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Mount Tritle, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 9 miles
Trailhead Elevation 7,267 feet
Elevation Gain 1,000 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 4 hours
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Bradshaw Mountains Trifecta
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Bradshaw Mountains Trifecta
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Hassayampa River - Walker - Senator
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Davis - Union - Tritle - Spruce
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Davis - Union - Tritle - Spruce
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Davis - Union - Tritle - Spruce
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Walker - Senator - Hassayampa River Trail
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Prescott Annual Fall Colour Run
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Location Prescott, AZ
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killer views of the Prescott basin
by Prescottstyle

Following Fremont was Frederick A. Tritle, appointed by President Chester A. Arthur. Tritle had been in Arizona for about a year before his appointment. Despite that short tenure as a resident, he is generally considered to be the first Arizonan to be appointed Governor.

President Grover Cleveland asked for Tritle's resignation so that he could appoint Conrad Meyer Zulick, who had to be rescued from a Mexican jail before he could take office.

On February 26, 1885, John Samuel Armstrong introduced House Bill 164, "An Act to Establish a Normal School in the Territory of Arizona." The measure passed the 13th legislative assembly and was signed by Governor F.A. Tritle on March 12, 1885, thereby establishing what are known today as Arizona State University, Tempe, and Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff.

This hike up trail 65 gives you the best views of Yavapai county and the adjacent countryside. Getting to the trailhead brings you through some of the best forest in the area. Ponderosa, Aspen, and all of the upper elevation fir trees can be found in the same area.

At one time this used to be the most active mining area around. Panning at the Hassayampa, to hard rock mining at the Davis Dunkirk Mine.

You can also mountainbike this whole route. I find this really helpful in covering miles when you only have a short day to explore. Plenty of side trails and 360 degree views. Heck, you can see all the way to Salome.

On really cold days, you can see mirages on the horizon to the north.

I regulary hike this trail with my view camera, I'll share these images when I can afford the drum scans. Until then, my scans off the b/w polaroids will suffice.

Also, this trail is used by local horse people quite a bit. Please be courteous and give right away to them. There are mountain lions, bears, deer and elk on the mountain, be aware, be cautious.

You will also find quaders and dirtbikers here. Hunters find this area great for archery, so beware during the season.

If you have time in the future for a big loop hike, one can create a variety of connection trails to ponder. I am sure this will be one of your favorite hiking destinations.

For you flatlanders... nothing else cools your thirst like a cold beer on top. It's extra weight, but well worth it. Please Pack out all of your trash and pick up some that the hunters left behind. Let me know what you think. I'll be glad to guide this area for you, just leave a message.

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

Leave No Trace and +Add a Triplog after your hike to support this local community.

2004-02-21 Prescottstyle
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WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Mount Tritle
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Spruce-Davis-Union-Tritle Shuttle
Up at 4am I checked the radar and Prescott what getting nailed with a heavy thunderstorm.
I knew it would be a humid one. Temps on the day ranged from 62 to 78. Not bad for a July.

Ray was our shuttle commander today. He dropped us at the Groom Creek TH. Clockwise on the Groom Creek #307 up to Spruce Mountain, we stopped at the Fire Lookout. Red is gone and Suzie is back in the tower. All the windows were open and the hummingbirds were flying feeder to feeder through the tower.

On to Isabella #377 and down to Potato Patch.

Dandrea #285 is my least favorite in this loop. A group of hikers pointed out the best example I've seen of an Arrastra, which made this trail a plus this time.

The off trail to Mount Davis is always a worthy track. Some really good views.
Video from the Top of Mount Davis :next: ... HT8Y

Next it was off to Mount Union to visit with John for a bit before lunch on the Helipad.

The planned route had to be adjusted after we ran into some Private Property. This is the first time I'd taken FR52B to the top of Mount Tritle. A worthy route with some nice views. We searched for the Summit Register with zero luck.
We meddled with the Peter Medal route off the north side. This route was a super highway for about half the way down. After that, not so much. Finally in the Hassayampa, travel was much easier.

Our shuttle driver picked us up while walking on...Walker Road. Thanks Ray!
Mount Tritle
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Spruce - Davis - Union - Tritle Shuttle
Bruce wanted to medal around Peter's neck of the woods. A morning thunderstorm swept through before our arrival. The forecast looked promising. It turned out to be about the best weather you can expect for July. Humid yet clouds kept the sun off us more than not along with some nice breezes.

We hit the peaks in the order linked above. We've been many times and will likely return. Close to the Valley and a gem if you can dance around the storms which seem almost daily in July.

Tritle and I were not the best of friends. We hiked the backroad up this time. What a difference. Lots of trees and I didn't feel like I was skirting deliverance. We started down a Peter route which to our surprise was a local trail through tall pines. Unfortunately it looked to be going towards FR79. So we off trailed through medium nonsense down to the Senator Mine. Nothing bad, just really wanted that local trail to roll east instead of west. The Hassayampa had more flow than I anticipated, maybe from the morning storm?

