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Seal Mountain - Weaver Mountains, AZ

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26  2017-04-08
Cooper Trail - Seal Mtn - Hassayampa Loop
27  2017-04-08
Cooper Trail - Seal Mtn - Hassayampa Loop
26  2017-04-08
Cooper Trail - Seal Mtn - Hassayampa Loop
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Reachable from the Cooper Trail from the South via the Hassayampa River and Williams Ranch area. Or possibly from the North.
Posted GPS Track shows our climb from the South and descent to the North. North seemed less slippery.

Rumor has it, that this peak was named because it was used on the "Official SEAL for the State of Arizona". I have not been able to substantiate this.

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    Seal Mountain - Weaver Mountains
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    Cooper Trail - Seal Mtn - Hassayampa Loop
    I enjoy hiking and documenting old trails that get little use, in the hopes that maybe it'll draw interest and keep the trail tread alive. The Weaver Mountains and Hassayampa River Canyon Wilderness area is one that sees few visitors, other than than those from the Williams Dude Ranch. There is a lot of mining history in this area.

    The temps were going to be perfect for this one. The filtered sunlight made it even better.

    We were greeted by our past hiking buddy Lucky, at the TH and started on the Hassayampa River Trail, heading upstream.

    We crossed the Hassayampa River, taking our shoes off, and headed up the Cooper Trail. There is zero info on this trail, other than the line on the BLM map at the Trailhead. It shows it ends in the middle of nowhere. I was able to trace the route for us to follow, using Route Manager's Sat. view.

    This trail is a steady climb up from the Hassayampa River. It's easy to follow to the point it meets The Hole Trail. It appears the Dude Ranch uses it to this point. The fainter Cooper Trail takes a hard right here to head uphill, on it's way towards Seal Mountain. It's faint at times, but always there.

    Pick your line to the peak of Seal Mountain. Great lunch time views for sure.

    Seal Mountain summit Video :next: [ youtube video ]

    Down a long ago used road we descended to Spring Creek and then into Cottonwood Creek. Cottonwood Creek was a smooth granite playground. Quite scenic for sure.

    Finally in the Hassayampa River and on the home stretch... the final 10 miles.

    We checked out some mining building ruins I saw on GE at the confluence of Cherry Creek, that were interesting.

    The last destination for the day, was the large mining ruins just North of Buckskin Canyon. There was tons of large heavy equipment that was left behind on this one. Quite interesting to check this area out.

    Good hiking with Lucky and Karl again.
    We almost lost Joe to the quicksand.
    It was actually a bit spooky.
    Seal Mountain - Weaver Mountains
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    Cooper Trail - Seal Mtn - Hassayampa Loop
    Bruce put together this loop and was determined to get 'er done. His selling points leaned heavy on weather and tree "cover". This Weaver Mountain hike lies in the outer bounds of the Bradshaw Mountains. It's perplexing why this range filled with history is rarely visited by avid hikers close to Phoenix. Their willingness to travel to other states and continents before exploring their backyard seems out of character for an explorer.

    Our boy Lucky greeted us at the trailhead. He is one of the dogs from the Williams ( dude ) Ranch. He hiked with us two years ago on another big hike so we were happy to see him.

    Cooper Trail
    Like all trails out yonder here, nothing is signed. It's rolling hill hiking on a trail that starts out good with a few hiccups then fades to rarely used. The largest mix of wildflowers I recall lured us on. Bruce had Seal Mountain as on off trail destination. A matrix of ground cover from the wet winter made the bottom portion easier stabilizing the steep ascent. The top is large jumbled black rocks. Lucky patiently waited for us 50-100 feet below.

    From Seal Mtn we hiked down to a rarely if ever used dirt road that took us by a tank. Then soon into Cottonwood Creek which had a nice flow along with a quarter mile of tree cover! The advertised tree cover gave way to granite, some pink, and a narrow twisting canyon.

    9.5 miles of the return hike is along the Hassayampa River. We've done 1.5 miles on this river in his nearby hit single Treasure - Hole - Roy Waits - Slaughterhouse loop. Which is the reasonable limit of river sloshing. A mining camp with lots of equipment near the tail end was the saving grace spirit lifter in my opinion.

    A good memorable hike. Wildflowers galore, Seal Mtn, Cottonwood Creek and the mining area were true highlights. Hiking along the Hassayampa River is nice for a mile. The weather was phenomenal as promised!

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