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Ranch Trail #62 Extension PCT, AZ

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Distance One Way 4.25 miles
Trailhead Elevation 6,186 feet
Elevation Gain 350 feet
Accumulated Gain 652 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 6.42
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14  2019-04-28 RowdyandMe
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Ranch Trail #62
17  2018-05-11 RowdyandMe
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11  2017-09-16
Prescott Circle Trail - Act 1
10  2017-09-16
Prescott Circle Trail - Act 1
8  2017-09-16
Prescott Circle Trail - Act 1
30  2017-05-24 RowdyandMe
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This is a recently built extension to the Ranch Trail #62 which goes from the Watershed Trail trailhead on Senator Highway to its junction with the Seven Mile Gulch Trail. It is part of the Prescott Circle Trail and takes that trail off the motorized Watershed and Seven Mile Gulch Trails. It is a single track the winds around the contours of the hills on its rolling climb to the previously mentioned junction. AEG is 652' northbound and 324' southbound. It is easy to follow as there are not other junctions with other trails. At the junction near the Seven Mile Gulch Trail (N34 30.673 W112 25.297) you can go left to continue on the Prescott Circle Trail or right to reach the Seven Mile Gulch Trail after passing through a "step over" gate. There is a trail that goes straight, but I didn't explore that.

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2014-06-30 HAZ_Hikebot

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    Ranch Trail #62 Extension PCT
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Got a late start and maybe it was better that way. Only one car at the trailhead and no hikers out.
    The weather was just beautiful as was the entire hike. This so far is my favorite trail in Prescott.
    I did continue past the end of the trail for about a mile checking things out. It looks like the park service closed Ranch Trail 62.
    Rowdy loved this hike as it was in the 70's all day with shade everywhere.
    Ranch Trail #62 Extension PCT
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Prescott Circle Trail - Act 1
    This one has been in the works since @MEwhiteman put it on my radar back in 2014. I've done numerous segments of the loop, but wanted to do the whole thing in segments.

    Since we were dayhiking/slackpacking this, it needed to be broken up into semi equal segments based on parking availability.

    After Denny and Joe decided which of the 3 segments they wanted to do first (on the drive up), we were off like a herd of Tortoises.

    After dropping off my truck at the end of the segment on the south end, we were greeted with cool air at the Peavine TH on the SE end of Watson Lake.

    Going clockwise, Sundog Trail gets you from the Peavine lot to Rt69. It's a hike through gentle rolling grassy hills reminiscent of AZT 5 in southern Arizona. With the early morning light, this was pretty.

    Badger Mountain Trail transitions from the grasses, to scrub, to some conifer on its way to the Turley Trail. We saw our 2nd set of deer here bounding in front of us.

    The Turley Trail starts a bit more climb before it abruptly ends at the forest boundary. There is an area with what appears to be an old ranch in a clearing prior to the end.

    The Boy Scout Tail #126 is a nice little trail that follows in a bit of a canyon area. Denny had us lost on portions of this impossible to get lost trail.

    The Ranch Trail #62 and the Ranch Trail #62 Extension take this hike home. I've been on these a couple of times before. Tall Pines and great views of Granite Mountain and Goldwater Lakes.

    Perfect weather and great company. Thanks gentlemen. a couple more to do..

    A roll over accident on the way up in the morning and a brush fire south of Sunset Point on the way home, kept the I-17 interesting.
    Ranch Trail #62 Extension PCT
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Prescott Circle Trail - Act 1
    Sundog Trail
    Pleasant on a nice day. Smooth tread for easy mountain biking. No shade. Out of town. Nice amber fields of waving grass.

    Badger Mountain Trail
    Same as Sundog except you know urban development is near. A notch better in my book winding through hillier mountains.

    Turley Trail
    Same as previous with a tad more aeg, aka getting better.

    Boy Scout Trail #126
    All bets hold from above and 732 aeg is making non-golf lover hikers smile.

    Ranch Trail #62
    Under a half mile on #62. Looks like we got a better track than previously posted to share.

    Ranch Trail #62 Extension PCT
    Best of day. Most pine shade. Lots of twists and turns meant changing views.

    Like most AZT segments I enjoyed this introductory shuttle more than anticipated. We only crossed paths with a few mountain bikers and five hikers. Perfect upper 70's weather with a hint of a breeze. Thx to @MEWhiteman for helpful posts over the years so Bruce could piece our 3 Act play together. Prescott has put forth a valiant effort on the PCT. Hopefully we can get [ Prescott Circle Trail :: map ] squared away because the city website is atrocious.

    I held good with my half fanny pack / half one shoulder Camelbak setup.
    Ranch Trail #62 Extension PCT
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Well I have been wanting to do this hike all week but the Weather Channel kept me from going as the reports ran from 67% to 71%. Today however the Weather Channel said only 19% chance of thunderstorms.
    So what are the odds of me getting caught in a storm? today 100%. ... fDZs
    I was just trying to find a cooler place to hike with Rowdy. This was my second time here and my second storm here.
    I really can't complain about the heat as we started it was 90 and when we finished 68.

