute break before finishing off the last mile and 1/2 of the hike still relishing in what a great hike this had been from start to finish. It took a little longer than I thought but really, why be in a rush when we had the views we did. Tibbermode is a definite must on the Hangover Trail (route) for sure.

We had our post hike lunch at the Blue Moon where I made the mistake of ordering an Italian Soda. Well the Italian Soda here comes with a whole bunch of whip cream on top; it is so filling I could barely eat part of my lunch. I usually have a beer but I had part of a beer at the trailhead. The videos are obviously a work in progress. Thx Kelly, another great Sedona hike.

Munds Wagon Trail from Huckaby TH to the picnic area ... jdzU
Munds Wagon Trail from the picnic area to Cow Pies intersection ... iHSM
Cow Pies Trail and Meander ... gMk0
Cow Pies Trail and Meander Part 2 ... 5QVU
Hangover 1 to the saddle ... CHjU
Hangover 2 saddle to the north side ... VbvY
Hangover 3 north side to the saddle ... PmV4
Hangover 4 west saddle back to Munds Wagon trail ​​
Cow Pies Trail
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Munds Wagon-Cowpies-Hangover
angela and i were due for a trip to sedona
wanted to go up saturday, but all reasonable lodging was booked
had to pick one good hike, so angela chose this one after seeing what bruce, joe and denny posted recently
set out on munds wagon trail, and even though it was along schnebly hill road with a stream of pink jeeps, the trail is far enough away and above or below the road most of the time so it's not obtrusive
the trail follows the bear wallow canyon drainage, with flowing water at times
some wooded shady parts, too
came to the hangover intersection and decided to do the loop counterclockwise, continuing on munds wagon trail
a slight climb to a road crossing and the start of cowpies
pretty short trail, ascending up onto slickrock, looking down at bear wallow canyon, and up at mitten ridge
we took some time to wander out on some of the slickrock sections just above the canyon
fun to hike on the sandstone and look down some of the drop-offs to the road and trail
crossed back to the hangover intersection, complete with a sign warning of exposure
this was an awesome trail, featuring three distinctly different sections
first, a climb on slickrock up to a prominent saddle that has some of the best sedona area views i've seen
next, dropping just under the high peaks of mitten ridge along a narrow shelf and then down to another saddle near proboscis arch
the trail finishes on the south side of mitten ridge, initially on slickrock and then through a nice wooded section before ending back at munds wagon trail
headed on back with one short snack break
took a lot of photos
views were just incredible throughout the hike
nice breeze at times
there were only a few sketchy places on hangover trail, for me mostly going down steep slickrock covered in sand
anywhere there was a dropoff, the trail was good
it might be easier to do the loop clockwise, thereby climbing the steeper rock
great hike, nice day, good company and an enjoyable late lunch at the blue moon
excellent choice, angela :)
can see why the eagle likes it so much
highly recommended - i'm a little surprised there are not more triplogs on it
Cow Pies Trail
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Hangover Loop
Planned on hiking on Mingus mountain, but found the road gated closed at the split to Cherry. Quick plan B hike, Hangover in Sedona. My hiking partners for the day had no objections and off we went. Some parts of Schnebly Hill road seem to have improved from my last visit, but it's still 100% high clearance. There was a mountain bike festival going on in Sedona this weekend and we would find cars parked all along Schnebly Hill road upon our return. This would be the first time I'd seen mountain bikes on Hangover trail and I must say, it was pretty cool to watch them ride down the big hill. WOW! My hiking partners Bala and Kiran thoroughly enjoyed the hike and the scenery and weren't not disappointed with the plan B.

Permit $$
Red Rock Pass - may or may not be required. Go to Red Rock Pass then check "When is a Red Rock Pass Required?". If you have questions contact the Coconino forest service.

Map Drive
High Clearance possible when dry

To hike
Cow Pies TH on Schnebly Hill Road, 3 miles east of the end of the pavement.
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