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Ribbon Falls from Phantom Ranch, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 12.45 miles
Trailhead Elevation 2,540 feet
Elevation Gain 1,430 feet
Accumulated Gain 2,175 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 6 - 7 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 23.33
Interest Perennial Waterfall & Perennial Creek
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Rim to Rim
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Ribbon - Upper Ribbon Falls
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Ribbon Falls
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Grand Canyon - Inner Gorge - AZT #38
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Rim to Rim
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Phantom Ranch Ribbon Falls and Battleship
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Rim to Rim
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by HAZ_Hikebot

From Phantom Ranch it's 5.6 miles up the North Kaibab Trail. The trail splits. Take the left, clearly marked as Ribbon Falls. Right continues to the North Rim. From the sharp left it is less than a half mile hike with small ups and downs in the elevation. It might be a little wet and muddy. Once near the creek you can hear the clear sound of the falls, though it is not visible.

Once across the creek a little elevation and another 5 minute walk gets you there!

Once you are there you can do 2 things. Facing the fall take the left side to a small trail that leads to the upper side of the big rock behind the waterfall. Enjoy a powerful and brisk shower if you dare.

Or climb the 60-100 feet canyon wall on the left side of the canyon (you don't need any rock climbing skills) and once you are at the middle of the wall its dead end after this as it is vertical wall. From here turn left i.e. you will be facing exactly opposite to the fall. You have to find your own way. There is no trail, its all canyon wall. After 500 feet you will come to the end of the canyon. The view from here is breathtaking.

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2003-03-11 HAZ_Hikebot
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Grand Canyon NPS Details
The hike from Phantom Ranch through the inner canyon follows the stream between the narrow canyon walls for the first part of the hike. Hiking from Cottonwood campgrounds is a easy short hike. Ribbon falls is a small water fall that gives an ideal opportunity to get wet. An ideal inner canyon day hike.

Everyone needs to carry water! A common mistake is not carrying water and not carrying enough water. When hiking in a group, each person should be carrying water; carrying for the group is a common mistake. Always remember to eat as well as drink while hiking, you will be using alot of energy when hiking the canyon.
WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Ribbon Falls from Phantom Ranch
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Spontaneous Rim to Rim trip with one night spent at Phantom Ranch.

This trip came together at the last possible minute. I was working on plans that ultimately fell through and had to look for a backup option. I had the Grand Canyon on my mind. The highs at Phantom were forecasted at 110 and I was questioning if this is a good idea. I thought about it and decided to go for it. I booked a seat on the 8am Trans Canyon Shuttle and drove to the south rim on Friday night and slept in my jeep. I woke on Saturday morning and headed over to the Bright Angel Lodge to check into the shuttle. Once there, I asked if there were any Phantom cancellations. They said yes, there are two private cabins and three bunks in the men’s dorm. I thought this sounded fun so I booked a bunk in the men’s dorm and paid for the 6:30pm dinner of Beef Stew. From there, I loaded up into the shuttle and made the long drive around the canyon.

The shuttle dropped me off at the North Kaibab Trailhead around 12:15pm and I got myself situated. I topped off my water and geared up and started in. Right away I could feel the heat. Direct sunlight was hot and shade was limited. I knew I had to be careful on the hike down. I continued on and the crowds thinned as I worked my way down. I kept a modest pace and took short breaks in the shade. I looked forward to the creek down below.

With some effort I passed Roaring Springs and I stopped for water just above Cottonwood. I soaked my bandana and poured water down my back. I feel good overall and I’m drinking plenty of water. I continued on and passed Cottonwood and I headed for Ribbon Falls where I took a short break by standing directly in the pour over. I was soaked head to toe and felt great! After I had my fill I continued south and had about two miles in constant sunlight. It beat down on me. I wore a long sleeve UPF shirt and I wore sunscreen and my bandana over my neck. All is well. I eventually hit The Box and had mostly shade the rest of the way. It was around 4:30pm and the sun was too low for this canyon. I cruised through this final stretch and arrived at Phantom Ranch around 5:30pm.

