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Peak 2075 - Rose Garden Lane - Phoenix, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 1.5 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,581 feet
Elevation Gain 506 feet
Accumulated Gain 506 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 4.03
Interest Peak
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Good exercise hike in town as well as a SOTA Peak W7A-MN-143. Trail to the top is easy. There is light beacon located on the summit and you get a great view of Deer Valley Airport as well as the rest of the valley.

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    Peak 2075 - Rose Garden Lane - Phoenix
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    Easy after work hike. Went up the east side to the peak and then back down to the saddle. At the saddle I took a trail (looked like a former road) down the west side. Once at the bottom went CCW and hit the upper of the three tiered cut in the side of the mountain. Don't think I've ever been up there before. Not what I expected. Higher and a more isolated feeling than I anticipated. Wildlife minimal. Few lizards and quail. Weather was nice a few clouds and decent temps.
    Peak 2075 - Rose Garden Lane - Phoenix
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    This is the hike I had slated for today after I got off from work. But since I played hookie from work I had time to hike with my family at the Lookout Circumference Trail with my family and then come over here to revisit this peak. Got on the trail a little after 8 am. Temps were still very nice. Went the east side following an obvious trail. As I hit the saddle the trail split a couple of times but I stayed on the one that seemed to have the most use that brought to the top of the peak. Distance was about .75 miles from the car. At the top, I decided to follow a user trail that headed off in a northwest direction. Wasn't sure what to expect. But this turned out to be a well thought out user trail that had reasonable switchbacks that worked their way down the north side of the mountain. It was pretty much a stand alone trail until it reached the lowest saddle where it splintered in several directions. I followed a track that took me north and then slightly east as it connected to Scarlett Canyon. Once on that trail, I followed it around CW until I returns to the TH. No wildlife, except for a few lizards. No hikers.
    Peak 2075 - Rose Garden Lane - Phoenix
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    Well another short hike. I have been in a lot of pain lately and am hoping to get in tomorrow and see my doctor.
    I really think when I hiked Hiero 3465 and fell that I might have hurt my ankle again. It is really tender and swollen which make me think I have a infection. Hopefully antibiotics well fix the problem.
    Peak 2075 - Rose Garden Lane - Phoenix
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    I'm going to get a shirt that says "I survived Peah 2075, but my shorts didn't. :lol: Got to the TH at Rosé Ln around 4pm. I followed a trail counterclockwise around the north end of the mountain. About that time the trail goes under a telephone wire (that goes to the top of the mountain), and does a little climbing as it joins with an old road. At this point, if you are doing a loop of the mountain you would continue westwardly. Instead, I followed the road east as it switchbacked a ways up the mountain. This road stopped a little half way up. I was left with he decision of returning to the loop and finding a more accessible way to the top or boulder hopping my way to the top from here. I chose the later. As I started my w ascent to the top I checked out a mine that I could see from the northeast base of the mountain. The shaft looked only to be 5-6 feet deep and had been covered by some massive boulders. As I boulder hopped to the top I was faced with extreme stretches as I climbed from one rock to the next, stretches that my shorts were, apparently, not designed to make. Needless to say, by the time I got to the top (and actually stumbled upon a legitimate trail that went to the top) I had a 5 inch rip in my shorts. :oops: Luckily this is not a heavily trafficked trail, but I still had to be discrete as I did encounter several hikers. The views from the top were nice, but to be honest I was somewhat distracted. The trail that I came upon, also seemed very nice and I actually followed it down. It looks like you have several options with this trail as there were several branches which I bypassed as I took the most direct route back to my car. I was surprised to see that the parking lot was full (the little cul De sac can handle about 7 cars). The trails that surround this mountain are nothing to write home about as they have been used and abused by hikers, bikers and off roaders over the years. In a lot of places it is more "trail" than desert. However, portions of the trail up on the mountain were very nice, reminiscent of the Sunrise or WestWing Trails in Peoria. I definitely will need to come back to see what else they have to offer.
    Peak 2075 - Rose Garden Lane - Phoenix
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    I did this hike just to get Rowdy out of the house. This hike is pretty much in my backyard. There really is some great views from this trail. As I came down there were three people with metal detectors looking for gold? I did meet a couple of young guys at the top and we talked for a bit. They headed down before I did and somewhere along the way I lost my camera case. Well they must have found it because it was sitting on a rock,thanks guys.
    It also looks like there maybe a few more trails to check out.

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    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    Take the 101 to Cave Creek Road. Go north on Cave Creek road and the West on Rose Garden at the end you will find a parking area.
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