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Pinal Peak 7848, AZ

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6  2019-07-21
Pinal Loop
12  2019-04-24
Pinal Peak - Signal Peak
13  2019-04-14
Signal & Pinal Peaks
8  2019-04-14
Icehouse - Sixshooter loop - Pinal Mtns
25  2018-05-05
Pinal Signal Peak Loop
5  2018-04-07
Icehouse Canyon Trail #198
20  2017-10-28
Pinal Mountains 4X Super Loop
14  2017-10-14
Pinals 2x Wussy Loop
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    Pinal Peak 7848
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    Pinal Signal Peak Loop
    My hiking pals Gallydoll and Dan decided to join me on this loop I put together to beat the PHX heat. Drove out to Globe and then up to Pioneer Pass, the trailhead location. We passed through the NF campground en route and it was over flowing with tents and trucks. With all the people nearby, I was thinking we might not have the solitude I was expecting, but we saw no one on the trail.

    We started up Pioneer Trail (signed as Squaw Spring #196) about 7:30am. Very pleasant ascent passing through thick manzanita groves and tall pines. Checked out a fenced off spring near the top of the trail. After reaching the end of trail #196, we worked our way over to Ferndale Trail #204. Standing at the trail sign, Ferndale didn't look too promising, but once we were on it, we were rewarded with a nice stroll through more tall pines. Just before reaching the intersection of Six Shooter and the end of Ferndale, we spied a whitetail deer tracking our movements along the trail.

    We turned left onto Six Shooter trail #197 for a short jaunt up to the road and then followed the road out to Signal Peak. I was very disappointed to find that the Fire Lookout Tower is closed to visitors.

    We took in the views and returned on the road to Pipeline Trail #193. Pipeline was easy enough to follow, but starting to grow in here and there. After climbing over to a ridgeline, the trail looked like it passed through an engineered break in the fenceline, however, a faint trail, which turned out to be Middle Trail #202, headed east which was more in the direction I was interested in going. Well, faint was the best this trail got. We passed the terminus of Six Shooter and climbed over a bunch of fallen trees to get out to the road.

    We followed the road up to Pinal Peak proper, enjoyed the views for a bit and returned the way we came back down Squaw Spring trail. Temps were probably in the 70s on the top, and just over 80 at the trailhead. Sure beats 100+ back in Phoenix. Welcome to summer!
    Pinal Peak 7848
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    Up the Icehouse, over on roads through the developed area of cabins, on to Pinal Peak, which was a little of a let down and the best views were either on the road heading over, or on the middle Six Shooter later on, then descended a little to the 204, and took that to the Six Shooter. Used Linda's edited GPS route for AEG, guessed on the miles.

    Fire changes were about what I expected in the lower elevations, with a little more pine and oak mortality in the lower forest area, with almost no mortality or damage in the maple and aspen on the Icehouse. Steeper north facing slopes seemed to have the most affects on the Six Shooter. Most of the Pinals didn't look like they should have, or would have 150 years ago, so if nothing else, things may eventually return to prior conditions, if there are continued lower intensity fires.

    Probably earlier than ideal for this hike, as the leaves aren't out, and due to the wind there didn't appear to be bird calls. Lower level dust or wind blown filth hazed out the longer distance and even middle distance views. It was still nice.

    The 2 main peaks here gave me more of an appreciation for the Mazatzals, as these are covered in trees and or microwave towers, where as Mazatzal Peak and north peak, are not, neither is Brown's. Aztec is nice, too, but pretty far from home for me, and trees and the flat nature of that summit make it less of a peak than a plateau. Just a thought.
    Pinal Peak 7848
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    Six Shooter / Icehouse Loop
    Met up with Kyle and Chumley and headed out in search of fall colors. We decided to head up into the Pinals. The weather would be cooler and the drive is not too bad. We started hiking on the Sixshooter Trail and headed up. We noticed right away a lot of burn from the fire earlier this year. There will be patchy burn for our entire hike. We continued up and saw some sporadic color as we neared the summit. Once up top we detoured to the east where there’s a ladder for climbing up to a viewpoint. After that we stopped by the peak and then headed over the west side where we took our lunch and enjoyed the views. From there we headed down Icehouse. The going was fairly easy as we enjoyed more sporadic color. We felt we were a week or two early. Temps rose as we neared the bottom and the final mile or two is a chore as you follow an old road that has greatly deteriorated. Once back to the TH we loaded up and headed over to Lost Dutchman State Park for Tibberfest! It was a nice day on the trails.
    Pinal Peak 7848
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    Pinals 2x Wussy Loop
    I have no idea what kind of people think that the [ Pinal Mountains 4X Super Loop ] would be fun. That's just crazy talk! :sweat:

