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Shit....Stepped about 2 feet down off a Ledge and my Ankle basically folded in half......It's happened before, but it's very Rare and I've always been able to walk it off, but I was never "stepping down" before. This Time, Gravity must have been a factor too, because I knew this was way worse.....The Crew was awesome. I was going to be able to get out mostly under my own Power, even with some Downclimbs and Rock Hopping left to do. The Guys went ahead and found the easiest Routes available and Melanie stayed behind me, watching and encouraging me. A Turtle with 2 Broken Legs could have beat me down the Rest of that Canyon and through Upper Fish Creek to the Vehicle. All 3 of the Crew took turns carrying my Pack too...They were all Awesome....Left the Shoe on until I got home and got everything together and then I removed it and slapped this on...I had a Raquetball Sized Lump over the Bone on the Outside....No X-Rays yet, but the Swelling has improved about 200% and I am able to walk on it without too much problem, so we'll see how it all shakes out I guess... All I know is this really Sucks...... Just another Reason to go to a Low Cut Shoe for most of my Hiking....
Mar 13 2016
1/8s at 25mm iso100

2016:03:13 17:03:19

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