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Wendy at Sprouts picking up the 15 sandwiches for her Skills Event on the Arizona Trail Sunday. I must tell you this story that when she ordered them around 3 they said the sandwiches wouldn't be ready until 8:30. Wendy said we could go ahead and head out to camp so we wouldn't have to wait but we chose to stay. So we headed to town for our after-event beers at Dark Sky. We were sitting there for about an hour and I said to Wendy, why on earth would the sandwiches not be ready until 8:30? Were there that many? No, only 15... well why would it take over 5 hours to make 15 sandwiches? Isn't it funny how sometimes you accept answers to things without even realizing how silly it is. So she called Sprouts and asked if they could get the order done in a more timely manner and to call her when they were ready. We linger for awhile finishing our beer and enjoying sitting outside in the patio when we decide to head out around 6 to see if the sandwiches were ready and pick up some stuff at the store. As she pulls into the lot, she gets the call that the sandwiches are ready. Just wonder what the deal was with the original 8:30 pick up time...
Anyway, the other pictures are next to the Arizona Trail on 90N where we car camped for the nite. Wendy hammocked of course. Altho the dew was very heavy and she said it was dripping on her head thru her fly net.
Sep 10 2017

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