    Looking at photos from previous years I thought colors would be pretty nice in the Pinals on this weekend, but we were definitely a little early. There was some color above 7000 feet, and even some pockets you might consider to be "prime" at the top, but there was a ton of green even high up and no sign of maples even starting to turn at their lower locations.

    So next weekend should be pretty damn good, and two weeks should also be good, though the top will have certainly be past prime by then.

    The fire damage was minimal on Sixshooter. Healthy burn with some dead trees surrounded by plenty that look healthy. There was some erosion along the trail but nothing that proved difficult to get by. A little maintenance next year would be good though.

    Icehouse was an autumn wonderland up top, but turned green in the lower stretches and farther down entered the severe burn zone. The road at the bottom was a steep, rocky, miserable mess with absoutely no redeeming qualities. Despite the burn, I looked over and saw the singletrack trail cut of the lower Telephone trail and wondered if it wouldn't be a better option to take that trail down from the Doghouse Spring area instead of the Icehouse road. The mileage difference is only 1/10th a mile.

    It was a nice day. Good to get back into the Pinals and happy to see the fire didn't get too crazy up in the higher elevation sweet spots.

    Above 7000 feet it was great, but between 5000-7000 there was so much green that it will be better in a week, and probably still nice in two weeks. By then the higher elevations will be past prime though. This is the 2nd weekend in October. I think the 3rd weekend would be best here based on this year's conditions.
    Pinal Peak 7848
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    Icehouse-Sixshooter Loop
    We decided to check out the Pinals today to see what the effects from the fire. We headed over to Icehouse Canyon and up. A lot of the manzanita burned on the lower parts--fine by me, I hate manzanita--but there was still generally a lot more green than black or brown. All the deadfall on Icehouse has been cleared, and the trail was in good shape. The higher we climbed, the less we saw evidence of fire, and the upper half of Icehouse looked almost completely normal. Very green right now, and last night's downpour on the mountain made for very nice conditions. We saw one other hiker on the way up, and when he told us what his planned hike was for the day, I almost too happily told him that he was not on the trail he thought he was on. His car was not at the trailhead when we finished, so he must have survived the day.

    At the top of Icehouse, we headed over to Signal Peak. The views were hazy in all directions, but we had a quick snack break then headed over towards Ferndell. I forgot how green Ferndell is, and it was a pleasant walk up to Pinal Peak. I turned up the wrong road to the summit, so it was a short, but very overgrown, bushwhack up to where we wanted to be. Then we headed to the boulders at the east end of the peak and climbed the ladder up to the top rock and enjoyed the views for a few minutes, then headed back down for a lunch break.

