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Aug 08 2015

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Anderson Mesa - Grapevine, AZ 
Anderson Mesa - Grapevine, AZ
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We had a nice trip to Anderson Mesa a couple weeks and found the Kinnickinnick Pueblo ruin. So I decided I wanted to look for the Grapevine ruin which is supposedly in that same vicinity, and was surprised to see it was pretty obvious in satellite pictures. Since it wouldn't be hard to get to I planned to spend time looking at the cliff band and creek bottom below it (for petroglyphs) and to head over to Kinnickinick for a similar closer look.

The drive in was muddy this time but I made it to the planned starting point below Kinnickinick Lake. Heading toward the mesa edge overlooking Grapevine Creek I started finding pottery and was soon at the ruin. Compared to Kinnickinick the ruin is much more prominent (much less overgrown). Probably Grapevine is more well known and visited, there seems to be an old jeep road that goes right to it, and I think most of the decorated pottery near the ruin has been "collected".

Walking below the cliff band was fun. I didn't find any decent petroglyphs but there was plenty of interesting pottery and obsidian specimens to see. The creek bottom made for some nice rock-hopping but I didn't notice any cultural signs. To get over to the other ruin I had to cross a finger of the mesa and then descend into the Kinnickinick drainage. I was a little bit surprised to find a small ruin and quite a few area of pottery as I crossed the finger - probably there is more to find up there.

By the time I got below the Kinnickinick ruin I was behind schedule and couldn't spend a lot of time looking for interesting stuff between the ruin and creek. But there was a lot of pottery that had apparently washed down from above, particularly in the little washes. Anyway I climbed up past the ruin and looped back to the car.

The muddy drive was a little worse going out than coming in - but made it home in time for late happy hour. :)
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