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Chevelon Lake #611, AZ

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Chevelon Canyon Lake - South East Access AZ
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Chevelon Canyon - North of Lake
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by desert_boonie

Want to escape the heat and go to a nice isolated area with a short hike, great lake, and great views? Then Chevelon Lake is the place to go. Off the Mogollon lies great views, many short hikes and a few lakes to relax at. Perhaps Chevelon Lake is the most isolated Lake in the area as Woods Canyon and Bear Canyon Lakes see more people.

Hiking down to Chevelon Lake is what probably keeps many people away, but it is a nice short and steep hike with a great reward of isolation once down there. The hike is on an old Jeep Road that is nice and rocky, watch your step. After a few twist and turns on the road the canyon will come into view and you know you are about to drop into something special. The lake will then come into view and you make your way right to the shore where you could launch a small boat, that you carried down of course. The shore area away from here is rocky and drop offs that prevent you from making your way around it unless you are bold. Chevelon Lakes wraps around a few miles so you cannot see the entire lake, but the spot you are in here is worth the short hike down.

There is a dam in place here as well where you could do down and explore some pools and catch craw daddys if you like that sort of thing. Otherwise enjoy the nice cool water at the lake and soak in the views. You will probably only see a few people the entire day and if you like to fish this is one of the best trout lakes in all of Arizona. Otherwise carry down a tube and float in the water a bit before hiking back up the steep road which will be the only hard part of your day.

So get out and hike AZ.

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2009-07-13 desert_boonie
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WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Chevelon Lake #611
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
3 Days of Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Spectating, Laughing, and even a little Baseball with a "Twist". With 3 Good Friends and 2 New Ones...Mike brought his Wife and Carlos came, so he could beat Ken over the Head with a Paddle when Ken swam the wrong way... :D

Mike, his Wife and I planned to Meet up there Friday Afternoon, with the Rest coming up Saturday Morning...I left the House about 12:30 and didn't get up there until about 4:30...My ADD kicked in and I was Chasing Thunderstorms between Fountain Hills and Payson for a good 2 1/2 Hours... :sweat: I've never been to Chevelon, so when I got there, I immediately Hiked down to the Lake to check it out...After Hiking back up, I secured a Campsite and got Camp set up...There were already quite a few People there and Campsites near the Gate were Scarce...Mike and his Wife showed up a little bit later and the 3 of us settled in around a Nice Campfire. The People that Camped there before us left a Hummingbird Feeder up, so we were Treated to a Show all Weekend as the Birds tried to claim Territory of the Feeder...I did make sure to take it down when we left on Sunday...

Next Morning after Sleeping in a bit and messing around Camp, (me, with the Camera), we grabbed the Fishing Gear and Mike grabbed 1 of the 2 Kayaks he brought, and we all eventually ended up down at the Lake...I took my Time and had the Camera going of course... :D Fishing was very slow and as it ended up, we got Skunked for the Weekend...I'm not terribly surprised, as it was a Full Moon Cycle...I ended up on the other side of the Dam eventually and after a few hours, the Rest of our Compadres started showing up...Carlos and Ken first, followed by Scott and Rincon a little later...

Ken messed around a bit in his Kayak that he brought and then went for a Short Swim with Carlos following him in Mike's Kayak...After Scott and Rincon showed up, we Hiked down the Spillway of the Dam and checked out the Pools below...

It threatened to Rain on us just about all Day, but we didn't have to break out any Rain Gear until about an Hour before we Hiked back up to Camp. I started Hiking up before the others, and was about 100 Yards from Camp when the Skies finally just flat out opened up...The Others ended up Hiking up in a pretty torrential Downpour... :o It Rained for the next 5 Hours, but luckily Mike had brought a Pop-Up, so everyone didn't have to huddle under my Tarp. We set the Pop-up over the Picnic Table and had Dinner. The Rain tried to Stop a few Times and there was even a Small Rainbow. I kept thinking that it was going to End, but some Dude, that just got his Doctorate, had other Opinions and he was Right... :D I kind of wondered how Steve (nonot) was faring, as I knew he was Backpacking the Telephone Ridge Trail and there was a lot of Lightning around as well...It finally stopped for Good around 8:30ish and we enjoyed a Camp Fire for awhile...

I ended up getting up really early Sunday Morning not feeling so well...I opted to not go down to the Lake with the others and hung around Camp feeling a little yuck...Was pretty Bummed because Ken was going for a long Swim and I wanted to Watch... :lol: They all showed back up at Camp late Morning with the Kayaks and after a bit, started breaking down Camp...After some Lunch it was Time for Goodbyes until next Time...I felt better as the Day went on, but even the Drive Home wasn't much Fun...Was fine the next Day, so whatever it was, it was pretty Temporary... :|

It was a Good Weekend though...Chevelon is Awesome and so is the Crew...Hope to do it again next Year... :D

The Creosote is Blooming like Crazy, the Firecracker Plant is going well and there were even a few Paintbrush trying to show off...
Chevelon Lake #611
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
This hike was to check out the Chevelon Canyon dam and the Chevelon creek . I started out just north of Deer lake by FR169 / FR180.

I went up FR169 to FR169B. Along FR169B, there’s an unnamed road that goes to an overlook of Circle Bar Draw. I climb a little down the canyon to get better pictures.
Then I headed over to the dam. From the dam, I went down the spillway to the Chevelon Creek. There was a big pool of water, but no running water. I went up the creek and the water dried up right away.
After a bit I ran into a ATV trail. The ATV trail followed the creek, then it climbed out on the East side of it. It was a slow moving climb in the heat. The ATV trail looped around to a south and hugged the eastern side of the lake.
I followed the trail until it started to pull away from the lake. I was looking for a perfect lunch spot so I started to bushwhack to the rim. I dropped down to my comfort level and found a great spot opposite of the Circle Bar Draw. The awesome lunch spot is at: N34 30.380 W110 49.095

After lunch I headed back and found a couple of other view spots. On the way back down to the creek, I came across 12~14 backpackers heading in for the night. I was surprised to see anyone in this remote spot.
I took the ATV trail all the way back to the dam and saw a truck drive up the closed road. I was curious how the truck was going to get out (or how it come in!) Right before the locked gate was a couple of pull outs for camping spots.
From the camping spot, there was a road to the camp grounds. So much for the locked gate!

