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Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220, AZ

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Perl Charles Trail #1A
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Overview: Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220 consists of several adjoining loops and is not reflected correctly on any maps. The closest approximation is the park map displayed in trailhead kiosks that has a web of trails printed in the same pale pink color and an arrow marked "Trail 220" pointing somewhere in this web area. Heading from Dreamy Draw REcreation Area in the middle of the city this trail along with nearby trails #1A, #100, their branches and unsigned trails provides an excellent opportunity for evening hikes between work and dark that can be of any length and various elevations. Beware of mountain bikers who are frequent in the area.

Description will follow the route covering the whole length of signed Trail #220 and having the minimum overlapping of the same sections of the trail. From the parking lot go up the stairs to ramadas and then follow "To Trails" sign to restrooms. Cross the bike path following the "220" sign and turn right past the wooden fence. Shortly after keep left at the Y-junction with Trail #100 Dreamy Draw branch. The trail will steadily ascend along a gully on the right. At 0.25 mi reach the T-junction on the stem, turn right here. In less than 100 yards Trail #100 will join from the right and several yards later it will diverge to the left, go straight ahead on both junctions. The ascend becomes steeper and soon you will get to another T-junction, turn left here (trail to the right is a connector to Trail #100). Continuing up along the hill slope you reach a Y-junction. Trail to the right is another connector to Trail #100, keep left here and in 50 yards at 0.65 mi you will reach the highest point of this hike that has a shabby pole with barely seen painted trail number. Views from this point include Phoenix Mountains to south and east; Veterans Mountain, Stoney Mountain and Piestewa Parkway to northwest and nearby neighborhoods to northeast. Continue north on the trail while it is descending, keep left on unmarked Y-junction shortly. After steep but short descent you will be at a junction located on the small flat and marked with a short white pole, turn left (or turn right to follow Trail #220 directly to trailhead via horse tunnel intersection). At 1.1 reach junction with Trail #200A to the right and in several yards with Trail #100, turn left at both of them joining Trail #100 eastbound. After crossing the gully turn left and reach the junction that you passed earlier in opposite direction, turn right along with Trail #100. In several yards Trail #100 will diverge to the left, keep straight ahead. At the T-junction at 1.3 mi continue straight following a pole sign (or turn left to return to parking lot). After a short ascent the trail stays relatively flat and then slightly descends to horse tunnel intersection at 1.6 mi. Here you have another option to return to parking lot by turning left, or continue slightly right following the new style "#220" signs to cross the gully, cross Trail #100 and head east. At 1.8 mi there will be a junction with signed Trail #220A to the right, and at 1.85 mi the trail will turn right at X-intersection. Trail runs along the hillslope and at 2.1 mi reaches the short white pole junction. Next 0.25 mi will be the duplicate of what you've done half hour ago, so you won't notice much change of the landscape, but this will give you a chance to look closer to the nature features and creatures that you missed previous time. At 2.35 mi there is an option to turn right to connector Trail #220A to #220 to get to horse tunnel, or to turn right shortly after to Trail #100 westbound and get directly to horse tunnel, or continue along #220 southbound - the described route uses the third option. This time after crossing the gully at 2.5 mi turn right to the trail marked with light brown poles with no trail numbers on them (we can still consider this section a part of #220 as it helps to complete the loop). Follow this winding trail to horse tunnel intersection at 2.8 mi. Keep slightly left using the old style "220" sign. Follow the trail along the bike path for another 0.2 mi, then turn right and reach the starting point. - AndreyP

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot
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Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220
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69° when I left home at 1220. Pollution was awful. Could just barely see the White Tanks from Dreamy Draw. My back was still sore from the AZ 77 pickup two days ago. Before I do it next time, I will buy one of those extendo-pincer dealey jobs. Started out on #220, then wandered. 76° when I finished at 1400.
Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220
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Combo hike after work.

Mercury Mine Loop :next: Stoney Mountain :next: Christiansen :next: Nature Trail
Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220
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I've been sick for a week so it was nice to be out hiking again. Still wasn't feeling 100%, so I didn't want anything too challenging. Got to the Dreamy Draw TH around noon and it was actually somewhat empty. Hardly saw anyone on the trails. Pretty warm out there but it was a little windy most of the time. Was hoping to see a chuckwalla or two, but nothing today.
Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220
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Phoenix Preserves Loop
Got out there at almost 5pm and the Dreamy Draw parking lot was still packed. Probably because there was a huge party going on at the ramadas. Pretty toasty when I started out. Trail 100 :next: 1A :next: 1B :next: 302 :next: 1C :next: some unmarked trails around trail 100 :next: 220 back to the TH. Didn't really have a route in mind today, just kinda wandered. Checked out a couple unmarked trails I'd never been on before. Not a lot of people on the trails at all. Some of these trails can get crowded, but there's still plenty of solitude to be had. Stopped for a minute and enjoyed the sunset and the silence. Nice hike.
Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220
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Well when Rowdy and I finished the Perl Charles Trail I figured we still had time for another hike. I looked for something close by and short. Dreamy Draw filled the bill so we did it. Short and easy with views :y: .
Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220
rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
Big figure 8 loop with my girlfriend. This is becoming my go-to weekend hike when I don't want to think too hard about where to go. The trails were very busy today, with a lot of big annoying groups out. CCW this time, making a figure 8 out of it with both Irregular Link and VOAZ. Hit a few little unmarked peaks along the way. Took parts of trails 100 and 220 before getting back to the TH. Went through the "horse tunnel," which I didn't even know was there. When I saw a sign for it I had to check it out. Pretty cool. Really warm out there today...a little too warm. Feels like it's April already. Still had a great time out there though.
Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220
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Started from the Dreamy Draw TH at about 4:30pm. It really could not have been a nicer evening out there. Did 1A CCW this time. A couple of nice steep climbs in this direction. Took VOAZ back up to 1A and back, shortening the loop. Didn't want to be out here too long in the dark. Added on part of 220 before getting back to the TH. Almost no one on any of these trails. The quiet and solitude was awesome. Really nice sunset too.

