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Montezuma Well, AZ

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HAZ reminds you to respect the ruins. Please read the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 & Ruins Etiquette
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Montezuma Castle
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Montezuma Well is a detached unit of Montezuma Castle National Monument located approximately 11 miles from the park. Take Exit 293 from I-17 and drive four miles. No entrance fee is charged. There is a one-third mile loop trail that is not recommended for wheelchair use. A lush, shaded picnic area is also located at the Well.

Montezuma Well is a limestone sink formed long ago by the collapse of an immense underground cavern. Over one and a half million gallons of water a day flow continuously, providing a lush, verdant oasis in the midst of surrounding desert grassland. The waters of the well contain several forms of plant and animal life not found in any other waters of the world. This unique habitat is perhaps due to the constant input of large quantities of warm water that enter through underground springs, keeping the environment within the well very stable.

Prehistoric Hohokam and Sinaguan cultures took advantage of this source of water by irrigating crops of corn, beans, squash, and cotton. The rich riparian and surrounding uplands provided wildlife and native plants to supplement the agricultural products. Visitors to the site can still see traces of ancient lime encrusted irrigation ditches from past farming activity.

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    Montezuma Well
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    My first trip to Rimrock, AZ. It's amazing how much fun you can have on these little micro adventures. After we left the Well, we drove about 25 miles on 260E toward Strawberry. I am REALLY looking forward to exploring this region. We stopped off at the Clear Creek Campground area to stick our feet in the water and just listen to the water babble.
    Montezuma Well
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    Attended a Photo Walk held by a Camera Club I belong to.

    Since we had Rainy Weather the Day before, I thought it might be Cool to head up Early for Sunrise...Well...Maybe Not... :sl: I had to cut my Speed in half, in Spots along I-17...No Colorful Sunrise, but the Clouds and Fog kept me entertained around Camp Verde until it was Time to Meet Up with the Others.... :D Luckily, I didn't get Rained on or I would have just taken a Nap in the Escape... :sweat:

    Met up with some Friends and other Photographers at the Well. Spent probably 3 Hours Shooting that Area every which way but Loose... :lol: After we were done, we went down to the Picnic Area and had a little Food before most of the People left for the Day. 3 of us decided to Hike around and Check Out Wet Beaver Creek...Spent a couple of more Hours dinking around down there and then the other Two took off for Home...The Clouds stayed so Cool all Day that I decided to do some Exploring and Hang around in the Area until Sunset.

    I also intended to hit the V-Bar Ranch and take in some Petroglyphs, but it wasn't to be. Got to the Gate and there was a Sign saying they were Temporarily Closed due to Trail Damage...I guess the Rain is Screwing a few things up up here too...So, I just drove further down the Road a ways to see what I could see. Even with all of the Exploring, it was still Early, so I decided to just go into Sedona for Sunset. The Clouds just wouldn't give up and provided a lot of Image Opportunities...But as it got later, Sedona got darker and darker... :lol: I Hiked about halfway up the Bell Trail and realized that there would be no Sunset Color on this Day. By the Time I got to the Car it was Raining pretty Good...I decided to head for the Barn and hope that maybe there would be another Sunset Opportunity along the Way...

    After a 2nd Attempt at a Sunset Shot at Sunset Point, I've decided that I won't waste my Time here anymore... :lol: I think the Mountain just causes all of the Clouds to evaporate on a Moment's Notice at Sunset... ](*,) And so the Day Ended.

    It was a good Trip though for sure...And I do believe I've found another Birding Spot in the Area...Lots of Cool Birds that I don't get to see much of in the Phoenix Area...Cloudy Skies made for great Landscape Shots, but not so much for Bird Shots...I'm really starting to like the Verde Valley Area and will be spending more Time up here... :)

    Isolated Pockets of Columbine and a couple of Others...Nothing to get terribly excited about yet...
    Montezuma Well
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    Doing a day trip to middle Arizona. Went to the Castle years ago, but never made it to the Well until today. Far more interesting than we had anticipated. Spent some time chatting with an interesting Ranger. Roamed all the trails, backtracking now and then to reexamine some of the area. All was made even more interesting with patches of snow and ice in the shady areas. Even got to hear my favorite bird sound, a cactus wren warbling a serenade to our time down in the Well.
    Montezuma Well
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    I nearly forgot that we stopped here after our GC hike! We divided our ride home up a few times with stops in various places, and decided to check out the well and get our muscles moving. The dogs really liked the area, particularly down under the well where the water drains out. Really a beautiful, serene little area. Kinda wished there had been more of it!
    Montezuma Well
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    Tour Guide Marathon day. Relatives of a friend were in from Iowa and this was their last day in town, so did Jerome, Montezuma's Castle, Montezuma's Well and managed to get to Sedona for a couple of last hours of daylight and a pretty nice Sunset. First time I had ever been to Montezuma's Castle and Well. Very cool and impressive. The Well facts are pretty mind boggling. Really had a nice day.
    Montezuma Well
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    On our way up to Flagstaff we wanted to do some touristy things and we came up with this and Walnut Canyon, finishing off our day with a walk counter-clockwise thru Buffalo Park. The last time I was at Montezuma Well was August 1992 with my mom and some friends... no wonder I couldn't remember some of the details. I do remember I wasn't very good at taking photos and it was a bit warm. From the pics back then, it doesn't look like we went down to the river. But I can tell you, we were all skinnier :D .

    Mr. desertgirl and I took the low path first and went down to where the water exits under the cave while Ambika went over to the river where the water exits to a canal and into the river I presume. Montezuma Well has a lot to offer and a lot to look at between the ruins, the well, the ducks, the flora and very large trees as well as the mini-canal. The signage is quite nice too. We were very pleased that we made this stop.

    Interesting tidbits:

    -Used to be part of LAKE Verde (27 mi long, 15 mi wide).
    -Over millions of years underground streams dissolved away the limestone producing caverns. 11,000 years ago one of the caverns collapsed creating a sinkhole 368 ft wide with cliffs that tower 70ft above water's surface.
    -Fed by 3-4 larger underwater vents, over one and a half million gallons :o of 74 degree water a day flow continuously exiting thru a cave 300 feet long.
    -The waters of the well contain several forms of plant and animal life not found in any other waters of the world (amphipods).


    Permit $$

    Montezuma Castle National Monument
    Montezuma Castle - $5.00 each (16 and older) (good for seven days) Fee Information

    Montezuma Well - no fee

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    Montezuma Well is a detached unit of Montezuma Castle National Monument located approximately 11 miles from the park. Take Exit 293 from I-17 and drive four miles. No entrance fee is charged
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