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by Craigbhikin
Apr 21 2020 6:34 am
Forum: Trail Chat
Topic: Motorized Electric Bikes On Trails
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Re: Motorized Electric Bikes On Trails

It would seem to be difficult at best trying to control them on the trails. I myself would say no to them on the trails.
by Craigbhikin
Aug 28 2014 7:43 am
Forum: Backpacking
Topic: backpacking during a bow hunt
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Re: backpacking during a bow hunt

I am a hunter and a hiker. I have run into hunters while hiking, and hikers while hunting. It is hard at times to pick the perfect area to hunt / hike so to not to invade the other's area. All I can say is try to respect one another. I feel bad as a hiker to come over a hunter due to the noise I mad...
by Craigbhikin
Aug 26 2014 7:38 am
Forum: General
Topic: Phoenix trailhead parking fees city council vote
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Re: Phoenix trailhead parking fees city council vote

Give them an inch, and they will take a mile. Do we not pay taxes to cover parks like this, and Phoenix does not manage the money correctly so the people have to pay more taxes. On top of that how much will the city spend on covering this, and court fees for people that do not pay?
by Craigbhikin
Dec 03 2013 3:30 pm
Forum: Political Dumpster Fire
Topic: Arizona House Bill 2549 - Oh Pumpkin!!
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Re: Arizona House Bill 2529 - Oh Pumpkin!!

People do not have the right to NOT be offended. Yes some people get out of hand with lewd comments and all, but this could go too far. The also has better areas to spend tax dollars then on taking this through the court system.

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