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DAY THREE morning continues with a stop at Cayucos Pier with a little bird action here and there. I think the lower right is a Eurasian Whimbrel and the upper right is a Great Knot? The lower left is a Western Grebe. And, of course the upper left is a Western Gull.

Cayucos Pier History
Cayucos began to evolve during the Spanish Land Grant days and was originally part of the Morro Bay Cayucos Rancho. Captain James Cass built the original wharf, which channeled commerce throughout the coastal communities. Cass began construction of the pier in 1872. Originally 380 feet long, boats still had to anchor out beyond the pier as the shoreline was too shallow. In 1876, the pier was lengthened to 982 feet, allowing ships to dock right alongside. Although 40 feet of the pier were removed when the state took control, the Cayucos pier remains a central landmark of the area.
Apr 15 2021
s 129mm

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