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Rabbit Ears, AZ

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Distance One Way 2.75 miles
Trailhead Elevation 4,781 feet
Elevation Gain 400 feet
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18  2018-05-01
Sedona Hike
24  2017-05-03
Woods Canyon #93 to Pine Valley Ridge - Sedona
15  2016-11-12
Bell Rabbit Chicken Hog Church Cathedral
12  2016-11-12
Bell Rabbit Chicken Hog Church Cathedral
7  2013-02-24 fotogirl53
19  2005-04-28 Roba' Kai
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Rabbit Ears
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Sedona Hike
this is the one i couldn't wait for. modified the Bruce/Joe loop by tagging on some excellent additional trail miles and circling around behind cathedral. there was a big storm front moving in that evening so i knew i was on the clock a little bit for this one.

started off messing around up on the beautiful bell rock. went up the lower chute and decided in the interest of time (ie storm) to call it there, for this trip. i will be back for the top one day. scrambled down and around on courthouse butte. took a minute to figure out the unmarked loop out to the rabbit ears. the way out is a bit of a rocky slog, but once you hit the high point, loop around to magnificent view of the rabbit ears and bring it home on the much more entertaining northern leg, this becomes a much more worthwhile excursion!

scenic traverse on llama and little horse over to chicken point for the next high yield part of the hike. views from chicken point are always wonderful. broken arrow is great, then the absolutely fantastic high on the hog and hog heaven trails. man i love these two trails. completed the loop around the mountains on hog wash, mystic and chapel trails. headed back to 179 then crossed under it on little horse and the surprisingly nice HT trails.

next up was probably my most anticipated part of the day looping over to, up/down, then around cathedral. the templeton trail is underrated in my opinion and the segment from HT to cathedral junction, i found to be lovely. this is when the weather really moved in. i contemplated bailing on going up/down cathedral since i've done it numerous times. instead i decided to just put on my bobby rockets and blast up and down. more templeton awesomeness to the creek, then short but sweet crossover on baldwin to the Hiline trail. Folks, we have another sedona winner with the Hiline Trail. completely awesome trail, with sections remniscent of the hogs/hangover. the weather was pretty crazy at this point so i had to keep it moving, but this was really outstanding. i had earlier notions of adding a few extra miles at the end with looping made in the shade and slim shady, but it was pretty clear it was time to call it a day. and i was getting sick of the wind at this point too. ha

outstanding big day out there, without that many people all things considered. my gps screwed up on me for a while on the little horse and broken arrow trails, so the numbers associated with my gps route are not right (a little too low, especially the elevation). for those interested, the route is good though.
Rabbit Ears
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Woods Canyon #93 to Pine Valley Ridge - Sedona
Woods Canyon and Beyond

This hike features a moderately rigorous collection of less-commonly-used trail sections, starting at the Woods Canyon trailhead, taking Woods Canyon to the Hot Loop Trail just up the Horse Mesa, traveling back down to pick up Jacks Canyon, then using an fairly obscure connector link to loop through the Pine Valley Ridge and Pine Valley Trails, then backward the same way (skipping Horse Mesa) to the Woods Canyon trailhead. We hike about 16 miles, with an accumulated elevation change, round trip, of about 2900 feet.

The hike offers a bit of everything – open shrublands, rim forests, tree-covered mesas, expansive views, red-rock creek beds, Sedona real estate, the horses at Jacks Canyon trailhead, Courthouse Butte – but not a lot of anyone thing. We get the varied, and a reasonable amount of spectacular.

One item, though, does occur a lot – gates, of all types. After passing, close them, both an obvious courtesy and moreover standard hiking etiquette.

The hike starts at the extreme southern end of the Visitor Center south of Oak Creek village. A trailhead marker near a single boulder announces “Woods Canyon,” followed then by an old-style metal marker with “Trail 93” cutout, then a gate, and tall grasses.

Soon, though, the trail evolves to a mixture of open shrubland of low plants and common Southwest pinyons, juniper and other short trees. This continues as you rise slowly on Woods Canyon trail, the canyon itself formed by mesas to your left and right. The mesas might be considered unremarkable: low, flat, with gently-sloping tree-covered sides – no towering cliffs, only a little of the deep reds or browns or oranges, few bands or striations revealing geologic processes. But this unremarkableness brings a wonder – what would a 300 million year time lapse reveal about why Woods Canyon presents to us tree-covered green, while in a dozen miles Courthouse Butte will present to us a completely different view.

After about 1.8 miles, you reach the Hot Loop junction, marked nicely by a sign post. The ascent pitches up to a moderate incline, bringing you after about .8 miles to another nicely marked “T” junction of Hot Loop, with one leg of the “T” ascending to Horse Mesa. Go right and follow that up (about 1.3 miles) until you judge yourself close enough to the northern rim of the mesa to go north off trail (a short bit) to overlook Jack’s Canyon and the formations beyond. Rest a bit, you will have climbed 1200 feet, but mainly to take in the view and work a few pictures.

Your view across Jacks Canyon provides an expansive panorama of Lee Mountain, Courthouse Butte, and Bell Rock. Beneath you, in Jacks Canyon itself, lies the eastern edges of Oak Creek Village, including estates on roads sufficiently private that no Google street view exists. Far in the background rise Doe, Bear and Black mountains.

