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Martin Canyon Trail #103, AZ

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Distance One Way 6.25 miles
Trailhead Elevation 5,433 feet
Elevation Gain 1,497 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,566 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 11.47
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15  2019-07-20
Westedge - Hickey Mtn - Martin - Rick Loop
9  2019-07-20
Westedge - Hickey Mtn - Martin - Rick Loop
34  2018-06-10
Woodchute - Martin Canyon Loop
1  2018-06-10
Woodchute - Martin Canyon Loop
15  2018-05-25
Woodchute - Martin Canyon Loop
26  2018-05-03
Woodchute - Martin Canyon Loop
8  2017-10-21
Upper Mingus Butterfly & Martin Woodchute Loop
15  2017-10-21
Upper Mingus Butterfly & Woodchute Martin Loop
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This trail, which borders but does not enter the Woodchute Wilderness, was originally built many years ago with a bulldozer. The purpose was to build and gain access to the water tanks in Martin Canyon. These include Rick Tank, Martin Canyon Tank, Turkey Tank, and Hickey Tank. This old road now serves as part of the Forest trail network.

Starting near Turkey Tank the trail descends down a small drainage to the northeast for 0.7 miles to where it enters Martin Canyon. From Martin Canyon Tank the trail heads northwest, staying in the canyon bottom for almost its entire length. At about mile 4.25 the trail turns sharply south for 0.6 miles to where it ends at James Tank.

Use restrictions
Motor vehicles less than 40" wide are permitted.

Prescott National Forest, west half; U.S.G.S. topographic 7.5' quads for Hickey Mountain.

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot

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    Martin Canyon Trail #103
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    Since I had never been to Woodchute Mountain, I decided to go out and do this inverted lollipop loop hike.

    It turned out to be a very nice hike -- the weather was cool, and there was even a patch of snow on the ground here and there.

    Tracie, my intrepid hiking partner, began the hike on Forest Road 106D, which morphed into Forest Road 106E. It was easy hiking on these roads, although they were a bit muddy, and my shoes kept getting clogged up with the mud. I really enjoyed Martin Canyon Trail #103 -- we were hiking underneath a canopy of trees, and I imagine that it would be nice in the fall. The Rick Tank Cutoff Trail #104 was a pretty tough climb, going up 1,000' in 1.25 miles up to the junction with Woodchute Trail #102. From there we climbed about 400' up to the top of Woodchute Mountain.

    Once on top of the mountain, we went to the north overlook which had some really nice views of Humphreys Peak. Humphreys had several inches of snow the day before, so it was nice to look at it. On the way back, we made the mistake of taking Trail #102 down the mountain to the NW. I was following a GPS track that went this way for a while, and then looped back on a bushwhack back to the mountain. I didn't do the bushwhack, as it much easier to just take the trail back. So I will not make that mistake again. I also did not take the offtrail sidetrip off of Trail #102 to the west to get to the Woodchute Summit -- I will do that next time.

    Trail #102 back to the TH was a nice little hike, and there were some nice views of Cottonwood and Sedona from a couple of saddles on the way back.

    I stopped once on the Forest Road, and while standing there I watched 11 deer go by. On the Martin Canyon Trail #103 I was walking along looking at the canopy of trees and stopped to take some pictures; I looked down and there was a small dead fox about 6" from my right foot. I only jumped about 3 feet high!

    Martin Canyon Trail #103
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    Upper Mingus Butterfly & Woodchute Martin Loop
    The Upper Mingus loop portion of this hike consisted of a CCW track along
    View Point Trail #106 :next: North Mingus Trail #105 :next: Mingus Trail #105A :next: FR 104 :next: Coleman Trail #108 :next: FR413 :next: Gaddes Canyon Two Trail #9037 :next: Gaddes Canyon #110 :next: Back to the Truck.

    Gaddes 9037, 106, 105A, 105 are my favorites.
    Coleman 108 needs some love.

    Missed prime color by at least a week.

    Ate lunch on the way over to Martin Canyon/Woodchute.

    We did this one CW. FR106D :next: Martin Canyon Trail #103 :next: Rick Tank Cutoff Trail #104 :next: Woodchute Trail #102.

    Martin Canyon's oak tunnel is the highlight as well as the area around Woodchute Tank.
    Rick Tank Cutoff is a steep 1000' climb.

    40's to start, 70's to finish.... Perfect
    Martin Canyon Trail #103
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Upper Mingus Butterfly & Martin Woodchute Loop
    Mingus always delivers. Well past Autumn foliage prime we got crunchy oak leaves for large stretches. Outstanding cool weather throughout the day.

    Coleman Trail #108
    Rocky and is starting to get overgrown again. Hope this one sees a clipper and rake crew before summer.

    Only passed 2 hikers all day. Consumed a whopping 1.2 quarts water.

    The area is a good 7-10 days past prime.
    Martin Canyon Trail #103
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    jj suggested a GC hike I'd love to do. The stats and potential rain were not a good fit so I did something I rarely do. I utilized TrailDEX ( now Find ). This came up. If Wally & Lee are known to the Superstitions and Kyle to Babe Haught surely Mingus is mine, well after

    Stats fit me like a glove but I wasn't sure jj would buy it for the drive. Plus Woodchute proper never tickled my fancy like the core upper heart of Mingus. jj was in so it was game on.

    Woodchute Trail #102
    The trailhead surprised as we arrived mid morning to 5-7 other vehicles on a Thursday. Is it possible there is a popular spot I'm not aware exists in the hiking world of Arizona? Heading CCW we strolled through a wonderful forest of nice medium sized pines. Not tall ponderosas or stubby junipers, rather a medium sized pine with spacey branches loaded with needles.

