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Jan 28 2017

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West Estrella 2, AZ 
West Estrella 2, AZ
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Last year I came to the west side of the Estrellas in an attempt to walk the "ancient path" over the low pass which shortcuts a big bend in the Gila River. I didn't pick a good drive-in approach, had a long desert walk, and didn't make it all the way to the pass.

Last week I caught wind that a couple of my petroglyph buddies were planning a trip up the same canyon and invited myself along. Mike knew how to get close in his Zombicon though it was a pretty long ride and rough in a few Subaru would not have made it by that route.

Beautiful day for a walk to a seldom visited area. The cultural finds were a bit underwhelming though: pottery pieces were common but petroglyphs were not. The only impressive glyph area was one I had made it to previously - we'd hoped for more up canyon but there wasn't much til we hit the pass. The pass itself just had a couple petroglyphs though a fair amount of pottery. We decided that this ancient path (by the way none could be seen in the canyon) was not very busy.

Still it was nice to look over the other side to the city, South Mountain, and the Gila River bed. We turned back - pretty nice creek rock hopping all the way back.

Final note: I hope and pray no one in the Maricopa Basha's parking lot saw Ali and Mike trying to get me out of the back seat of the Zombicon. :oops:
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