I checked in and headed into the men’s dorm. I have just under an hour to dinner so I took a shower and relaxed. The men’s dorm can sleep up to ten and includes a bathroom and a shower. The shower at Phantom Ranch was a first for me and was a real treat! It helped cool me off and brought me back to life. I eventually headed over to the canteena and was herded to a community table for dinner. This dinner is another first and was well worth the 36 bucks! There was plenty of food and the conversation was fun. I enjoyed myself! After dinner, I made the easy loop around the Silver Bridge & Black Bridge. I finished right as nightfall set in. I made a quick stop at the canteena where I paged through Death in the Grand Canyon. Someone has made minor changes & also added home towns for many people. It was interesting to see. From there, I went back to the dorm and turned in for the night.

I slept well all night with ear plugs I bought in the canteena. Guys were getting up at various times throughout the night but I didn’t hear a thing. I woke at 5:30am and was surprised to see I was the last one up. Most of the guys left and others were having breakfast. I geared up and topped off water and then started the hike out at 5:45am. The hike out went well. I set a moderate pace and took lots of short breaks in shade. I topped off my water at Indian Garden and took a short break. From there I climbed out. The sun was hot but tolerable. I topped out around 9:45am and headed back to Phoenix.

This was a hell of a hike and I’m glad I took the time and spent the money to make it happen. The spontaneity was the best part. The heat was brutal but tolerable. The key is avoiding direct sunlight whenever possible. And I'm calling this a backpack.

Ribbon Falls from Phantom Ranch
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Ribbon Falls
Alex and I scored some walk-in permits at the Canyon on our way to Utah to visit our families for Christmas. The forecast called for rain all day, and it had rained all night at our campsite just outside Tusayan.

There was no snow in the village, but about an inch of snow at the SK TH when we got started. No ice on the trail, just lots of mud. Most of the canyon was hidden from us on the way down.

I had a few options in mind, but kept the itinerary loose until we set up camp at Bright Angel Campground. Alex hadn't seen Ribbon Falls yet and since the weather wasn't conducive to anything "extreme" we decided to take that option. It was a dreary walk along North Kaibab because we still couldn't see much of anything due to the rain and low clouds.

We made great time reaching Ribbon Falls in about 2 hours from Bright Angel Campground. We explored around the falls a little bit, ate some snacks, snapped a few photos and headed back to BAC. The sky was growing considerably dark by this point, and I knew we were in for some serious downpour. So far it was mostly just drizzling to light rain. Alex had left his poncho at the campground and I was a little worried with the cold that he might get into a bad situation.

When we joined back up with North Kaibab and started heading back, we could see the wall of dark clouds making its way up the canyon. I wished Alex good luck, and pulled out my umbrella to prepare for the downpour. About 10 minutes later we were running down the trail getting soaked. I managed to keep my upper body pretty dry because of the umbrella but my legs were soaking and freezing cold.

The rain eventually let up, and the sun finally made its appearance. There were rainbows, and numerous waterfalls along The Box. The canyon was shining like a jewel! It was actually a rather magical moment for such a "casual" canyon trip. The sun not only warmed our bones, but also our souls. :lol:

The next morning we broke camp and headed out via Bright Angel. I hadn't been on the lower stretch from BAC to IGC. We tagged Plateau Point on the way out before the true slog up BA from IGC to the top. The clouds had finally cleared enough that we could see snow on the South Rim, Brahma, Isis, and the very tops of many of the other Grand Canyon summits. The North Rim was still hidden from view, though. We kept a pretty nice pace on the ascent after Plateau Point, and never had to stop. We made it out in around 4.5 hours, from camp to rim, including the PP detour.

Yet another enjoyable Grand Canyon trip.

Past peak at Phantom, and most trees are leaf less elsewhere.
Ribbon Falls from Phantom Ranch
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My galfriend Kish had never hiked grand canyon before. She wanted to do "the ultimate" hike haha

So she picked me up from south rim, we drove to north rim on Friday the 16th.
I stayed with my boyfriend in his dorm and kish stayed in Jacob lake lodge.

Jamie and I greatly enjoyed the north rim employee end of season party aka the survivor party haha
Imagine a rave...with a live band, fog machine, light up balloons and dozens of drunks....all packed inside the beautiful historic north rim lodge in the sun room!! Brightly the mule statue was wearing a top hat and had a kazoo!

