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by eduley
Dec 18 2011 8:42 pm
Forum: Phantom Ranch
Topic: Phantom Ranch Questions
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Re: Phantom Ranch Questions

Several years ago somebody took a couple of sandwiches and other food from my wife's backpack at the dorm in Phantom Ranch. We didn't find out until later when we stopped for lunch at midday ... it didn't make us happy.
by eduley
Mar 08 2011 7:08 am
Forum: Grand Canyon Forum
Topic: Wag bags in the Canyon
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Re: Wag bags in the Canyon

Yes, the bags are here. I am hiking Clear Creek in a few days (March 13-16) and I got this email (removed sender info): --- Subject: Grand Canyon Clear Creek Hike Date: March 3, 2011 18:58:43 EST Hello Grand Canyon Hikers Greetings from the canyon. Grand Canyon will be removing the clear creek toile...
by eduley
Feb 25 2011 5:03 pm
Forum: Looking for a Hike
Topic: landed in egypt
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Re: landed in egypt

Re: By chumley » Oct 21 2010 10:50 am I'm pretty sure the highest point in Spain is in the Pyrenees range along the border with France.... It's not here nor there, but pickelltree was right. The highest peak in the Pyrenees is Aneto (3,404m), while the highest peak in continental Spain is Mulhacén ...

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