    As we started on the Watershed Trail everything was great and this time We made to the end of the trail. I really was surprised when we reached the end I thought the trail would keep going somewhere but it end on a super dirt hiway. That dirt is better than a lot of paved roads that I been on.

    On the way back I decided to take Seven Mile Gulch Trail to the Ranch Trail. And of course this is when Hell let lose on us. I did met another hiker on Seven Mile Gulch of course we just laugh as we were already soaked.
    The thunder was load and the lighting was bright. We had rain and hail for about 3+ miles and I think I need a new camera as well.
    I did get a little nervous as I was hiking using a aluminum trekking pole. And I need it as we hiked the boots had no traction as the tread was full of mud. I did slip a few times going down hill and my pole kept me from hitting the ground.
    Now that you know what happen today let me say if you have never hiked Ranch Trail#62 you should this is my favorite trail so far in Prescott. It has views and it itself is beautiful.
    Ranch Trail #62 Extension PCT
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    What a crazy day. I headed out to Prescott this morning (10am) to do Ranch Trail as a balloon but ended up being a loop as the day got crazier.
    As I headed north on the I17 I spotted a fire just outside Cordes Lake it was a small fire maybe an acre and there was a sheriff there so I kept on going. Once on the 69 just outside Mayer I spotted another fire this one was smaller. I pulled over hoping I could put it out. I made Rowdy stay in the car and as I got out a strong breeze came thru and it got larger fast. At that point I called 911 and I was talking to the operator when I notice another fire burning just up the road. At this point I had no idea what was going on and as I am talking to the operator I spot a third fire burning. People had stop and tried to put out the fires with water and a few fire extinguisher but the fires just grew. I told the 911 operator about all three fires by Bug Creek and headed out.
    As I left I did see fire trucks headed toward the fires. As I headed toward Dewey-Humboldt I could believe it as I spotted another fire this was the fifth fire I had seen in about 10 miles just crazy. As fire trucks were headed to the fires I just couldn't believe how many people that would not pull over and let them by.

    As we finally made it into Prescott I made my usual stop at KFC to get Rowdy some chicken breast and me some steak fries.
    When we reached the trailhead it was already 87 degrees out. It was very humid as well but as we headed up the trail the views were awesome. After a mile or so we encounter some light sprinkles which was much welcomed.
    Before long the sprinkles turned to rain. I had planned on doing the complete Watershed Trail but decided to just head back to the trailhead as we now had lightning and thunder to deal with as well as the rain.
    On our way down we met a couple that told me that I17 was closed going both directions. Once we were back at the car I checked on my phone and I17 was closed so I took the 89 to Wickenburg and connected to the 74 to the I17 and then home.
    And by the way when I started my car the temperature gauge showed 66 degrees at 3pm.
    What a crazy day hiking. ... MpWc ... XPnQ ... dg7w
    Ranch Trail #62 Extension PCT
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Been sick, or travelling, for the past month. Have gotten a few miles, but no AEG, and no elevation, to speak of. Had meant to do this hike last week ... but got sick. (Again.) :roll: Finally got out today, and a beautiful day it was! :y:

    Hiked the entirety of Ranch Trail #62 from Walker Rd. west to Upper Goldwater Lake. Doing it that direction, meant a decent climb, near the start, rather than a descent at the end, as Walker Rd. is about 400 feet lower than Senator Hwy.

    The first mile was a slow climb towards the housing area. After crossing the only wash of the hike, the trail climbs about 800 feet in 1.5 miles to just above Bellows Springs. The area is brushy, without much shade. Beside hiking west giving the trail more AEG, it also means that you do the most exposed parts in the coolest part of the day. It's not the hike's high point, but all your climbing is done. (The actual high point is another mile on, on the saddle northwest of Hill 6616.)

    Just past the climb, you turn west into a stand of pine trees. Between the trees, and being on the north slope of the hills, there is lots of shade. It's a really pleasant walk. (I see where some folks only gave the hike two stars, but I really enjoyed it.)

    The flowers were scattered, but there was a very large variety, and they were quite colorful.

    There's a dirt lot on Senator Hwy. at the end of Trail #62, but I continued west on Trail #396 to the south end of the Goldwater parking area, where I met my wife. I had not been there before, but it is a very nice park, with great facilities. Well worth the $2 parking fee.

    Traditional post-Prescott hike lunch at the T-Bird Cafe in Peeples Valley. Since I finished the hike so quick, we had time to do some antiquing in Yarnell as well.

    I counted 12 cops on the loop up I-17, 69, 89, 93, Carefree Hwy, and back on 17 home. It was surprising, since most people worked yesterday ...


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    Permit $$

    Prescott Forest
    Prescott National Forest Pass

    Only trailheads with six "amenities" have fees. Amenities are picnic tables, trash, toilet, parking, interpretive signing and security.

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    To access the trailhead from downtown Prescott, travel east on Gurley Street for 0.3 miles to Mt. Vernon Avenue. Turn south on Mt. Vernon and continue for 4.1 miles as it becomes the Senator Highway. The TR 299 (Watershed Trail) trailhead is on the east (left) side. It is about .5 miles past the access road to Goldwater Lake as you travel from Prescott. The Ranch Trail is at the north end of the parking area and is signed.
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