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This is not about the peak but what's on it!

Instead of piercing into space there lies a white dome, more closely resembling a golf ball than anything else. That peak is Francis Peak and the dome is an enclosure for something very special: a fragment of the blanket for our national defense ... the Common Air Route Surveillance Radar, or CARSR (pronounced car-sir).

The CARSR (inside the golf ball) probes the sky, sending out over 20,000 pulses of electromagnetic energy on every 360 degree rotation of its massive antenna. If there is something in the sky, these pulses will reflect off of the object and complete their round trip back to the CARSR. Combine this influx of pulsed energy with identification information aircraft transmit and the CARSR can paint a detailed image of the skies for about 200 miles in every direction.
https://www.hill.af.mil/News/Commentari ... ncis-peak/
Aug 05 2022
1/80s 160mm

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