    After a mile the pines give way to an open ridge then we turned down at Woodchute Tank. Now home I realize I did an-out-back to here in 2006. While it didn't leave a notable impression in 2006 I enjoyed it today! We passed two groups along this stretch.

    Rick Tank Cutoff Trail #104
    Heading down this was slow for myself. It was loose footing and slightly overgrown. My depth of field is off and falling without two quick hands rides the mind so I just took it real easy for the 1.5 miles down. We passed an ACE trail maintenance crew which jj was familiar with from another hike. Great to see 'em as this trail is worthy to save.

    Martin Canyon Trail #103
    Just an old road. A never ending canopy of trees made it special. With the exception of the top half mile the grade is very forgiving.

    I didn't expect to enjoy this hike so much. It's definitely on the return list now.

    Carolina's Mexican Food
    Over the years, ironically possibly in one of the out of region Best Mexican Food forum threads Carolina's has surfaced many times. I've known there is one out by me in the BFE NW Valley but never patronized. It's tough to break the Del Taco tradition but glad we did, excellent IMHO. Taco man is obviously familiar with the original location. He agreed it was good as I'd heard yet stated the handmade tortillas are the fame. We're both semi critical on restaurants having been baptized by that fire biz. He ups the ante never missing a funny beat telling the girl "this better be good cause we could eat FIVE times at Del Taco for this price" lol

    Which included a half dozen tortillas for each of us to take home. As much as I enjoyed my combo plate these 2 foot diameter tortillas are amazing. Thin and strong you could make one mean burrito. With my limited bite I've been ripping 'em up making mini quesadillas instead!
    Martin Canyon Trail #103
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    Chilly start at 6:30 this morning at the trail head. Lots of rain just before we arrived made for some sticky muddy conditions on Martin Canyon. Almost didn't recognize smiley rock as we passed by. Rich Tank trail was fantastic going up. It is faint in places but we were able to follow the cairns and stay on track. Rich tank was plenty full as we walked across the dam. Followed Woodchute up to the overlook which was also wet and muddy. Approaching thunderstorms truncated our stay and we hustled back to the trail head under a light drizzle.
    Martin Canyon Trail #103
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    We were looking at a hot day in Phoenix so Kyle came up with Woodchute. This one has been on the list for a while. I'm glad we made the trip. It's an easy drive and the dirt road to the TH is in good condition. A sedan made it all the way in.

    We started with the forest road as we dropped into Martin Canyon. We took a break before the climb and then sludged up the hill as we headed for Woodchute. Once up top we detoured off trail for the true summit. Vegetation got heavy at times but we pushed through and found the summit register. From there we continued off trail as we headed for the northeast corner of the mesa where we took our lunch at the viewpoint.

    After lunch we started our return. This part was easy going and we cruised all the way back to the TH and were back in Phoenix by mid-afternoon. I'm really glad we made this trip. The hiking on Woodchute is very enjoyable and the views are solid. Thanks Kyle for driving!
    Martin Canyon Trail #103
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Martin Canyon / Woodchute Loop
    John 99 and I started this one at 7am. It was a comfortable 48 degrees when we started and never even got into the 70's on the day.

    We'd already see about a dozed pronghorn antelope on the way in, and in the first 1/2 hour of the hike we saw turkeys and 4 Elk. Also during the hike, we found enough parts and pieces of elk :o , to make one more. So I'm making the Elk count 5.

    We saw no one on the Martin Canyon or Rick Tank Cutoff trails. Martin Canyon is an old 4x4 road, that looks like it's be used for Quads, but is pretty secluded.

    The Rick Tank Cutoff Trail is a single track and the first elevation for the day. It gains more than 1000' in 1.5 Miles, where it meets up with the Woodchute Trail. From here it's another 400' to the top.

    I had read about all the logging long ago on top of Woodchute Mountain, so I expected this hike to be fully exposed. To the contrary, this would make a good summer hike with all the pines up there. There was evidence of some massive trees that were lumbered long ago.

    The views off the Scenic Spur looking towards Sedona are top notch. This seems to be the part of the hike that draws most people.

    Instead of going back, John and I decided we needed to do some splorin'. We continued down the little traveled north portion of the Woodchute trail to see what it offered. The views were nice, but we'd seen enough a mile or so in. John talked me into "A little Bushwhacking up a drainage".
    It was not all that bad by my past standards (my bloody legs may disagree). We whacked a bit more to the south side of the mountain for some views and some lunch.

    From there a relatively easy jaunt on the Woodchute Trail back to complete the loop.

    I enjoyed this hike. Perfect weather, nice scenery, trees, birds. Thumbs up!

    Thanks for joining me John. 100 tomorrow :)
    Martin Canyon Trail #103
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Decided to spare my car a bit and parked at the parking area and hiked to the TH. A nice forest stroll though I noticed that most of the great viewpoints required some off-trailing or hopping on another trail for a bit. Great views across Verde Valley into Sycamore Canyon and Sedona with Bill Willams Mountain to San Fransisco Mts in the background. From the southside of the loop you get a glimpse into Prescott Valley if you hop on trail 101 for a bit.

    Permit $$

    Prescott Forest
    Prescott National Forest Pass

    Only trailheads with six "amenities" have fees. Amenities are picnic tables, trash, toilet, parking, interpretive signing and security.

    Map Drive
    Strictly 4x4

    To hike
    Access and trailhead location: The access to the trail is from Highway 89A and the Potato Patch Campground. Go to the Potato Patch Campground just east of the summit on 89A. Then take FR 106 west for 2.0 miles past Hickey Tanks to the intersection of 106A and FR 9710W. Take FR 9710W north for 0.6 miles to where the trailhead is located just west of Turkey Tank.

    Travel time: 45 min. from Prescott Road condition: Paved, then 4WD to trailhead
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