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Barb's Trail - MSPN, AZ

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Cow Poke Trail - MSPN
5  2016-12-11
Hawknest Trail - MSPN
5  2016-11-27
North Diablo Trail - MSPN
5  2016-11-13
Soapberry Wash Trail - MSPN
10  2016-10-04
Renegade - Diablos - Desperado
7  2016-09-11
Old Camp Trail - MSPN
31  2016-08-21
Renegade Trail - MSPN
18  2016-08-10
Renegade Trail MSPN
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Barb (Barbara) was a resident that lived in the houses right outside the Preserve and used to ride her horse into what is now the Preserve. Believe she has passed away.

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Barb's Trail - MSPN
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Renegade Trail MSPN
Well after pm Laurie I decided to hit the end of 136st and see what was out there. I checked out the little map box but all that was in it was rules on what to do and what not to do for atv's. And of course driving to the end of the road I did notice where it washed out from the last storm and decided Granite Mountain Trailhead was the safe bet.
When I got back to the trailhead it was empty. I really had no game plan as to where I was going to hike so I just started hiking.
I ended up starting on 136st Express and just keep going until I came across a sign that read Bards Trail then I hit it. It ended in the Old Paint Wash and that's when I seen the sign for Renegade Trail and I jumped on it. I will have to say this is my new favorite trail in the MSPN. This trail runs up and along a few small hills. these hills have great views on both sides. I got to come back in the fall and spend more time exploring all these new trail.
Barb's Trail - MSPN
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Wanted to get back to Renegade trail (did not know name at the time - and won't be on maps until fall 2016).

Barb's :next: Dove Valley :next: Renegade :next: Soapberry Wash (Michelin man cactus) :next: Coyote Canyon :next: Dove Valley :next: High Desert :next: Hawknest :next: 136th St Express back to Barb's intersection.

Cold. Sunrise. Light incredible up on hill of Renegade.
Barb's Trail - MSPN
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I can't link all the trails now b/c they don't exist yet but will by Fall 2016. They were finished but not open yet when I hiked them.
Hawknest :next: High Desert :next: Renegade :next: Dove Valley :next: Barb's :next: 136th St Express.

Renegade is absolutely gorgeous. Little hill sharp turns - panoramic views.
Barb's Trail - MSPN
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This is my favorite new loop in the MSP-supernorth. Park at very top of 136th Street in Tonto National Forest parking lot. It is very bumpy road and deep ruts last 0.1 mile. Take street or social trail from Tonto to where 136th St Express trail officially starts at Montello Rd. Stay on 136th St Express and then take Barb's west past the big loop-de-loop circular area (where jeeps used to make circles) - then Dove Valley trail briefly to the southeast until you hit Soapberry Wash trail. Then go right/west on Soapberry wash through beautiful granite formations (was frozen water this day) - where trail takes sharp turn (will be renamed Desperado trail in Fall 2016) - follow trail up the little hill and look for the Michelin Man cactus. At junction with Coyote Canyon trail (CC1 - and the Double Crested Saguaro) - take CC down into the little canyon and loop back at junction with Dove Valley. You can hit up the ceremonial cupules off Dove Valley if you know where they are. Perfect distance for little day hike. Hits major scenery. Have done the loop many times - never disappoints. Rare to see people but occasionally a biker will zoom by.
Barb's Trail - MSPN
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Parked Tonto. 136th :next: Barbs :next: DV :next: Soapberry :next: CC and back.
Saw 5 deer. Hunters still have permits for a little longer. I see them parking at intersection of 136th St and Hawknest on the east side of the road.
I took a zillion pics of the Michelin Man cactus today to help people see where he is off Soapberry Wash.
Thursday hike - kids in school. Perfect distance for me to squeeze in beautiful hike during school hours.
Barb's Trail - MSPN
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Beautiful day for a long hike. Not as cold as last week and was sunny. Parked at the top of 136th Street in the Tonto National Forest parking area. Climbed over fence and took social trail to 136th Street Express :next: Hawknest :next: Broken Spoke :next: High Desert :next: Dove Valley :next: Barb's :next: 136th Street.

First time ever on High Desert - beautiful! Some of the perpendicular trails in the middle of 2C are still under construction and are going to be nice once completed in a couple months. Some go right up and over granite formations for good views. Looks like will be a better connection to Soapberry Wash trail too. Can't wait for wildflower season out there after it's all done.

Saw a dozen or so mtn bikers. Had lunch at Broken Spoke - left over filet mignon and homemade biscuits. Was thinking about post-hike hot tub dip all day - but something's messed up with the heater - total buzz kill. #momProblems

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