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Parsons Grove & Canyon via Rug Road, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 6.4 miles
Trailhead Elevation 4,519 feet
Elevation Gain 400 feet
Accumulated Gain 915 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 10.98
Interest Historic & Seasonal Creek
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30  2017-12-08
East Aravaipa
12  2014-11-26
Parsons Virgus Negro Henry
40  2014-11-26
Parsons Virgus Negro Henry
12  2009-05-17 Grasshopper
3  2009-05-17 ssk44
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Location TrailDEX, HAZ
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Overview: This popular side trip which the "Rug Road" crosses at Parsons Grove/Canyon & Cabin offers a look back in time at old Arizona 19th century remote ranching & corral building history. After viewing Parsons Grove and Cabin area, this side trip continues on an old two track route (see posted GPS Route) past the old Don Jose Corrals to end at the small, historic Don Jose Cabin with unique corrals;

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot
    WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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    Parsons Grove & Canyon via Rug Road
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    East Aravaipa
    I had an opportunity to head to Aravaipa for a couple of days and having never been to the east end, jumped at the chance. I now know I prefer this side and will come back for sure. At 3 hrs, it's really not a bad drive to get there and the benefits outweigh a little extra time on the road.

    Thursday night was the coldest of the season statewide, but we were prepared so it turned out to be no problem despite dropping into the 20s. Friday was an exceptional day exploring a couple of miles down Aravaipa and up the geologic wonder of Hell Hole Canyon. It was a real treat. I'd love to see this one with a little bit more water flowing in it.

    After seeing a bighorn up on the cliffs earlier in the day, we spotted some deer as darkness fell. The next two hours proved to be very entertaining!

    We wouldn't have noticed the next critter if not for its glowing eyes as we approached on the opposite bank, wondering what it was. Once we were perpendicular across the creek we shone our headlamps to get a better view. At this point it realized we would not just walk by without noticing it was there and it subsequently repositioned. When that happened both Jon and I caught a glimpse of its silhouette and both had the same reaction simultaneously: tarzan swing! That's a big cat! :scared: It seemed nervous at our presence as we shined our lights directly into its glowing green eyes 25 yards across the river. As is common on our hikes, Jon and I each complimented each other on how large and strong we were -- loudly and repeatedly -- :sweat: while once again heading upstream. Jon noted that our hurried 3mph pace in the dark had suddenly increased to about 4mph! :lol:

    Shortly thereafter a new set of eyes was watching our passage, but these were yellow. Though they sat high above us along the creek, as we got closer we could see it was just a curious raccoon (my first ever az wild sighting!). As we neared the trailhead, a skunk waddled across our path and seemed to be in no hurry to let us by. At this point we were trying to figure out what animal we wouldn't see tonight! Of course we weren't done yet. Next we spotted a gray fox that thought it was hidden and didn't run until it was obvious we knew it was there. Not much later we spooked a herd of javelina, and enjoyed watching the babies fight the current while swimming across the creek their parents had simply walked across. :lol:

    At this point we were happy we would be sleeping indoors for the night and headed back to TNC cabin to meet up with the others and share our stories over a warm fire and some wild fermentation in the coolship.

    The next couple of days included more wildlife sightings including coatimundi, turkey, and bobcat. Apparently there are cool birds here too!

    I'm a fan of wildernesses. Some are more wilderness-y than others. I've only been to Aravaipa three times, but I think it's one of Arizona's truly wild wildernesses and a wildlife gem. FWIW, we did not see a bear. ](*,) Maybe next time! :)

    A little dull. Sycamores were solid rust. Some cottonwoods still had a lot of green, others had some nice yellows, and some were mostly bare. Walnuts were prime yellow. Ash hadn't started yet.
    Parsons Grove & Canyon via Rug Road
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    (Parsons & Don Jose, 05/17/2009)

    Great destination overall. The Don Jose Cabin near the end was not one of the better homestead sites that I have visited throughout Arizona, however this is a Rug Road side trip that is worth looking into if you have the extra time.

    Parsons Grove & Canyon via Rug Road
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    On our 2nt/3day (5/16-18/09) seventy mile road trip on the legendary "Rug Road" Eric & I had one full day to do a couple of seperate day trips from our primary campsite which served as the TH Start for this days' activities. On this Sun-5/17, our second day outing was via a 4x4 trip in my "Grasshopper" to Parsons Canyon.

    This popular side trip which the "Rug Road" crosses at Parsons Grove/Canyon & Cabin offers a look back in time at old Arizona 19th century remote ranching & corral building history. After viewing Parsons Grove & Cabin area, this side trip continues for 2.25 miles on an old two track route up Parsons Canyon (see posted GPS Route) past the old Don Jose Corrals to end at the small, scenic setting, & historic Don Jose Cabin with its unique corrals;

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    Strictly 4x4

    To hike
    From the Phoenix area: TH Start for this 4x4 side trip, mountain bike, or backpack begins 18 miles in from Mammoth,AZ, at the "primary campsite" location as described in HAZ hike description: "Rug Road-Mammoth to Klondyke to Hwy 70" (See this hike description and associated driving directions for pertinent details);
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