Jamie drove us in Kish's car to the NK TH and walked to coco overlook to see us off.

Kish kept my pace alllllll the way down until we hit "The Box" where we got rained on and were forced to hide under a ledge while hail pelted the bridge.

We made it to Phantom in 6 hours but I knew Kish was wearing thin.
We parked at the Canteen for an hour and enjoyed ibuprofen (for kish), lemonade, coffee and bananas. :)

We made it to Devil's Corkscrew before sunset and to the top of it after. Poor Kish was crawling.
We rested again at IG around 8pm!

Exactly 11:55pm Kish and I linked arms and stepped onto the asphalt at BA Trailhead.
Poor gal was in ruins but SO proud of herself.

The next morning Jamie packed his north rim room into Kish's rental car and drove back home to the south rim.

I imagine I'll be hiking a few more R2R to see him again next summer. Unless I head off that way too...
Ribbon Falls from Phantom Ranch
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Rim to Rim to Rim
SK to skeleton PT, down old Miners to the Tonto platform, down the kickass tapeats break to the river trail, across black bridge to Phantom, lemonade, down to the silver bridge, up and over "the kiva route" to the lower section of Utah Flats Route, back to Phantom, more lemonade, up NK to the rim, 4 hour nap, down NK to Cottonwood, 2 hour nap, no lemonade :( , down to Ribbon Falls, back to Phantom Ranch, still no lemonade!! It's dark, they're closed...on we March... Cross silver bridge, up old corkscrew, cross new BA at granite pools, up old BA to the Tonto, sneak into Indian Gardens, nap 2 hours? near Creek, up BA to Kolb Seep, left trail on "Kolb Route", intersect Upper Old BA aka Cameron Route, emerge just east of upper tunnel, quazi nap right there, crawl to original Trailhead beside Kolb Studio... No margaritas... Taxi took forever to get us home.

Sleeping for the next three weeks...except work at 8am tomorrow.... Meeehhhhhh
Ribbon Falls from Phantom Ranch
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First off... Bagged it!!!

Day 1: Jamie and I left South Kaibab TH around 7:30am made it to Phantom by 10am.
Up North Kaibab with a stop at Phantom Creek and the pretty falls there. (Note: don't drink from phantom creek untreated!! Bleh!)
Continued on to Ribbon Falls and Upper Ribbon Falls. I climbed up into Upper Ribbon and tested the depth of the pool quickly finding it to be half a hippy deep!! Set up at Cottonwood Camp well before sunset. Watched the moon rise over One night short of being Full!

Day 2: loaded up with 6 liters of water EACH then Jamie led the way back down almost to the Ribbon Falls bridge. Not far up trail from there we took a sharp left and plowed our way up a steep ridge of shale-y hell!! The initial 300ft of this ridge made me want to vomit especially with the extra water in my pack!
After what felt like a full transformation into a bighorn sheep we began a rather "easy" traverse deep into this side canyon. Shortly in you'll come across some cairns that cross the drainage and lead you up up up closer to the redwall! Almost there!!

The redwall break was boulders and trees and a few itty chimneys. Basically even with the bulky backpack I was having the time of my life! Very last little up climb Jamie went first and we hauled our packs up then I scrambled up smiling like a fool.
Up through the Supai to a GORGEOUS false saddle contour toward a very obvious supai break on the other side of this bowl up up up and BAM!! The most stunning campsite EVER. We arrived with 3 hours left until sunset on Brahma-Deva Saddle. Full Moon rose tonight...oh man...I might've cried. Watching the moon light up the entire canyon from way up there tucked away in this saddle between giants...

Day 3: we were lazy yesterday so opted to pack up camp and summit our Temple this morning. A scramble up the Supai the usual slip n slide up the Coconino,across a boulder field of bitey kaibab limestone then through a very convenient little coco chute with a happy beckoning pinyon pine shading our way then poof! Youre up!

