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Camp Grasshopper - Sierra Ancha - FR203 Upr #1, AZ

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Trailhead Elevation 4,225 feet
Interest Off Trail Hiking & Seasonal Creek
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13  2015-04-25
Sierra Ancha
7  2015-04-24 Oregon_Hiker
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12  2015-03-25
PB Canyon Ridge Line Loop
2  2015-03-25
Perennial Spr Camp GH FR203 Upper
17  2015-03-24
Explore FR203 Upr- Billy Lawrence Canyon
10  2015-03-24
From GH Campsite- Scenic Views Drv down FR203
16  2015-03-24
Explore FR203 Upr- Billy Lawrence Canyon CD
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This remote, primitive, scenic, and ideally located "first come/first serve" group or individual vehicle camping-tent camping location bordering a very rugged section of the Sierra Ancha Wilderness just off FR203 north end, offers an excellent base camp location at 4225 feet for numerous, rugged "off trail" exploratory day hiking opportunities or drives to other Cherry Creek FR203 areas for further off trail explorations.

With numerous large, level areas for tent and/or vehicle camping, also included are a dense and shaded grove of mature oaks and juniper trees to provide shade during the warmer days. Also, a perennial, unnamed slow flow spring seep is only a ~.125 mile hike from camp (Please note that this campsite area off FR203 is often active with cattle ranging so water treatment and/or filtering is highly recommended).

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot
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WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Camp Grasshopper - Sierra Ancha - FR203 Upr #1
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Perennial Spr Camp GH FR203 Upper
While in camp all day for R&R, I did a short hike starting from the back of the campsite area.
(see posted GPS Route and Spring Area pic set)

From Camp G/H, a short "Out & Back" hike to the Unnamed Canyon "Perennial Spring Slow Flow-Seep" [ photo ]
(I suggest taking a shovel to dig a small hole at spring source for water to gather. Come back in 1-2 hours to filter / treat) :)
Camp Grasshopper - Sierra Ancha - FR203 Upr #1
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Explore FR203 Upr- Billy Lawrence Canyon CD
After a scenic morning drive with various stops on Cherry Creek Road (FR203) north & south sections between Billy Lawrence Canyon, we finally started our planned off-trail hike exploration up a north ridge of Billy Lawrence Canyon at 12:45pm.

Of the five day hikes I joined with Oregon Hiker to do during our seven day stay in this area, this one was my favorite and almost one we did not include in our original primary planning for this weeks' trip. I had always wanted to hike within Billy Lawrence Canyon ever since Larry and my May-2013 week camping and hiking trip to the upper most end of FR235 [ photo ] .

In April/May of 2014 Oregon Hiker was exploring for various ruin sites on the East side of Cherry Creek across from the Billy Lawrence Canyon area. He spotted an alcove area on the lower section of Billy Lawrence Canyon north side with a fairly large alcove facing a southerly direction.. a distant zoom pic and further evaluation did not confirm a cliff dwelling site but remained an area of interest for later evaluation. Our later evaluation was this 3/24 area visit [ photo ] . We had the afternoon to confirm or deny so we decided to "go for it" :)

I'm really pleased we took the chance and hiked to confirm this lesser known small, ancient Cliff Dwelling site and I only wish we had more time to explore below its bench area down to the awesome perennial waterfalls area (more than one) [ photo ] .

This was my last full activity day away from the campsite area and for me a very rewarding way to end another enjoyable exploration week visit to our scenic, rugged, and historic Sierra Ancha Wilderness :GB:
Camp Grasshopper - Sierra Ancha - FR203 Upr #1
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From GH Campsite- Scenic Views Drv down FR203
For this seven day Sierra Ancha camp/hike exploration trip, this was my last full activity day out with Oregon Hiker.

Prior-to our planned afternoon hike to "Explore FR203 Upr- Billy Lawrence Canyon CD", we spent the full morning hours driving a number of miles down Cherry Creek Road for some relaxing stops and awesome views near and far from both North & South sides of FR203 :D

We arrived back at Billy Lawrence Canyon/Creek Drainage at 12:45pm to begin one of our weeks' most rewarding off-trail exploration hikes :D :D
Camp Grasshopper - Sierra Ancha - FR203 Upr #1
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Explore FR203 Upr- Plateau Views Cherry Creek
After a real "butt buster" hike for me the previous day-3/22, Larry suggested an easier hike option this day to again visit his afternoon ruins site find from our campsite arrival day on Fri-3/20. The plan was to again view this now rather "rough", but once large Ruins Compound, then explore further up and down the plateau ridge line for hopefully more ruin sites.

From our campsite it took us no time at all to hike to this .5 mile one way site. After more time poking around this large site area for any artifact signs, we continued further up the plateau ridge line to a nice viewpoint area looking down a scenic section of perennial Cherry Creek. It was at this viewpoint area that we again recalled our interest from the previous day of hiking to the summit of very close and now in view Peak 5051 [ photo ] . At this plateau viewpoint area we had a clear view of Peak 5051 across Cherry Creek Road and once again this hike would be another one close to our present campsite area and require no driving :) . I looked at my watch and it was around 11am :-k then I looked at Larry who was still viewing Peak 5051 with his 60x zoom and I suggested we hike this afternoon to summit Peak 5051.. and that's all the convincing he needed.

