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Was it worth the Shot??? The Jury is still out. I took one Step too many on the Riverbank, trying to get a clearer Shot of this Scene.... What looked to be a Continuation of Firm Mud was not to be. I immediately sank to my Knee and I had to step with the other Foot into the same Mud to keep from Face Planting with Camera in Hand. After Gyrating Wildly to continue to hold my Balance, I maintained, but realized that I was still Sinking. I quickly rattled off about 3 Shots, put my Camera in the Bag on my Hip and Disconnected the Camera Bag from my Belt. I then proceeded to toss the Camera Bag out of Harm's Way onto the River Bank which had a Slope to it. I threw too high, only to watch in Helplessness and Horror as the Bag tumbled back down towards the Water. It stopped 6" short of the River. I could not get out of the Mud and was now up to my Thighs. I had to lay down on my Back and "swim" out of it. Unfortunately, I had changed Shoes after Bonita Creek and had put on my Tevas and when I finally got my Legs out, I was missing a Teva. I was already a Mess, so I rolled over on my Stomach, reached in the Hole with my Arm and managed to find it and pull it out. I then rolled to firmer ground, gingerly retrieved my Camera and proceeded upstream. I Thank God no one was around here at the River or at the Car. I completely stripped and took a Bath in that Cold River and washed the Clothes...Before I took my wet ass up to the Car, I fired off a couple more Shots with the Camera so I wouldn't have to come back. Got to the Car, stripped again and put Dry Clothes on. So again... Was the Shot worth it??? LOL Well, nothing Broke or was Lost, so I guess it was... LOL
Nov 10 2017
1/80s at 85mm iso100

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