Travel back down, to the “T” junction, and now proceed north. This portion of the hike weaves through the wooded slopes of Horse Mesa and the smaller mesa that stood to your left on the beginning of the hike. Of interest, red rock occasionally breaks through the vegetation, hinting that the slopes consist of rock eroded down from strata once above the tops of the mesas.

About 2.8 miles after leaving the viewpoint on Horse Mesa, the hike reaches the horse trailer area at the Jacks Canyon trailhead. With good fortune, you might observe a couple horses being groomed and readied for riding. The estates of eastern Oak Creek village will also appear to the north.

Now pick up the interconnector. This will not be reached by taking the Jack Canyon trail. Rather, look for an unmarked single red trail a couple dozen feet more north than the trailhead for Jacks Canyon. Proceed a short distance on the interconnector, cross the road, pick up the connector again, and proceed up a short hill to a gate. Here, you stand up-close to a large estate, of intriguing architecture. The gate marks the start of Pine Valley Ridge trail and a continued gentle incline.

Proceed about .9 miles, and at the bend of the trail, take a short trek off-trail to the rim for wide view of the escarpment on a southern exposure of Lee Mountain, as well as an angle view on the infamous Rabbit Ears formation. Most of us lack a deep knowledge of geology, but even the casual observer can see the bands, layers and striations in the escarpment, formed as Sedona alternated between sea, beach, river and inland environments circa 275 million years ago.

At this point, one can drop down on a relatively uncataloged “Rabbit Ear” trail, or continue on Pine Valley Ridge, to arrive at the eastern side of Courthouse Butte. Again, geology will be evident, as will a bit denser crowds. You can peruse Courthourse Butte and Bell Rock on the typical trails, as you like, but when done take Big Park Loop south to an unmarked junction with Pine Valley Trail (GPS 34.794682, -111.747949). You will travel back about 1.5 miles on Pine Valley, until you “T” into Pine Valley Ridge. Go right, and shortly you will be at the gate to the interconnector. Proceed back to the Visitor Center, but eliminating the spur up to the top of Horse Mesa. Even though you traversed these trail sections earlier, the sun will now be at a different angle, and you view will be from a different viewpoint, and the time will be later in the day. So don’t be in so much of a hurry to not practice a bit more photography, or nature viewing, or geology study, or whatever your fancy.
Rabbit Ears
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Bell Rabbit Chicken Hog Church Cathedral
Bell Rock
Hands down the highlight. Using 9L's posted route it was easy to decipher. Based on the tunnel through the scrub at the bottom and the register up top this place gets a lot of visitors.

Rabbit Ears
Heard of this 11 years ago and have been mildly curious. I prefer the north part of the loop over the south. Once is probably enough. It's cool you can see the ears driving south on I-17!

The Hogs
16 years ago I mountain biked Broken Arrow. Memories of so so kept it off my return list. The Hog trails are near perfect. A low key manicured version of Hangover Trail ( favorite ). Edgy trail through lots of cypress, need I say more. Thx to tibber/gecko for bringing these great trails to light.

Templeton Trail
Bruce put this hike together. I suggested the missing spice Cathedral Rock utilizing HT & Templeton to connect. Unexpectedly found out the connectors are decent hiking. When you aren't in the cypress you are surrounded by the distant red rock formations. This trail goes to Red Rock Crossing, I may have under estimated it's potential. Tough to give it a higher rating going under a hwy and with such other great choices nearby. Let's call it a high 3.9 of 5!

I enjoyed the entire hike. Sedona, the forest service or whoever has done a great job with most of the trails and signage. I'm not a fan of over networked trail systems like the cough north McDowells. It works very well in this spectacular land of red rock. Wonderful weather and friendly yoga enthusiast may have made this hike better than normal.
Rabbit Ears
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Bell Rabbit Chicken Hog Church Cathedral
For all the times I've hiked in Sedona, I've never really hiked much in this area. I put together a loop, Joe tweaked it a bit, and we were off.

First up, getting to the top of Bell Rock. Joe picked a decent ascent route to the top. There are only a couple spots that make you think a bit. We had the top to ourselves. Great morning views of the area.

Video from the top :next:

Next up, an area that's off the main drag. I've wanted to get a better view of the "Rabbit Ears" and found this unmarked loop on Satellite View that get's you close. We saw one mountain biker, walking her bike on the trail and that was it. A nice little change from the perfectly groomed Sedona main corridor trails.

Just before making it to Chicken Point, I lost Joe to a Yoga Class for a bit.

The High on the Hog and Hog Heaven Trails need to be put on your list if you are in this area. We were calling this the Hangover junior Trail. Great trail with great views.

After taking Joe to church, it was off to Cathedral Rock. The HT Trail and Templeton Trails are a worthy alternatives to reaching Cathedral Rock. Being one of the most popular areas in Sedona, it was jumping with all types. Including Infants, puppies, yoga pants and Grandmas.

I really enjoyed this loop with perfect weather in gods country.

Permit $$
Red Rock Pass - may or may not be required. Go to Red Rock Pass then check "When is a Red Rock Pass Required?". If you have questions contact the Coconino forest service.

Map Drive

To hike
Take I-17 north out of Phoenix to exit 298 (exit 200 is McDowell for reference). Go west on 179 to Jacks Canyon Road. Hang a right and follow 2.1 miles. Turn right and follow into the Jacks Canyon parking 'corral' trailhead. Good luck finding the trail after that! Need more info...
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