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by blskywtwtr
May 04 2014 7:45 am
Forum: Trail Chat
Topic: injury in Salome Jug
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Re: injury in Salome Jug

Just back from a recon yesterday. Plenty of people coming out (I started in at noon, so I was behind the rush). The water was nice and cool! I took gear for the rappel and was glad I did. The anchors are bombproof, and I honestly can't see how somebody could have had an accident relating to a failur...
by blskywtwtr
Jul 11 2006 1:12 pm
Forum: Footwear & Trekking Poles
Topic: Socks and Sandals
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I'd say it has nothing to do with the footwear, specifically. 1/4 socks or no socks when wearing shorts; white socks are marginally acceptable with jeans, appropriately colored socks with all else. Of course if you have on one of those polyester one piece Gomer Home pastel-colored "Sun City Onesies"...

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