A few minutes walk north into the trees and you find yourself at the least impressive summit register ever...
This was Jamie's first temple back in 2012 the register he signed has since been removed. A nalgene bottle with a crappy little notebook has replaced it. Only one other signature from 2014. Nothing exciting but oh the views were insane!!! We signed the book, cracked open our IPA (which I managed to spill shortly thereafter...luckily we both had a few swigs and he's still talking to me!) Then we were off are completing my usual exploratory summit circuit, more sliding down, rearranged our gear and packs (which we had cached near the supai break near the saddle this was our exit point toward Clear Creek.)
Down the Supai, traverse the redwall rim to another awesome redwall break on the east ish side of Brahma!! Have any of you been here?? Cuz you really should go. Its a blast! Boulders and chimneys and rabbit holes and chutes and pack lowering. Oh my!
The descent went by fast. We were in a sweet drainage that ended above Clear Creek camp in a massive Tapeats pouroff! We backtracked and followed a sheep route IP and over right onto the Clear Creek Trail. Sun had set by now but we walked on west in the last glow of daylight. We set up camp in the dark in the arms of Zoroaster Canyon. Did I mention time of my life?? Moon rise sneaking over Wotan's Throne. :)

Day 4: late start at 10am!! Made it to Phantom by 1pm. Almost 2 hours of coffee and lemonade and tons of junk food!! Ohmygod summer sausages tasted like heaven. Oh yeah remember those 6L each of water we had? Down to 1/4 liter when we got to phantom! Perfect!
Up and out bright angel followed by showers clean clothes and lots of beer tequila and burritos at Plaza Bonita!

To summarize: BAGGED MY FIRST TEMPLE WHOOOO! And best canyon trip ever by far.
Ribbon Falls from Phantom Ranch
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I've wanted to hike rim to rim for years. The timing never worked out until now.

I drove up on Friday night and slept in my jeep. I arranged to take the Trans Canyon Shuttle on Saturday morning at 8am. The ride cost $85 and took 4.5 hours. We made a few quick stops and proceeded to the North Kaibab Trail. They dropped me off and I prepared for the trail. Most of the people on the shuttle were doing Rim to Rim but were starting the next morning. I hit the trail at 12:45pm and was off.

The first couple of miles are steep and slow going. I needed to warm up after the long ride and there were four mule trains making their way up. The weather was cool with overcast. There is a chance of rain later in day. I continued down and enjoyed the trail construction. They used a lot of dynamite! After a few miles the grade eases and my pace picked up. I then saw Roaring Spring and what a sight it is! The water gushes directly out of the Muav. Very cool! I didn't make the detour to the pump house. I wondered if it's worth it.

The rest of the way to Phantom blurred by. The North Kaibab Trail flattens out a little above Cottonwood and I made good time. I continued past Cottonwood and made a quick detour to Ribbon Falls. Very cool area! From there I proceeded down and passed through the Box. This section is a real treat! I continued and passed Phantom Canyon and saw a pack of deer grazing. A few minutes later around 5:15pm I arrived at Phantom Ranch. They were serving dinner & the outside area was vacant besides a woman reading a book. I sat down and had my sandwich and ice tea. While I ate there was a flash of lightning followed by thunder. It was a few miles away. I decided to proceed.

I crossed the Silver Bridge and headed west on the River Trail. It then started drizzling and slowly picked up. I put on my rain coat and continued as the weather took a turn for the worse. Thunder and lightning boomed overhead. The storm was almost right above me. I arrived at the Pipe Creek shelter and was going to stop but the rain slowed and my light was waning. I wanted to cover more trail before night set in. The next few miles poured by and the rain stopped for good. I followed the trail up canyon and headed up The Devils Corkscrew. I was able to follow the trail in very low light. I pushed it all the way to Indian Garden and arrived there at 7:10pm. I took a 15 minute break and topped off my water. During this time two guys from Lithuanian filled up on water. They wanted to camp but didn't know there was a permit system. They just hiked down and were turned back by the rangers. They had day packs and were just planning on sleeping wherever.

I started the hike up the final 4.5 miles with my headlamp. It was full blown darkness by this point. There will be no moon tonight. I could spot headlamps on the upper sections of the BA Trail. It was another amazing sight similar to my Half Dome experience back in June. I continued up and passed several groups. Everyone was using a light. I shut mine off a few times to admire the stars and everything was so dark! I turned my light back on and headed up. It felt good when I completed each layer and before long I passed through the tunnels and arrived back on the rim. It was 9:15pm.

