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Hell's Half Acre Trail (Southbound), ID
mini location map2022-08-05
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Hell's Half Acre Trail (Southbound), ID 
Hell's Half Acre Trail (Southbound), ID
Hiking0.96 Miles 56 AEG
Hiking0.96 Miles      28 Mns   2.50 mph
56 ft AEG      5 Mns Break
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8-5-2022  (written 12-26-2022)  I just want to finish off the trip from Montana to Phoenix.  I did a quick driving tour in Butte MT near some of the mining frames, took Tonto 3 through a touchless/brushless car wash (it did a great job) before getting lost and then heading back out of town.  My goal was Beaver UT.  It was an overcast day and I would drive in and out of weather a few times.

Once again I enjoyed my drive as I hit I-15 southbound and through some of Montana's beautiful countryside including Melrose, Dillon, Big Hole area and Clark Canyon Reservoir to Lima.  You have mountains on both sides of you to admire :) .  The valleys between them change from narrow to wide and back.  I saw the usual suspects including windmill parts and three pup trucks.  I saw some beautiful ranch land including a big red barn that kept my attention for a couple miles.

Just over Monida Pass I saw some through-hikers, assuming they are doing the CDT. I took their picture and shared it with the fellow that runs the Facebook group for the class of 2022.  The weather continued with the off and on rain as I continued via the long pass and rolled past Dubois and Idaho Falls, ID.  I stopped at Blackfoot where I did a quick hike of Hell's Half Acre.  A little different light (and sprinkles) than last year when I had full sun.  It's a good leg stretcher after driving for a little over 3 hours.  Then it was back to Tonto 3 again for another 45 minutes when I stopped in McCammon ID at Flying J to get some lunch, which I ate out on their picnic table.  It was a darn good lunch too and I would have the leftovers for dinner at the hotel.

Now for the arduous task of getting through Salt Lake and hopefully avoiding rush hour.  But meanwhile, there is more terrain to enjoy.  I would reach the SLC area around 2:30 and thus avoid their terrible traffic during commute times.  I ended up taking their Legacy Beltway, just south of Farmington to north of Midvale, that they're still working on as it skirts to the west to avoid I-15 traffic.  It's rather scenic as well so I think I'll keep that on my radar.  I think I hit the big storm south of Nephi :scared: ; fortunately it didn't last long but it was pretty intense.

As I neared Beaver I tried to start making a hotel reservation but there was no room at the cheap inns as I don't like paying more than $100-$120 for a room.  I found a rest area to pull over and figure out what I could do and I was able to find an alternate location which was the Hotel at Scipio, a family run business.  It looks like that is the only business in Scipio, along with 3 truck stops.  As I got near Scipio (6:15PM)  there was a beautiful rainbow above the mountains to the east so that was a good sign.

Sometimes I feel like I should be an ambassador for I-15 :D

Videos include identification and further information as do most of my scenic drive videos:
Butte MT to Humphrey ID [ youtube video ]
to Portage UT area [ youtube video ]
Hell's Half Acre hike [ youtube video ]
to Scipio UT [ youtube video ]
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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