Nice hike, thanks for the shuttle Ray!
Mount Tritle
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Tried this in June with trekkin gecko, but after Maverick, just wasn't feeling it. Still, I don't like leaving unfinished business, so today prescottstyle and I had a go at it. He's done it many times, but I wanted to make sure I made it, so we took it slow & steady.

The climb up Trail #65 to what is optimistically referred to as Forest "Road" 9403C is quite steep. 65 felt steeper than 9403C looked. 9403C is much, much rockier through. It's a miracle anyone would be able to get a vehicle up it, but we did see ATV tracks just below the summit. The climb up 9403C is divided into three parts, which Paul referred to as "The Three Eigers".

Along the way we saw a small shelter, spotted a white arrow / rebar stake (but no other associated mark that we could find), a water-filled mine shaft and, just below the summit, the base for a radio tower ( W7GOP / K7EUR ). The shack at the summit is long gone, as is Preston the Yeti's summit log / geocache, which has been replaced by a half dozen cairns. We had lunch, a QT sandwich for me and chips and jalapeno salsa for Paul, at the summit -- which, by the way, had great views of Mount Davis, Mount Union, all the way down to the pollution-obscured White Tanks, across the Hassayampa River canyon, to Peeples Valley and Yarnell Hill ( ). Plus northwest towards Prescott, Thumb Butte and Granite Mountain.

Despite being rocky and steep, the walk back down 9403C was not at all slippery. Trail 65, on the other hand, was quite slippery. Just like in June, I almost lost it a half dozen times.

Post-hike cag was ice cold Newcastle Brown Ales.
Mount Tritle
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Kelly dropped by Casa Kingsnake after her shift, and we drove up with my wife to Prescott. I-17 did not have much traffic on it for 7:00 a.m.; seemed like less than a weekday at 6:00 a.m. Oh, if that had lasted ... :pray:

Drove down Senator Highway, which was paved to just past the Groom Creek trailhead. FR 79 was a car-drivable road. 79A was AWD SUV-able. About .3 miles up there was nice pullout, where we parked.

Kelly and I started up Trail #65, while my wife did puzzles and read a book at the trailhead. (She can't hike, really, but she comes along to enjoy whatever natural wonders are available at trailheads.) The first half mile was a nice stroll, on good trail, but the next mile up to the saddle was rocky, slippery and very steep. Despite doing well last week on Union-Davis, I was sucking wind, and had to stop several times for 30 second breathers. Also, it was 90° with no breeze. :sweat:

At the saddle there was a great view of Dosoris Canyon (south of Tritle and Maverick). We thought of following the blazes up Maverick's east spur, but opted instead for going up a wash on its south slope. The wash was relatively brush free -- unlike the spur -- but was steeper. By the time we got to the top, I was zapped. :stretch: We couldn't find a Maverick summit log, but did find a boat load of ladybugs. After a brief rest, we started down the ribboned spur, but brush had us edging into another wash. After we got down, we returned to the saddle, and began east towards Tritle.

In a half mile we came to an even steeper and rockier climb towards Tritle. I was done. I encouraged Kelly to continue on -- can't wait to see the Tritle summit pics! :) -- while I settled for eating lunch and looking for photo ops. I saw two fist-size yellow butterflies (no pic) and an eagle. It was turkey vulture sized, but obviously not a vulture, and definitely too big for a hawk or falcon. Also not bald eagle colored. It was brownish white. By the time I got my camera out and powered up, he was above the branches, and thus no pic. :cry: Thankfully the breeze picked up while Kelly was gone.

After she got back, we booked back to the trailhead, slipping several times going down Trail #65. I had some Stella on ice, but considering the several times I felt light-headed on the hike, decided discretion was the better part of valor.

Driving back down I-17 was so traffic strewn and stressful -- dead stop? SERIOUSLY!? ](*,) -- that we stopped for a break at Sunset Point. It did little good. I was ready to go Falling Down, so got off at New River, and took the frontage road and Cave Creek Rd home, as I'd rather drive a consistent 35, 45 or whatever than herky-jerking from 65 to 35 to 80 to 0 on a freeway. Plus, that's not safe. It was much more mellow, and I arrived home with my blood pressure restored. :D