    We then headed back down Ferndell and then down Sixshooter. Again, the upper part of Sixshooter showed little fire evidence, but increased as we descended. There's one small section that has a few washouts. Most are easy to get across, but one was difficult for me. Other than that one spot, the rest of the trail is pretty much fine. I've never cared much for the lower half of Sixshooter, but I still like it more than Telephone. The last mile or two went by quickly, but it was finally warming up by the time we finished. Great weather today, cloudy and cool almost the entire time. And we only saw the one other hiker near the beginning of the hike. Nice day, and it was good to see that the fire damage really isn't that bad. Fall colors on Icehouse won't be affected by the fire at all.
    Pinal Peak 7848
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    Pinal and Signal Peaks
    left work early this morning so had plenty of time to hit the pinals
    had three things in mind: two peaks, some fall color and a longer hike with some elevation
    started up sixshooter at 7:45
    good color in the upper reaches, but as joe mentioned, maybe a week away
    hit pinal peak, then took the upper road to signal peak
    as i started down icehouse, heard a gunshot echoing up the canyon
    that was a little disconcerting, but i never saw or heard man nor beast
    in fact, i didn't see anyone on the trails all morning
    my gps died on top of signal peak, but i have a decent estimate on mileage from some other tracks
    the upper half mile or so of icehouse was stunning with reds and golds and a carpet of fallen leaves - still not prime, though
    wish i had not taken the upper road, but had dropped down to ferndell
    thought about backtracking, but didn't feel like it at that point
    returned to my truck at 12:45
    next time i would go up telephone and upper icehouse, hit only signal peak, then head for ferndell and take sixshooter down
    it would be worth the trip to drive up and just hike some of the upper trails within the the week or so
    Pinal Peak 7848
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
    nice of joe to post this hike on a sunday
    did it with joe and johnlp two years ago, but missed out last year :(
    started earlier this time on a perfect fall day
    had to park lower as the gate wasn't open yet
    up telephone ridge to the road - some steep areas on this trail, and part of it was torn up because of work on the cable system
    hit signal and pinal peaks
    my first time on signal, which has a tower and the best views
    down sixshooter canyon
    good color in certain areas and deep in the canyon
    lower down, the sycamore leaves were bright yellow
    lunched at the trucks, then moved to the ccc area as the nice new host said he would wait for us before closing the gate
    had a note from randy on my windshield, letting us know that he was on the mountain and would see us on the road at the top
    joe had one from chumley with his plan for the icehouse/kellner loop
    said goodbye to kathy and karl, then headed up telephone (again - we all missed a turn) to the intersection with icehouse
    didn't miss much as the lower part of icehouse isn't all that interesting
    upper icehouse was stunning in places with canyon walls nicely colored, the forest floor carpeted and a good breeze swirling freshly fallen leaves
    topped out on 651 to find randy and chumley waiting for us and after a few minutes chatting, we headed down the road to kellner canyon
    not as much to photograph so we just kept moving
    might have been motivated by randy's suggestion of mexican food
    chumley took off and we found randy at the trailhead
    nice dinner at guayo's el rey with the gang
    dave outdid himself - i was impressed with the volume of food he consumed
    nice to meet chumley, see randy again, hike with kathy and karl again, and meet and hike with larryayala
    this was my longest hike and most aeg in one day :)
    was concerned about making it as late as friday due to some nagging aches and pains, but everything seemed fine
    beautiful day, great company and mexican food after? pretty nice

    sixshooter and icehouse were the show
    a little past prime, but plenty to admire
    Pinal Peak 7848
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
    this was the most challenging hike i've done yet
    longest mileage, highest AEG, longest time spent hiking
    my only trip to the pinals was an up and back on sixshooter many years ago, and i've been wanting to get back there
    in browsing the other trails, saw the trip log for all four trails in a double decker loop
    john and i thought it might be doable
    with fall color in season, it was on
    we were a little concerned about available daylight, given my work schedule, so signal peak didn't make the cut
    enjoyed all four trails, some more than others, and some parts more than others, but each unique and challenging
    went up telephone, hooked in to sixshooter up to pinal peak, then back down sixshooter
    had a quick lunch at the CCC area, then headed up icehouse, west on the road and back down kellner
    first loop 13 plus, second loop 10 plus miles
    while not an overall explosion of color, there were lots of pockets in the drainages and on the slopes to appreciate and photograph
    really nice around ferndell spring, and along sixshooter and icehouse
    aspens near the top added wonderful visual contrast
    the climb up icehouse was a good one once you got into the pines
    the bottom of sixshooter wasn't as much of a grind as i remembered
    kellner canyon was a nice change in that it was open and shallow with different vegetation
    all four trails offered miles of hiking on a soft bed of pine needles and fallen leaves in the upper regions
    there were also long stretches on pine cones and rocks to watch out for
    this was a great hike, and i can see it becoming an annual mission
    good to meet and hike with joe
    i don't know how he did this after his grand canyon trip yesterday
    always enjoy hiking with john, and thanks for driving
    had a great meal at guayo's elrey in miami and i went home happy with a big full tummy
    thanks, guys!

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