We soon headed back to our campsite for a short R&R to top-off with more H2O, then we were again on our way.
Camp Grasshopper - Sierra Ancha - FR203 Upr #1
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Explore FR203 Upper-Unnamed Canyon
This was off-trail hike 2 of 5 for me from Larry & my seven day vehicle camping / hike exploration Sierra Ancha trip 3/20 to 3/26/15.

This somewhat hidden from Cherry Creek Road (FR203 Upper) driving view- large, rugged, scenic, and officially "Unnamed" Sierra Ancha Wilderness Canyon originally caught our attention from a previous off upper Hwy 288 hike-in we did back in year 2014. We cannot understand how this very interesting, but tough to navigate canyon ended up never being "officially" named on any topo maps we have viewed to date..a mystery and maybe also an oversight?!

Regardless of why, it provides a wonderful backdrop for the new "Camp Grasshopper - Sierra Ancha - FR203 Upper" location and also some mighty fine views hiking it further "up" toward the numerous and rugged cliff bands to 5600+ feet :D
Camp Grasshopper - Sierra Ancha - FR203 Upr #1
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Explore Upper Cherry Creek - Sierra Ancha
From Larry and my 6 night / 7 day (Fri-3/20 to Thurs-3/26/15) Sierra Ancha Wilderness vehicle camping and hike exploration trip, this was our first planned full day hike to loosen-up and enjoy this scenic and historic section of perennial Upper Cherry Creek.

This was my second trip into this area after our first introduction last March-2014. Larry returned in April'14 for a revisit to locate the historic Art Manuel's Cabin and Homestead area which was an important area I wanted to see for this March'15 trip. We also had plans to locate our March'14 previously missed Navajo Uranium Mine Adit and we were successful in doing so.

Going in we stopped by an old Cowboy campsite for some pics then a little further past this area we were lucky to find an official mining monument claim (rock cairn with stake) which held a wealth of historic information and dates regarding this area history (my pics with captions and tag notes tell part of this interesting story).

This relatively easy route finding (starting off once you locate where Cherry Creek connects ;) ) "off-trail" hike is highly recommended by me for most beginning intermediate hikers who enjoy scenic views, solitude, creek hikes, and old AZ mining and ranching history.

This visit we hiked further up the Cherry Creek Drainage just past the "Horse Tank Creek" Canyon intersection, then back.

A most interesting and enjoyable exploration day it was! :GB:
Camp Grasshopper - Sierra Ancha - FR203 Upr #1
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I always look forward to this, what has turned-out for the past few years to be an annual March week "Vehicle Camping & mostly off-trail Hike Exploration" adventure with Oregon Hiker in our Sierra Ancha Wilderness.

Our trip planning and always complicated (for me) logistics of these week long trips starts a couple months ahead of time with a number of interesting and challenging variables to work out including the cooperation of Mother Nature which is never guaranteed two months ahead of time, and with me, hopefully being up to the daily hike demands of our planned adventures..which is no longer guaranteed either :)

To date we have never had a lack of available and interesting new locations in this Upper Cherry Creek (FR203) area to explore. For me, the planned agenda of explorations mostly comes down to needing a "base camp" to work out of, with hopefully a few day hikes right out of camp without needing to drive rough/slow Cherry Creek Road to reach a planned Park/TH Start location. For this trip we had planned four significant and new day hike areas to explore, two of which were right out of camp and two others which required moderate to significant FR203 driving times with a longer and more demanding off-trail hike to reach our intended destinations.

As all good planning would have it, of our four original planned hikes, we completed one of the four and attempted one other with two of four left for another time..then we added/completed together an additional three others only one of which- the lesser known and rewarding Billy Lawrence Cliff Dwelling site required driving time (I think this was what actually happened ;) ).

For those who might enjoy re-tracing some of our day outings and/or do other available explorations in this scenic, rugged, and historic area, this new "Camp Grasshopper - Sierra Ancha - FR203 Upper" offers an excellent primitive base camp location and I highly recommended it. Also, to this Hike Description we have linked most all our day hike explorations for this 6 night / 7 day trip (Fri-3/20 to Thurs-7/26/15)..Enjoy!! ..and wear long pants, a long sleeve shirt, bring gloves, and good hiking boots with gaiters.
Camp Grasshopper - Sierra Ancha - FR203 Upr #1
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
Simply put-
I second what our HAZ mnlumberJACK stated in his 11/13 triplog.

For me, a most enjoyable five Kokopelli rated 40.4 mile road tour with stellar near and distant views within our historic, rugged, and scenic inner Sierra Ancha Wilderness.. very 8)

Permit $$

Map Drive
Strictly 4x4

To car camp trip
From the Phoenix area- Take Hwy 60E to Globe (at MP247) turn north on HWY 188 towards Roosevelt Lake and drive 14.7 miles (at MP229.4) turn right onto HWY 288 The Young Highway. Drive XX.X miles north on Hwy 288 to the intersection of Hwy 288 at Board Tree Saddle(signed) and FR203 Cherry Creek Road North End. Turn Right (NE) onto FR203 and continue driving 6.9 miles mostly downhill on the FR203 slow, rocky-rough, with some 4WD, High Clearance (with LT Rated Tires) distance to the Right Turn (West) intersection with unsigned, short Spur Road in to campsite area (Please Note: On FR203 at ~7.0mls down, if you pass the gate/cattle guard then you passed the right turn in to the campsite area). Also, see posted "official" GPS Driving Route from Hwy288 / FR203 North End for review and download.
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