I took FR169T out to FR169. FR169T is more scenic than FR169.

The temps were perfect till 2PM, then it got very warm until 5PM. It was very chilly after the sun dropped. The quarter moon provided enough light for the hike out until it dropped behind the tree line.

I agree with Chumley that the eastern side of Chevelon canyon lake is nicer than the western. I like the views from top of the canyon than from the dam.
Chevelon Lake #611
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Chevelon Canyon Lake - South East Access AZ
I've never been to Chevelon Canyon lake so I whipped up a route using the HAZ route manger. I made a route from the intersection of FR99(AKA Wildcat RD) and SR260.
I went down FR99 to FR170 to FR90. The roads are very well marked up to the FR9517/90 turn. Then the signs are gone. FR90 is a like a peninsula. There are numerous roads that go to campsites, vistas or just nowhere.

The first stop for me was an awesome vista of Chevelon Canyon Lake / creek. I then went to where the topos showed a trail going down to the lake from the south/east side. I was skeptical if this trail existed or what shape it would be it.

The route took me right to an old little used trail that was not for the casually hiker. The trail is steep and has a couple of loose dirt sections. There was a couple of cairns the closer you got to the lake. I did a little exploring down at the lake. The lake was a lot longer and deeper than I expected. I thought I could cross over to the other side and check out the south west trail. I found a good lunch and started to eat. A couple of minutes later it started to rain. I was worried about the climb out, so packed up fast and headed out. I took a more rocky way out to avoid the slick trail. Near the top the trail got slick and I started to slide a bit. I’m glad I got out before it got worse.

Once on top, it stated to rain harder and I explored around looking for another good lunch spot. Second lunch was at a spot overlooking Weimer point.

The last item view spot on my agenda was almost across a ravine from the first view spot. I tried to cut across the ravine in a couple of spots, but none of them seem safe enough. so I keep on doubling back until I found one that was OK(which was back to back ravines).
The other side was a smaller peninsula had at least 2 loops and a couple of abandoned jeep roads. The view was of the first view spot of the hike. By now the rain started up again and didn't stop. As I got closer to the jeep, it started to rain harder :( .

I’m fascinated by the Chevelon Canyon / Lake area. I think I’ll be back to explore the canyon some more, possibly the telephone ridge trail.
Chevelon Lake #611
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Out backpacking with Team 6290. We had 9 14-15 year olds and 5 adults. GREAT "Easy" riparian trip. Had planned to be backpacking on East Baldy with basecamp at Big Lake today but the Wallow Fire changed those plans. So with Christopher Creek as new basecamp. We decided on this trip. This trip is slightly more difficult than Fossil Springs. (Trade elevation gain/loss for route finding) Yes there is some route finding but that is to be expected in a riparian area. The trick is figuring out where to cross and if you have to go back a few hundred feet for an easier crossing spot. Kind of a rule to cross to the soft side of the creek bend as opposed to the cliff side and you will do well.

Did run into a recent burn out maybe 2.5 - 3 miles north of the dam. Fire crews were still hanging out at the campground but we didn't see any hotspots and no crew in the canyon. I understand the lake was closed Thursday - Monday.

Found a great spot to camp immediately past the power lines. That was kind of weird. The kids did great and we had a great time. The reward was resting at the lake soaking our feet in the cool water. The kids that brought fishing tackle all caught fish. After a cool down we headed up the hill to our waiting car drop.

Total Trip time 23 hrs with 14 hour overnight stop and 2 hr stop at the lake
Chevelon Lake #611
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Today's trip was an off-trail hike to a very special destination on the lower end of Chevelon Canyon Lake. We had a peaceful afternoon of fishing and hanging out. I emphasize "peaceful". I'm starting to really love this lake!

Eric (ssk44) :D
Chevelon Lake #611
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
Chevelon Canyon Lake Kayaking :stretch:

What a memorable trip... Unfortunately, both good and bad. All of the terrible stories you hear about people packing boats down to the lake are true. Humping two 14-foot touring kayaks in and out of that canyon was brutal. I doubt that I will ever do it again. The good news is that our efforts were rewarded with total solitude on a beautiful crystal clear high country lake that happens to be one of the best trout fisheries in the state.

Chevelon Canyon Lake is a fairly large body of water with a total length of 2.7 miles and about 7.0 miles of shoreline. We had it all to ourselves! I should remind that this was on a Saturday. The price of admission is high but the experience is like nothing in the state. A part of me wishes that I could just drive down to the lake and skip the painful hike. In all honesty that terrible hike is the only thing that keeps this lake from becoming just like every other overcrowded lake on the rim. Kayaking or canoeing Chevelon Canyon Lake is something that paddling enthusiasts should do at least once in their life.

Eric (ssk44) :D

Permit $$

Map Drive
FR / Dirt Road / Gravel - Car Okay

To hike
From Phoenix area, take 87 North to Payson. From Payson take 260 East to Rim Road which is FR 300 and the Woods Canyon turnoff. Make a left and take FR 300 9 miles to FR 169. Turn right on FR 169 and follow for 12 miles to FR 169B. Turn right on FR 169B and follow 3 miles to campground. Park here and start hiking down to the lake.
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