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Hole Trail - Weaver Mountains, AZ

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Distance One Way 5.35 miles
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15  2015-03-21
Hassayampa River Canyon Wilderness Loop
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Phoenix - Hassayampa BLM
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Trail may be accessed from the Cooper Trail from the East, Treasure Canyon Trail, Jesus Canyon Trail, Roy Waits Trail, or Fools Canyon Trail at the western terminus. Follows mainly old two track. Only far western portion is in the Wilderness.

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    Hole Trail - Weaver Mountains
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    Hassayampa River Canyon Wilderness Loop
    Fast Facts
    :next: The word Hassayampa is an old Indian word that means “the river that flows upside down.” All tributaries on the west side of the Bradshaws flow into the Hassayampa.
    :next: This is one one of Arizona's longer rivers running just over 100 miles before dumping into the Gila River.
    :next: The Hassayampa River Canyon Wilderness was created in 1990.

    Trail locations and names were derived from a document provided to me from the BLM. These names do not necessarily agree with the sign at the trailhead at Williams Ranch.

    The drive on Constellation Road was in much nicer condition this time, then the last time I was on it the end of 2014. There would probably be no problem getting a sedan all the way to the Trailhead a Williams Ranch.

    The Hike:
    We started our hike before 7am and were greeted by the Ranch Dogs. Three to four of them. After calls from the ranch, all but one returned. Lucky for us we got the nice one (I think Joe wanted to take him home) and the best hiker of the bunch. You could tell he'd been on the trails before.

    Across the flowing Hassayampa we found a trail on the opposite side that took us right to the Treasure Canyon TH

    Treasure Canyon Trail is 2 miles and 600' of AEG to get to the Hole Trail. The trail is thin is spots requiring a track to stay on trail. Nothing too thick, but I was glad I had long pants on to begin. I'm assuming the Canyon we traversed, to the east, was Treasure Canyon (Unnamed on Topo), but we found none.

    Hole Trail is on an old jeep road, and climbs very steeply coming out of Jesus Canyon for 2 miles. There's some big views from up here. Flowers were substantial in pockets with a wide variety, accented by brittlebush.

    Roy Waits Trail was a last minute decision. I'm glad we decided to give it a try. Pretty well defined and great views all the way down. Second favorite trail on the day

    A half mile stint on the Fools Canyon Trail and we jumped on the Slaughterhouse Canyon Trail. Use your GPS track to determine the real trail from the cow paths on the west side. Once you crest and start the drop, you get some great views to the east.

    Joe, Route Scout and myself took a short lunch at the Hassayampa, before heading up the Williams Trail, to an unnamed canyon, and forcing Route Scout to turn around at a 30' climb up a dry fall. Thinking he'd turn around and go back to the ranch, he rejoined us a 1/2 mile later, after finding a way around

    Needle Trail was next and another decent climb out of the canyon. This was probably my favorite trail on the day. We once again lost Route Scout on this trail, this time to the horsemen and their fellow dogs from the ranch.

    Once in the Hassayampa River, it was time to forget about trying to stay dry on the crossings, and just walk through the water. The water was quite refreshing

    I really enjoyed checking out these new trails....and there more out there.

    Hassayampa River :next: ... 5rQc

    Substantial to extreme in spots.
    Hole Trail - Weaver Mountains
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    Treasure - Hole - Roy Waits - Slaughterhouse
    WSW of the Bradshaws in the Weaver Mountains

    For years the old standby joke and bottom of the list hikes to tackle was Jesus Canyon. Blah reviews, blah location, no one ever hikes out there, yadda yadda yadda. In all seriousness I've been eyeing Jesus Canyon since the 90's. There is an inspiring short blurb in the Scott S Warren bible of Arizona Wilderness.

    While I couldn't whet the appetite of an eagle to follow Jesus... he drafted a route to double cross the namesake in a wilderness romp.

    Constellation Road was recently graded. Currently a Toyota Corolla could handle this road at a good clip. The Dude Ranch as Sir Eagle calls it looked a little shack-ie. From the get go we needed to cross the Hassayampa RIVER twice. It just tickles my Elmo a river is flowing so close to Phoenix and rarely sees hikers. Senior Feather claims it runs year round but imma doutin'. Got our feet wet as it seemed hopeless. In hindsight a minute of tender bare foot terror may have been the prime choice. Soggy shoe syndrome all day...

    We probably hit the best loop in the best weather with a healthy wildflower show. Three dogs greeted us in the short jaunt to the river. A nagging pit on my backside was not to my liking. Luckily after a couple minutes him and another retreated on a distant call from the ranch. A wall eyed lab russell terrier looking mix continued to tag along. As in tagged along for 14 miles. This guy was fit as a fiddle and ready for action.

    We climbed steadily for almost five miles. First along the Treasure Trail. After 2.8 miles we got a tiny breather heading down to our first crossing of Jesus Canyon. Next up was the "Hole Trail". Seemed we'd never stop ascending but did just after sneaking over 4k. All of the trails encountered were better than anticipated maintenance wise. No signage, yet I'll take trail over signage anyday. Pants were nice the first mile or two. Probably only minimal blood loss tackled in shorts.

    Bruce opted for Roy Waits and that turned out to be a great choice with nice distant views from the ridgeline. After a short stroll in Fools Canyon we made good on the loop carefully putting Slaughterhouse to use. Now 270 degrees around "The Needle" Bruce wanted to head up a canyon to avoid some of the river slog. A 30ft slick granite waterfall wasn't in the cards for our newfound canine friend. On the brightside this canyon was money all the way. A trickle flow of water with a spring breeze headwind. Ten minutes later our trusty wall eyed friend found a way back to the good life!

    We finished up crossing back over Jesus Canyon and followed the Hassayampa back. Along that stretch a horseman and gal passed. In neato style the gal was a BLM ranger. They had several dogs in toe. After fourteen glorious miles our good buddy joined their posse abandoning us without even a

    More Fairy Duster than imaginable. Brittlebush took over several mountain slopes. Acres of trophy sized Desert Trumpet. A light mix throughout of the usual spring specimens.

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