Mount Tritle & Dosoris Canyon: ... autoplay=1
Mount Tritle
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kingsnake posted somewhere that he was planning to hike some prescott peaks, including tritle and maverick
kind of invited myself to tag along if he wanted company
we started out around nine, and headed up kendall camp trail
at the top of that, you can go west to maverick or east to tritle
we decided on maverick first
stayed on the trail to just south of the peak and began the off trail up a draw
steep and loose and had some sticker bushes at times
near the summit the terrain became more brushy
wandered around making sure to find the highest point
lots of ladybugs
started down the ridgeline, trying to follow the orange ribbons, but soon got diverted into a route down the south face, ending up in another draw just east of the one we came up
sounds like joe and bruce found the ridgeline a little more difficult
not a big payoff on this peak, and in hindsight we should have just gone for tritle first and called it a day
kingsnake simply wasn't feeling the first big hill on the way to tritle, so he very generously offered to wait for me while i hit the peak
three good climbs, one of them giving me fits coming back down
lost some elevation a couple times that had to be regained
no benchmark at the summit, and it took awhile to find the register, which was under a tree near some large cairns
good views, especially toward the west, but also of nearby peaks if you moved around a bit
a nice peak
met back up with preston and descended trail #65 through the pine forest
cool enough in the shade or with a breeze
something different, two peaks, and good company
it was nice to meet your wife, preston
thanks for the hike and for driving :)
Mount Tritle
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Spruce-Davis-Union-Tritle-Maverick Loop
Needed to get out of the heat, hadn't been to Prescott in awhile so it was time to come up with some options. I chose the one with the best chance of being under the conifer canopy. There was a few off trail sections in the route, but I was sure by looking on the Sat. views and from my memory of being in the area 3 years ago that those sections would be under the pines also. I even wore my good HAZ shirt knowing it would come back unscathed.

Started at the Groom Creek TH with 2 other cars in the lot when we arrived. We quickly passed a couple that were just finishing their hike on our way clockwise on the Groom Creek #307. We made it to the top to check out the tower and were leaving as the tower attendant (Suzie?) was starting her day. Her dog Space is no longer on earth.

We continued on the #307 2 miles to the Isabella #377 trail. It was on this trail that we would see the last of our hikers for the day. I really like the feel of this trail. Not as wide as the Groom Creek loop and winds through some vanilla smelling ponderosas.

Next it's short road walk past the Potato Patch area, to the Dandrea #285. I don't care much for this trail which is also used in part by ATV's. Loose and Rocky, it is the probably the easiest route to access both Mt Davis and Mt Union.

East on the Yankee Doodle #284 for a short while and we followed the orange flags that someone had left, leading all the way to the top of Mt Davis. This would become a theme on this day. We took the extra little side trip over to the Rocky Perch to the North of the advertised high point of Mt Davis and found the Summit Can. We had a "Discussion" as to whether or not this was the high point of Mt Davis, or was it to the south. My GPS showed the same elevation on both areas. This rocky perch yielded the best natural views of the day.

We scrambled back down to the Yankee D. and made are way over to Mt Union. The last time we were here, it was suggested to us that the best views were at the Heli Pad, so we didn't make it in the tower. This time John invited us up. John's been in the tower for 18 years. We had a nice extended conversation with him about the surrounding areas features, the longevity of the Tower Lookouts jobs, and some of the recent fires. John mentioned that it takes $10k to put a plane in the air to fight fires and $5k for a chopper.

Next it's a 2.3 mile road walk to start our 2nd off trail adventure of the day. We left the Senator highway and started our climb up the east face of Mt Tritle. We had to adjust our planned track up to keep out of the posted No trespassing signs. It was steeper than it looked on TOPO and the thick Duff made it slippery. At the top we made a half hearted attempt to find the Summit Register with no luck. We found a shady spot a bit farther down the road to take some lunch.

I was shocked to see that they'd removed this truck
from the last time I was here 3 years ago.

Now we're off to hit Maverick Mountain. Once again the orange flags that we saw back on Mt Davis were on FR 9403C. When we reached the Ridge line that we planned to climb to gain Maverick, those orange ribbons followed the same path... It's got to be a good path going up. All I heard was Maverick this and Maverick that... I told Goose to take it easy. We made the peak and thought we'd lose the Orange Ribbons... nope, they kept goings and were following the same track that I'd drawn up. We descended to check out Payoff spring and hit a FR. With a name like that the spring had to be running.... no sign of a spring was found. 2 miles of off trail completed in 2 hours, put us a bit behind.

A short walk over to check out the unimpressive flow of Wolf Creek over the falls. I'll bet an impressive area with a flow through here.

A fun day of exploring some new ground..
Thanks for joining me Ice Man.

Spruce Cicada's, Pano at Mt Davis and in the Mt Union Tower with John and Merlin
Mount Tritle
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Spruce Davis Union Tritle Maverick Loop
Spruce Mountain 7696
Up the groomed trail to Spruce. The lookout gal we saw 4 years ago arrived just as we were leaving. Unfortunately her dog "Space" has passed away. Nice views. Surprising we didn't see anyone on this popular trail in such nice weather.