This was a good hike and I'm glad I did it but probably wouldn't hike it again. I really enjoyed hiking up BA in the dark. The lighter crowds made the hiking much more enjoyable! The shuttle was very convenient. They said this is the first season they offer the south to north shuttle at 8am. Give it a try.
Ribbon Falls from Phantom Ranch
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
GCNP Ribbon Utah Battleship
Day 1 - 15.7 miles - After a breezy 44 degree night under the stars outside Tusayan, I entered the park early enough for it to be free and soon headed down the South Kaibab. Taking a break out on the Cedar Ridge end point, I let the Canyon sink into my brain for a bit before heading down to Phantom Ranch for lunch under a shaded picnic table. From there I continued up North Kaibab to Ribbon Falls, only to find it temporarily closed for a Zuni ceremony. I had to wait just around the bend from the falls with a guy named Randy from Macon, Georgia, who had been there 29 years ago with his brother. We lay on our backs in the shade, listening to the songs reverberate off the natural amphitheater overhead for an hour before we were allowed to finally enter. 8) Their creation story describes the first people emerging from the cave at the base of moss covered travertine monolith, and I personally can't think of a better place to call sacred than where we stood. I ducked into the cave, climbing to the window and poking my head out, the cold water a curtain in front of my view of the canyon beyond. :y:
Cottonwood Camp was only another 1.5 miles, so I set up camp and had dinner, returning for a sunset walk to the falls for some moonlight/LED photography. I can't say the pictures turned out very well, my sensor and LED's are too small and the falls are too big, but it made for an interesting adventure.
Day 2 - 8.6 Miles - After a morning trip to the falls, I cruised down North Kaibab to Phantom for another wonderful lunch under the shady tree before watering up (170 ounces) for my first trip up Utah Flats. The first half was like climbing a sand dune with a heavy pack, and Piano Alley was like climbing up a huge pile of (you guessed it) pianos with that same heavy pack. I found a nice flat spot at the saddle just southwest of the red rock basin, set up camp and soon was wandering around checking out the area. The small knoll just northeast of Piano Alley commanded awesome views in every direction, and I hung out there for the sunset. :D
Day 3 - 10.5 Miles - I had planned to bag Cheops Pyramid at dawn, but...
1) From where I stood, the southern ramp looked gnarly. My awesome wife K and I recently celebrated 25 years, and I'd like to be around to go for Gold.
2) My left heel, already sporting a whopper moleskin, did not like the look of that long off-camber talus approach one bit.
3) Bagging Cheops would mean I would miss the Golden Hour of light at the Utah Flats red rock basin.

Suffice to say I had a blast meandering around the sculpted forms with my new camera before breaking camp and heading back down. Another lunch at Phantom, this time under the shade tree just east of the stables near the silver bridge. From there it was up the Bright Angel, where I chatted up a group of Mung people in custom black silk uniforms ( :-k ), as well as joining Tom (Illinois), and Jenna (Tennessee) for the walk up to Indian Gardens.
At camp I met future HAZ member Roger from Phoenix, who had also planned his trip around the full moon. He was up for the trip out to Plateau Point for the sunset/moonrise, so we headed out and had a great time. After the sun went down, we had the place to ourselves, the conversation and beverages flowed. (simply mix Vodka with Indian Gardens water, add Smuckers Natural Concord Grape Jelly, shake vigorously until dissolved, and enjoy. Pretty Smuckin' good). The full moon walk back was the perfect last night in the Canyon.
Day 4 - 7.5 Miles - Roger headed out for a 26 mile dayhike to Granite Rapids (yeah, he'll fit in here on HAZ just fine), and I bopped up to the 2 mile switchback to access the Battleship route for my first trip there. Once again, my pack, though getting lighter, still made this less fun than it could have been. I carried it as far as the chimney, hoping it would be safe from critters for a few minutes while I went up. The climb was great, solid rock, little exposure, and a great summit. After taking in the scenery, I headed down, finding my pack undisturbed , and returned to the Bright Angel. The rim arrived soon, and I celebrated another safe return with the two Pyramid brews I had in my truck (still cool!), sitting below the edge along the Rim Trail by the Worship Site. 8)
A perfect trip. As always I'm torn between wanting to return to the same amazing places, or exploring new ones. Cheops looks much easier when viewed from the south, and someday I'll return. A dayhike from Bright Angel camp seems like a better way to do it.
Till then, I'll hike around Phoenix, and have some great adventures. But in the back of my mind, the Canyon will always call to me, a timeless sacred place that my words, my pictures, my videos will do no justice.

