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Peak 2881 Loop (Apache Gap), AZ

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Distance Loop 6 miles
Trailhead Elevation 2,150 feet
Elevation Gain 1,113 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 3 hours
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Interest Off Trail Hiking & Peak
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The Javelina Inn
by boxerjoey

Have you ever wondered what secrets the terrain holds west of the Apache Trail? Are you looking for a short hike with a great 360' view that you will almost certainly have to yourself? Do you enjoy off-trail routes that are easy to negotiate? If you answered yes to any of these, then a sojourn to the top of peak 2881 in the Goldfield Mountains, just west of Apache Gap, might be in order.

You can start this hike from several turn outs along AZ 88. I would recommend not using the one I did and opt instead for either the parking area at Apache Gap, or the next pull out after that heading towards Canyon Lake. Either should make for a relatively straightforward hike up peak 2881. I knew I would be doing this peak as a part of a loop hike, so I parked about a mile before Apache Gap so I could follow the jeep trail south from Bagley Tank back to the car.

It is about a mile from your car to the summit of the peak. The last 300 feet are on mixed terrain. There is debris-covered rock, some vegetated sections, and some minor rock hopping before you get to the top and your reward. The view is encompassing and exhilarating, particularly for the minor effort required. If you have studied up on Arizona mountain ranges, you could probably identify at least ten ranges from the summit. Perhaps the biggest surprise is how beautiful the expansive Goldfield Mountains look from the summit. If only the Goldfields were not easy access points for ATVs! But, almost a thousand feet above the washes where loud ATVs clog the jeep trails on weekends, the view is pristine, unspoiled by the discordant sounds of the all-terrain beast. I regret not having a camera along for the journey. You will just have to scamper up to this lonely summit and see what a lovely panorama it affords.

Next time, I will head east off the saddle between peak 2881 and point 2631. On this trip, I headed west from the saddle north of peak 2881 towards Bagley Tank. Before I reached the saddle, menacing animal noises in the bushes to my right startled me. No sooner did I assure myself it was nothing, a pack of javelinas darted out of the bushes. If their growls were any indication, they were as displeased with our encounter as I was. I continued walking away from them and another bush yielded several more javelinas. By now, I was pretty shaken, hiking alone, but it passed soon enough.

Once at Bagley Tank, far removed from the javelinas and the pretty ridgeline, I followed a jeep trail through scenery of more modest acclaim. When the jeep trail makes a southerly turn near the "L" in "TRAIL" (on the 7.5' map) and crosses the wash, I left the jeep path and bushwacked east to the power lines next to AZ 88. At this point, I followed the terrain north to where I started, only slightly scratched up from the 6-mile loop. Overall, I think that peak 2881 is well worth your time. However, I would not highly recommend the loop that I did. A much better loop would be to head east off the saddle north of peak 2881 down the unnamed wash. Then, head south down Willow Creek back to your vehicle. Of course, peak 2881 can be enjoyed by itself as well. Not a bad Wednesday hike at all...

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2003-12-18 boxerjoey
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WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Peak 2881 Loop (Apache Gap)
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Wanted to check out the Goldfields Willow Creek so I threw a loop together that took us down the creek, across to the Horns of Dilemma, then back to the trailhead via Peak 2881. Not a bad loop if you enjoy canyon and off trail hiking. I wasn't sure what to expect from Willow Creek but we both really enjoyed it. The hiking was pretty easy and the routes around the 3 drop offs and the Narrows were straight forward, just remember right/right/left/right :) The hike across to the Horns was well marked where we had lunch. Now the tougher part of the hike started. We had hiked this 2 years ago which helped with the route finding. The cholla's were out in full force and both of us picked up several jumpers along the way. Luckily we both had long pants. The views on top of peak 2881 were fantastic. From the peak it was just a short way back to the Apache Gap TH. Great hike, great weather, solitude :y:

My posted route is pretty good with the exception of the exit off peak 2881. We elected to drop off the south side which was pretty steep and loose. Best to back track down to the north and then take the route around the east side of the peak.
Peak 2881 Loop (Apache Gap)
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This hike was not as easy as I had anticipated. The base of the hill, on the way to the top, starts out with a loose scree field that makes the climb, as well as the descent, unstable :scared: , it's a pleasure when you hit the boulders near the top just to have something solid under your feet :D . I skated most of the way down the loose area :o . Don't get me wrong, the hike is most definitely worth the effort and the views are well worth the trouble, feels higher than it is. This is a bushwhack no defined trail, just a very few scattered cairns. The parking area is a small pullout off Apache Trail SR88 on the left approx. 7.8 miles past Lost Dutchman Road.
Peak 2881 Loop (Apache Gap)
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Apache Gap to Horns
Started at the Apache Gap trail head off SR88 and hiked cross-country to the Horns Of Dilemma and then returned basically the same way. Great hike with great views of the Goldfields, Superstitions, Canyon and Saguaro lakes, Four Peaks, and more. Lots of loose rock made for some sore ankles, and both of us were pulling cholla spines from our boots and pant legs on multiple occasions. Temps warmed up pretty good as we neared the trail head on the return.

Happy Thanksgiving to all :)
Peak 2881 Loop (Apache Gap)
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This peak is on the SOTA (Summits on the Air) list and has never been activated so it being a nice Sunday and not wanting to drive anywhere far this week I decided to put this one on the air. The views from the Summit are great I have a bunch of pics to go through that I will post later.

Several cactus had blooms on them as well as some of the "weeds" :sl:

I worked 20 meter and 12 meter phone and CW = Morse Code had 33 contacts in the USA, Canada, Spain and Brazil. I even worked a SOTA guy on a peak over in the Wickenburg area.
Peak 2881 Loop (Apache Gap)
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No wildflower activity at the Lost Dutchman State Park yet but move on down the road a couple miles and voila. Timing is everything. It was pleasant being out here while everyone else is working. Quiet and no crowds-if word gets out the weekend will be a madhouse. The flower show is as good as the occasional snow fall. The location of them is constantly moving like a wave through the desert.

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Follow SR88 from Apache Junction to Apache Gap, mile post 207. Park there, or at the next turn out on the west side of SR88 and walk up the ridge.
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