Mt Davis
Took Isabella Trail #377 down from Spruce and Dandrea Trail #285 up then off-trail to Mt Davis. This was my first trip up Davis. Nicest views of the day in my opinion. Knoll just NW is definitely worth the extra few minutes, incredible views.

Mt Union 7979
Been here a few times. John the tower guy for 18 years gave us the grand view. We quizzed each other on peaks near and far. It was a nice chat.

Mt Tritle 7782
Heed the property boundary clues. Funky stuff going on out in the woods reminded me of the movie Wrong Turn ( not the happy fun first half hour ).

If you are in the area tick it off. Easy access to great views. With a road slapped over it this is more suited for 4WD beer cooler enthusiast. Shrub peak. No cool pines or lichen rock obstacles.

Maverick Mountain 7443
A scathing bundle of joy.

It is an increasingly steep climb up the east. Pants may make the brush tolerable. There are more rewarding places to bleed.

Wolf Creek Falls
Creeks, rivers and waterfalls in the vicinity are typically dry. Many of the trails are "V" grooves from mountain bikers and horses. Nearby pines and easy access make this a local winner.

Took and consumed 4 quarts. 5-6 would have been more ideal, especially cold! Gnats were not an issue just near face level around Tritle. Thankfully no biting black flies either. Temps were cooler than anticipated. Very cool in the shade. The sunny stretches are like being on the beach in Cali. The sun bakes you but the cool air keeps you happy. Bruce put together a fine loop and I learned a lot about the terrain. Maverick was pure hell, now we know.

Mainly claret cup. Cactus blooms are pretty, just not exciting.
Mount Tritle
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Escaped the Valley hoping to find cooled Temps. Started at 68 degrees...mmmm...
The TH at Groom Creek had about 10 cars in it when I got there, and evidently they were all hiking the Groom Creek Loop. I had this track all to myself, short of two groups of horseback riders.

I really enjoyed this area. I used the Wolf Creek loops and a short bushwhack, to make my way over to the Mount Tritle trail. The Mount Tritle trail #65 is a bit steep and rocky, but the views are top notch! Temps at the top around noon were mid 70's at 7,700 ft. After some lunch and a bit of a nap, I started making my way back. I stopped at the Hassayampa River and dipped my shirt and hat in the river to cool off. Next stop was the Wolf Creek Falls trail to do the same.

The Water at the "Falls" was not conducive to dipping. It looks like during wet times this would be a fun area, but now there was just some pooled water, probably from recent rains.

By the time I got back to the truck, the temps were hitting the low 90's so I was glad to get in the air conditioned truck.
Mount Tritle
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Unlike other areas I considered hiking today, winds were destroying juvenile thunderstorms over the Bradshaws as they formed. I guess I'll hike in my backyard today...

The humidity was intense as I pushed up the north face of Maverick Mountain, sweating buckets but enjoying the tall pines and lush greenery. Once on the ridgeline, I received my reward: great views, shade from writhing clouds and a welcome, cooling breeze. The undulating ridge with its steep climbs, however, kept the sweat coming. A few people on dirt bikes and quads buzzed past, but otherwise the trail was deserted. After passing through a patch of bluish-tinged white firs, I began the final climb up to Mount Tritle.

Atop Mount Tritle I took a short break, and placed a register next to the rock cairn Stonehenge. My luck with the weather appeared to have run out, as two dark clouds had begun to grow rapidly above the ridge. I cut my visit to the summit short and began my descent, very much hoping to beat any possible lightning. Once off the ridge and back on trail #65, I relaxed a bit, and the growing thunderstorm clouds broke apart. Back at the trailhead I roamed around a bit, poking around old mine dumps, and looking for rocks.

I think Mount Tritle is one of the best hikes in the Prescott area. Great scenery, big views, and a healthy climb. I know I had a great time.

Permit $$

Prescott Forest
Prescott National Forest Pass

Only trailheads with six "amenities" have fees. Amenities are picnic tables, trash, toilet, parking, interpretive signing and security.

Map Drive
FR / Jeep Road - Car possible when dry

To hike
Starting on the Senator highway, go south of Prescott @ 7 miles to fr-79 (Mt. Tritle rd.) Bear right on 79 and follow it down to the Hassayampa river. Cross the concrete river crossing and bear left and continue south on fr-79. Go @ a mile, then turn right on fr-79a. You'll pass an Aspen grove and the road starts to degrade in quality, a high ground clearance vehicle is a must. Park at the old homesite by the apple orchard. The trailhead is marked 65.

It's all uphill from here on, @ 2 miles to the saddle, where you bisect 52b. Turn right for Maverick mnt. or go left for the push up Tritle. There was a old line shack up there on the summit, but it burned down last year.

Enjoy the best views available. You can see the Flatiron of the Superstitions to the s/e, as well as the San Francisco Peaks to the n/e. The Smog from Phoenix looms above The Estrellas.
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