P.S. Not that I don't try.
Ribbon Falls from Phantom Ranch
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
SK >> NK

A coworker informed me that she was doing an R2R and had asked me if I would key swap. Of course I was very interested and agreed, looking forward to actually climbing UP North Kaibab for my second R2R. I recruited two other work buddies from work, Matt and Chris. Both very capable (in fact, Chris had already done an R2R2R before).

I happened to have my kids this weekend, so I had to find and arrange 3 sleepovers different sleepovers. This task proved more daunting than the hike itself, but all the pieces were starting to fit together. Then the sickness hit.

The night before, I had a decent sore throat and considered backing out. Since I was slated to drive, the opposing party already had my key. I woke up at 3am, coughed out some green throat buggers and dreaded what I knew was about to come.

We hit the trail about 5:45am and got out around 3pm. That's counting some leisurely break time at both Phantom and Cottonwood. The trip down was beautiful and my head cold didn't slow me down until we arrived at Cottonwood.

The gentle grade from Phantom to Cottonwood was nice and we were in the shade most of the way. We saw our counterparts and exchanged a laugh, they informed us there were cold beverages in their cooler in the car at the North parking lot, we felt bad we hadn't done the same for them (they over-nighted on Friday and had leftovers I guess).

I took a side trip to my first visit of Ribbon Falls and it was well worth it, glad I did.

At Cottonwond, I nursed a blister with Matt's roll of duct tape, soaked my feet in the creek and changed outta my heavy boots and into my Keen's. I was feeling pretty good when we left, but that quickly changed as the steepness increased; I could tell the rest of my day would suck. I told Matt and Chris to speed on ahead; the plan was to meet at Roaring Springs where we all took another quick break together (see pic). Again I advised them to move on without me, and meet up at Suapi Tunnel. The suffering was substantial with stuffy, head breathing and an achy knee as I made my way up the Redwall and Suapi. Overall my pace was decent. I caught up to the other two Goobers at Suapi Tunnel conversing with a tribe of 4 ladies of the cougar species.

We hiked out together at my slow pace and enjoyed the cold beverages waiting for us in the car exchange.

We stopped at Jacob Lake for a well deserved sandwich and chocolate malt.

Overall a beautiful day and and a memorable trip.
Ribbon Falls from Phantom Ranch
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Took the "less popular" detour to Upper Ribbon Falls while travelling from the North Rim to Phantom Ranch. The trail is faint as it leaves the bridge to the north but can't be missed as it diagonals back up the hill. Near the top leave the trail to get a great view of Ribbon Falls.

It's a nice walk up the valley to a beautiful falls. I sat in the pool at the bottom to cool off! That welcome effect in mid-July wore off by the time we made it back to the N.Kaibab Trail.
Ribbon Falls from Phantom Ranch
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Spent 3 Days backpacking Grand Canyon via South Kaibab to Bright Angel Campgropund on Thursday morning. Very steep trail that I was not prepared for and over packed with close to 50 pounds. Took close to 7 hours to reach campsite. Rested that evening at Phantom Ranch with a couple beers. Friday morning headed out to Ribbon Falls up North Kaibab Trail. Great photos along the way (soon to come)and at the falls. Somewhat remote locate to reach falls so still in good condition and not abused by tourists. That added 12 miles to our excursion. Saturday morning packed up before sunrise and headed out over silver bridge and up Bright Angel. This was easier to me even though it was farther. I would rather use muscles on Bright Angel than joints on South Kaibab. It took us 12 hours breaking regularly but great scenery and photo ops. Totaled 29 miles in 30 hours over 3 days. This was an adventure of a lifetime and we are planning again for the same time of year cause the weather was perfect. South rim was high 78 and low of 45. Phantom Ranch was high 93 and low of 66. Mostly cloudy at bottom so the sun was not beating on us constantly. Loved the trip and met a lot of great people along the way.

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