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Apache Wash Loop - Sonoran Preserve North, AZ

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Distance Loop 6.73 miles
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Elevation Gain 85 feet
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Kokopelli Seeds 8.39
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Esplanade Owlets
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Likely In-Season!
This is a new trail in the Sonoran Preserve North. This trail includes the old Apache Wash which was really a short connector to Sidewinder and Ocotillo Trails. But now the trail is a nice loop that is just under seven miles. The hike itself is easy and is well defined.

As I did this trail I noticed signs for two other new trails I'll have to check out. These new trails will be mostly enjoyed by bike riders so if you ride a bike check them out.

As for hiking I really enjoyed it. The weather was nice. Everything is nice and green. I expect this place to be full of flowers in March. The loop itself almost connects to Carefree Highway at 24 Street before it turns back and heads to the trailhead. There is a lot of different areas to enjoy as the vegetation changes throughout the hike. I crossed over 4 or 5 washes so when it rains there could be water. I did notice a lot of horse tracks since the last rain so be aware.

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2015-02-11 RowdyandMe
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Apache Wash Loop - Sonoran Preserve North
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Jude and I for her first time at the Apache Wash TH. Hiked the loop counter clockwise. It was Sunday so we had to dodge a number of mountain bikers. Easy with good trail surface...but not much AEG. Special for me as this hike took me over 400 miles in a year for the first time since 2012. :D
Apache Wash Loop - Sonoran Preserve North
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Well I had planned a different hike but my cat Mama was sick. I took her to the vet and she got a couple of shots and meds. I hope that it works or back to the vet for more testing.

Rowdy and I finally hit the trail after 2pm. We did not see any other hikers on the trail. It was a really peaceful hike.
On the way back Rowdy stopped and started staring into the bushes. So I stopped to see if I could see what he was looking at. And when I seen it and of course no picture it looked to small for a coyote and the long tail was black at the end. I am thinking fox but not sure if there is foxes in this area.
Apache Wash Loop - Sonoran Preserve North
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Well I tried this hike yesterday but got a late start and Rowdy seemed to struggle with it. So I cut it short and took the connector back and got him home to so a/c.
The hike was much nicer this morning as we hit the trail before 8am. Never seen another hiker but about a half dozen bike riders on the trail.
Rowdy and I were taking a water break when I notice something moving in the brushes a short ways down from us. I was thinking a coyote but was surprise to see a Javelina. This was the very first Javelina I've seen outside of Spur Cross.
Not much to see on this hike outside of the Javelina. But on my drive back I did stop and got a couple of pics of a Red-tailed Hawk.
Apache Wash Loop - Sonoran Preserve North
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The first 5 1/4 miles was awesome as it was cloudy a sweet breeze and it sprinkled lightly and we really never got wet. We took a nice little break under the bridge and when we got up and started again it was clear skies.
It did not take long to warm up as there was really no shade for the next three miles and Rowdy needs his shade.
Tomorrows hike should be sweet as we head to the Mogollon Rim.
Apache Wash Loop - Sonoran Preserve North
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Well another nice for a hike. Took Rowdy out to Apache Wash for a nice relaxing hike and it was. We did get some light sprinkles for about an hour which we both enjoyed.
Along the way Rowdy spotted a coyote following us and it followed us for a couple of miles. So I put Rowdy on his leash as I have seen coyotes out here in packs. So I made sure that there was no way to separate us. This coyote was also molting which is another sign of summer.
Just a really nice cloudy day with a cool breeze for a fun little hike.

And Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there.
Apache Wash Loop - Sonoran Preserve North
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Well I had planned on not writing a triplog today as I have done this hike so many times. But today was different and I notice it right off as I turned in the trailhead drive. First there were multiple pools of water on both sides of the drive. Once Rowdy and I got started I notice lots of washed out areas along the entire trail.
I was sadden when I came upon the only owl nest on this trail and today it was empty.
I decided on to check out Bosco Tank as the last time I did it was almost dry but today it was full again.
The weather was perfect for this hike and I only saw bike riders out today.
Apache Wash Loop - Sonoran Preserve North
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Well I was glad to get this hike in today. I had another doctors appointment today and it took longer than I thought it would. I also had an 7pm appointment to see my granddaughter perform in the Wizard of Oz in Ahwatukee and it was great.
Anyway I started out on the Esplanade Trail and just started watching my time as I wanted to check out the Northside of Cave Creek Hwy. I had notice that Chris did some trails on the Northside but where he parked is posted no parking. As I hiked under the bridge and came out the other side I spotted my third Great Horned Owl Nest. I had just enough time to hike about a half mile out before I had to head back.
On my way back I did see a few signs that said trail but no name. And then I notice another sign to the left of me and checked it out and it read trail head parking. And really it looks like it has never been used so next week I'll have to check it out. I should be able to access Go John Trail from here and maybe make it a nice 10 mile hike or so without the $6.00 entrance fee.
All and all it was a really good hike with lots of cactus blooming. I just wish I had more time to explore.
Apache Wash Loop - Sonoran Preserve North
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Well I hit the trail with nothing in mind just hoping to get some nice pictures and exercise. I was about 3/4 of a mile in when I seen the reddest Cardinal I have ever seen of course the sunlight hit it just right and I grab my camera started to zoom in when this guy on his bike with a portable radio blaring and it was gone.
Disappointed I continued on my hike it was really peaceful after that guy went by. The weather was perfect which surprised me that the trails we so empty. I did see the owl in its nest and a few other birds along the way.
On my way back I decided to take the connector back to where I had seen the Cardinal knowing the chances of me seeing again were slim.
But on my way back I heard a Cardinal and I looked around for it and finally spotted it and got a few shots but this time the sun was in the wrong spot. But at least I got a picture and it my not even be the same Cardinal.
Apache Wash Loop - Sonoran Preserve North
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Had a great time out on the Apache Wash Trail geocaching with my kids. We found six (6) and also I saw my first snake of the year! Non-venomous, which makes only the second non-venomous snake I've seen in AZ versus 6 venomous.

When I told the kids how far we had 'hiked' looking for the geocaches, they couldn't believe it. They were too busy having fun to realize...
Apache Wash Loop - Sonoran Preserve North
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Strung together a bunch of SPN trails to create a longer than normal workout. Swung back by the trailhead for lunch under the ramada, changed socks and shoes and took off again. Not much breeze, but intermittent cloud cover helped.

Saw two Western DBacks along the trails in the afternoon. The first was the largest and most polite -- a soft gentlemanly rattle at about 5 feet. The last one was smaller and far more agitated. Gave them both a wide enough berth and pressed on.

Nice day to be on the trails. Now off to soak the dogs. They are certainly tired.

Just the normal smattering of color.

Permit $$

Map Drive
Paved - Car Okay

To hike
From Phoenix take the 101 east and exit on N Cave Creek Rd. Head north until you reach E Sonoran Desert Dr and turn left. Drive about 5 miles and turn right on Apache Wash Trailhead. There is restrooms at the trailhead.
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