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Lost Mine - South Mountain, AZ

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Difficulty 3 of 5
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Distance One Way 0.95 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,412 feet
Elevation Gain 929 feet
Accumulated Gain 929 feet
Avg Time One Way 45 min
Kokopelli Seeds 4.05
Backpack No
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Lost Mine to Goat Hill
3  2019-03-05
Lost Mine-Ranger-Kiwanis-Pyramid loop
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Lost Mine-National-Pyramid Loop
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Goats in the Mist
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Lost Camp Loop
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Author LindaAnn
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Location Ahwatukee, AZ
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Seasons   Early Autumn to Late Spring
Sun  6:16am - 6:25pm
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by LindaAnn

Lost Mine is not a destination trail, but more of a way to quickly get to National Trail from the Pyramid trailhead, or a way to make a loop hike with any of the many other trails at the southwest end of South Mountain.

Getting to the start of the trail is the only route finding challenge--and an easy one at that. Starting from the Pyramid trailhead, take Pyramid trail about 7/10th of a mile to a fork in the trail. There is a metal trail marker (no mileage listed on it) pointing Pyramid off to the right; you will take the left fork here, heading north-northwest. After less than a quarter mile, this trail reaches an old jeep road, take a left on the jeep road, continuing to head northwest. The trail quickly drops down into a wash. It will follow the south side of the wash for about 200 feet, then head toward the north side of the wash. Start paying attention here; after following the north side of the wash for about 100 feet, you will reach a large palo verde tree. Immediately behind this palo verde, a trail leads directly up the side of the wash to the north. This is the beginning of Lost Mine trail.

Take the trail up out of the wash and generally follow it north. The hill you will climbing is ahead of you to the right, and there will be another wash to your left. As you take the trail north, there will be a faint fork. You will head right and start to climb uphill, getting steeper as you go. If for some reason you end up at the wash on the left, you missed the fork and backtrack a short distance.

The trail heads northeast steeply up the hill. The trail is narrow, but easy to follow. As you climb, to your left, you'll see the remnants of some of the larger mines in the area on the hillside opposite you. You'll reach sort of a small saddle, and the trail turns to the north, and isn't quite as steep for a while. Enjoy this chance to catch your breath, it will get steeper again. You can clearly see Pyramid trail about 1/4 mile to your east.

After heading north for a while, the trail gets rockier and starts to curve up the hillside. This my favorite section of the trail, as the views to the south and over Ahwatukee are nice. At the top, you reach the Lost Ranch Mine trail. From here, you can take a left and head immediately back downhill on Lost Ranch Mine, or turn right and reach National Trail in about 1/4 mile, giving you several longer loop options.

