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This June 2010 Google Earth image shows that most of the trees in this pasture area have been cut down and left laying, sometime between June 2007 and June 2010. In the other two areas I've been to, Redmond Mesa and Buckaroo Flats, the trees were bulldozed into piles and burned but for some reason the trees here were just left laying where they were cut. Maybe the thought was that the decaying dead trees would provide needed nutrients to the soil but it takes a very long time for dead juniper trees to rot. Or maybe the Forest Service just ran out of funding for this project. When I first saw a recent GE image of this area I thought it was an area that had been burned, either by a prescribed burn or a wildfire. But hiking across this "pasture" on this hike revealed that all these dead trees had been cut, not burned.
Oct 18 2022
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