This puts me at 109 miles and 28k AEG for January. Just under my personal best in miles, but exceeded my personal best in AEG by a few thousand. :)
Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220
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I took The Dude's recommendation and tried out 1A today. My first time on 1A, 220, 1C and 1B. Started from the Dreamy Draw TH, which was crazy packed. For some reason I wasn't expecting that. I wasn't exactly sure how to get to 1A from here, but turns out it was fairly easy. My legs were a little tired so this trail turned out to be exactly what I was looking for, and I really enjoyed the whole hike. A good distance with a lot of moderate ups (and a couple steep ones) and downs.

I did the 1A loop CW, hitting a couple unnamed peaks along the way, and added on the Irregular Link/VOAZ loop, which was probably my favorite part of the day. Not a lot of people on 1A at all, and didn't see anyone on 1B or 1C except for a family that seemed a little lost and asked me the shortest way back to the Dreamy Draw TH. The overlook on VOAZ with the bench and the black rock outcroppings was a nice spot.

This is now my favorite loop hike in the Phoenix Mountains area. I'll be back to do all the other trails I haven't done yet soon.
Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220
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Down at Rosie McCaffrey's for a European soccer match at 8:00 a.m., which is actually late. Sometimes kickoff is 4:30 a.m. our time! :o (They have DST in Scotland, so the difference is 7 hours now, 8 in the middle of the year.) Scottish soccer refs are the worst in any country, in any sport, at any level. :x Afterwards, had my wife drop me off at the very far end of the Piestewa drive way. Hiked 302 :next: VOAZ :next: 1A :next: 220 :next: 100 until I crossed the saddle and could see Cave Creek Rd. I was going to continue on 100 until I got to my place, but decided instead to cut through some hood to the iffy Circle K on Peoria for a refreshment. (AZ Green Tea with ginseng, thanx for asking. :D ) Finished up by basically walking home on Peoria.

p.s. - Should mention that on my new Sunday-Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, I skipped yesterday, which would have been a short 3-4 mile hike, because I was editing a hike video, in favor of doing this longer hike a day later. :)

p.p.s. - Forgot to mention that as I was starting I passed a SAR crew with a guy in one of those single wheeled gurneys. They were headed up trail. I could tell they were training, but kidded, "Shouldn't you be going the other direction?" The team leader replied, "We got to get him injured first." :lol:

p.p.p.s. - I keep thinking of things. 8-[ So, I did a pit stop at the Dreamy Draw trailhead, and can report the bathrooms have been repaired since the last time I was there. So repaired, that the force of the water out of the faucet nearly flayed my hands :-s
Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220
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Started hiking at 0800, from the Piestewa lot, and it was still pretty chilly. Saw a National Guard/Reserve unit doing PT up & down Piestewa. Took 302 to VOAZ. Great view from the saddle at the top of VOAZ. Took 1A west. Almost fell once, tweeking my ACL-less right knee in the process. Took the short 202 spur to the Dreamy Draw TH. Crossed under HWY 51, but never lost satellite on my Garmin 60CSx. Usually I take the Trail 100 alternate north of Hill 1922, but I decided instead to take the main route around the south of the mountain. Much smoother trail surface, and only two ups, versus more numerous smaller ups on the north side. Was starting to run out of time, so rather than hike "home" to the 12th St TH, called my wife for a pickup at the bottom of the water tank road. (Saved me 30 minutes, as I was wanting to make the first race at Turf Paradise; bad day, so I would not have bothered had I been psychically blessed, but if that were the case I would have picked more winners.) Passed a lady near the end, who was walking two beagles. I normally greet people on the trail with a "howdy" or "good morning", but as her beagle had just shoved his nose in a large horse turd, I said something about how he has just found something interesting. Also noticed, just before crossing the saddle to the west side of the ridge, some palo verde decorated with Christmas ornaments. I hope I don't sound Grinchy when I say I found that kind of cheesy, and not in a good way ...

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