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2016-10-03 LindaAnn

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    Lost Mine - South Mountain
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    Nice hike with my daughter. We started just as the clouds were clearing out, and ran into @johnlp before we headed up the Lost Ranch Mine trail. Chatted for a moment, then headed uphill. When we topped out at National, we went up to 2494 immediately to our left and took a snack break. After that, we headed down Lost Mine to finish out our loop. When we got home, my daughter jumped into the pool, clothes and all, to cool off.
    Lost Mine - South Mountain
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    Goats in the Mist
    Up Lost Mine to Goat Hill and down Ruins. Light rain the first half hour eventually turning to sunshine. Low clouds made for some cool views. Saw nobody up top. Ran into Linda and her daughter getting ready to go up the Lost Ranch Mine (Mine Drop) trail. Good to see you again Linda. :)
    Lost Mine - South Mountain
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    Super SoMo
    Dallin put this route together despite having not hiked a 20-mile day in over 3 months. He sent me the route and I was in. We started up San Gabriel before sunrise. West on Guadalupe to National and down the wash between the Coronas. Fun boulder hopping, scenic wash. Took Corona de Loma back up to National. Down Telegraph, road walk to Gila and back up on Pyramid. Took Lost Mine down and Lost Ranch Ruins up. Cruised on National to San Juan lookout for lunch and over an hour long break. Then up Alta to Maricopa Peak and back down. Plans of Lomitas/Holbert went out the window. We took Ranger back up to National. Mostly shaded, which was nice. We skipped Hidden Valley and stayed on National. Sunset brought us new life. Plenty of moonlight, so no headlamps needed. Took Ridgeline to Beverly and up F.U. Hill back onto Guadalupe for our return down San Gabriel. Long day but enjoyable. Perfect weather, strong breeze most of the day. Plenty of folks out on the trails during the first half, hardly a soul after.
    Lost Mine - South Mountain
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    Lost Mine - National - Pyramid loop
    First of a SoMo double dip this a.m. Up Lost Mine, still my favorite in the area. East on National with a trip up Goat Hill. Pyramid back to the TH, which was packed upon my return. Only saw a few people going up Pyramid. It was warm as soon as the sunshine arrived. Beautiful morning, though. It's nice to start a new year with a clear mind, focus and plenty of motivation. Life is good!
    Lost Mine - South Mountain
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    Lost Mine-National-Pyramid loop
    A fun little night hike in the hills. We went up Lost Mine, a favorite of mine, it gets to the point. Upon reaching Goat Hill, we felt the first few drops of rain. A light drizzle ensued, and intensified as we headed back on Pyramid. The rain and cool temps were pleasant. The lightning filled sky was a surprise. Kept our pace at a good rate. A large, bright moon added to the scenery as we watched the valley end it's rain-free streak.
    Lost Mine - South Mountain
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    Lost Mine-National-Pyramid loop
    Pyramid trailhead was a little busy for after 6pm, but once we got on the trail, we only saw 4 people within the first quarter mile or so. We headed up Lost Mine, and saw a ringtail near the top--first one I've ever seen on SoMo. We got a clear look at it, but it quickly went behind a tree before we could get a camera out. We tried following it off the trail, but only got one more glimpse of its eyes reflecting our headlamps before it disappeared into the darkness. After that, we headed east on National, quick stop on Goat Hill, then continued east to Pyramid, and then down. Great night for wildlife, in addition to the ringtail, we heard plenty of coyotes, saw a couple of owls, the usual spiders scorpions and insects, mice, and of course one rattler. Nice temps and breeze almost the entire way, perfect time of year for night hikes in the desert.
    Lost Mine - South Mountain
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    Lost Mine-National-Pyramid loop
    Daniela and I are both back from our respective vacations, and didn't waste any time getting back into the routine. We met at 5:00am and got started. Up Lost Mine, which felt miserable in the heat with no breeze; I was 10 minutes slower than usual through this part. We headed east on National, quick side trip to Goat Hill, then down Pyramid. We saw a few people, but not many, and finished up just before 8:00.
    Lost Mine - South Mountain
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    Lost Mine Trail South Mountain
    Saw an ummm, interesting person heading towards Pyramid. Nobody on my route except for some javelina. Scared the :pk: out of all of us when I snuck up on them. They took off like a herd of buffalo! :)
    Lost Mine - South Mountain
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    Lost Mine-Natl-Pyramid loop
    My usual hike when I only want to hike about 3 hours. Went up Lost Mine. The were bike tracks on the trail, and from the amount of skidding they did, I'm guessing he rode downhill and that it was one hell of a ride :lol: For some reason, someone built a few small cairns in the middle of the trail along the upper half, so I kicked those over as I passed them.

    Headed east on National to Goat Hill. There were some gnats along the way, but nothing terrible. Continued east on National, then down Pyramid. I saw my first and only people of the day at the bottom of Pyramid. Quiet day out there; besides the gnats, there were some bees, a few ground squirrels, and one garter snake.
    Lost Mine - South Mountain
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    Lost Mine-Natl-Pyramid loop
    Great weather this morning! I had originally only planned to do a five mile loop, but the cool breeze enticed me to add a couple more miles. Went up Lost Mine, east on National with a stop at Goat Hill, and down Pyramid. No gnats today, and no bees either, which was a nice change from the last few weeks.

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