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Jan 01 2015

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Flatiron Hike - SuperstitionsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
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I'm late to post this and normally don't contribute to this site but I thought these pics were worth sharing with the community that has helped me discover so many cool new places in AZ.

I woke on New Year's Day in awe of the snow covered mountain like the rest of us. I'd been wanting to do a snow climb up to Flat Iron for a while and finally had the perfect chance. I started around 8:30 and already the parking lot at Mining Camp had more cars then I'm used to seeing. I passed a few people who were heading down the mountain after deciding to turn around at Siphons Draw. They said it was too risky to try to go up the icy draw. A little discouraged from hearing that yet I thought I'd hike on and see for myself. When I made it to the Draw there was already someone crazy enough to try it and they were nearly at the top. If they can, I can. I made my way up and it was much easier than I thought. The snow on the ground got thicker as I trudged to the top.

Before I reached the top two kids came scrambling down with a story that they had started hiking at 5 this morning and didn't fully know their way in the dark. I ended up following their path for a bit before recognizing I was off trail. Once I reached the top I decided to skip Flat Iron and headed for the peak instead. I was crushing fresh powder to the top and could tell I was the only person on top of the mountain at that time. It was amazing! I only stayed on the peak for a few minutes waiting for the clouds to shift so I could view Flat Iron.

Hiking back down was tons of fun in the snow and the ice. Or would've been had I had shoes and gloves designed for use in the snow. But I didn't. So I made the best of my running shoes and jeans. Sliding down Siphons Draw had me a little worried as there was a small crowd of people watching the struggle. I chose to skate down on my feet and made it without falling. I zoomed down the rest of the way back to the trailhead completely soaked.

Without a doubt my favorite time on that mountain!
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Named place
The Flatiron
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