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Canyon Trail to Waipoo Falls, HI

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Distance 3.2 miles
Trailhead Elevation 3,665 feet
Elevation Gain 600 feet
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Waimea Canyon Cliff Trail
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    Canyon Trail to Waipoo Falls
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    Chumley had plans for a moderate hike and Claire and I wanted something quick and easy so we headed over to Waipoo Falls. We started from the highway and hiked the road in. This section is very easy and flew by. We hit the true trailhead and then headed over to Observation Point. The views were wonderful!

    From there we connected onto the Waipoo Falls trail and headed for the waterfall. Again it’s easy going and there are plenty of tourist on this trail (Including us!). Once we reached the falls we scrambled down to the start of the waterfall. This is a tiered waterfall and the top section only drops a couple hundred feet. The big drop was lower down and out of sight. We took a variety of pics and then headed back the way we came. On the return two dogs came running up to us. I thought they may attack us but they were both really sweet dogs. They were very friendly and appeared to be hungry. A local was driving out and picked up the dogs. I assume he knew the owner.

    This was a nice and easy hike and I’m glad we spent the time to see it. Give this hike a go if you have two hours and want something easy.
    Canyon Trail to Waipoo Falls
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    Okay I'm seriously bummed. Well I'll get to that later...

    This trail can be reached from the Pu'u Hinahina lookout and the beginning of Halemanu Road. We entered at Pu'u and exited at Halemanu. The trail in from Halemanu makes the use of a dirt road for the first half of the hike avoiding a lot of muddy and slippery trails. But it also avoids the more scenic trail. Both are about the same distance, but if you park at one and then come out the other then there is a 1/2 mile hike back on the main road to the car.

    Hiking poles definitely help navigate the trails if they are muddy.

    On the way down you pass the Cliff Trail which lead us to a sizable waterfall, which at the time we thought was another view of Waipo'o Falls. It's not and checking the historical versions of Google Earth apparently it's rare for this to have much water. As rainy as it was for us this falls was fairly sizable.

    So then we came to a dirt ridge with a forest on one side and a thousand foot drop on the other. The trail follows this ridge, in fact there's not much choice in the matter. Beautiful views of the canyon. Then a steep dirt slope that drops about 90 feet to a flat area that seemed to have only one trail to continue, straight North. This led us to a maybe 30 foot waterfall and a pond. And so we made our way back happy with what we saw.

    What we didn't know was that from the bottom of that 90 foot slope there is another trail heading East that in another few hundred feet we would have been standing between the upper and lower Waipo'o Falls. So that's why I am bummed. But, after doing some searching I found that the main part of the falls is really not visible because we would have been at the top of it. Still even the small upper portion would have been nice to see.

    According to the map, which we didn't have at the time, this trail continues around the rim of the canyon several miles then meets the same road we returned on a few miles further up.

    No matter how it's done this is a nice hike.

    Oops almost forgot... From anywhere in he vicinity of the 90 foot slope there is a very picturesque stone arch sticking out from the canyon wall straight ahead. Don't miss it.
    Canyon Trail to Waipoo Falls
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    Our first of many "mud adventures" on this island named Kauai that I knew little about, but quickly learned how special a place this is. A good part of the trail is an easily passable road, there were a couple of tree service trucks that were leaving as we hiked in. A moderate hike with some up and downs, great payoff near the finale with plateau views of magnificent Waimea. Head down the open area and to the left to find a small waterfall and pool, continue on another spur trail to find yet another pool and falls and the precipice of the Waipoo Falls, unfortunately a view of which is below this vantage point. Next trip will hike for the view of Waipoo!

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